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Confidently Navigate Your Visit To The Salon

In Educate by El Rubio38 Comments

You’re going to a salon for some hair care. But what the hell do you say when you go in there? What do you ask for? What will it be like?

Here in Part II of the salon experience for men, we’re giving you the tips and tactics you need to confidently navigate your visit to the salon.

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Best Time In History

In Advocate by El Rubio6 Comments

Now is the best time in history to grow long hair. Removed are the frivolous limitations and archaic restrictions on hair length, making way for the best time ever to grow your hair.

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Advancing The Line

In Celebrate by El Rubio5 Comments

In the waning moments of 2019 we look back on the year in which The Longhairs has had the greatest impact—from The Great Cut to the Charity Ball—reflect on what’s been accomplished, and where we go from here.