3-Year Anniversary, 2-Year Countdown for The Great Cut

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3 Years Since Magic Struck

March 16 is enshrined in our hearts forever, as today with our partners at Children With Hair Loss, we celebrate the 3-year anniversary of The Great Cut.

The crew from Children With Hair Loss holding a check for the donation
For the 1-year anniversary we published quotes and memorable moments from attendees and donors who traveled from far and wide, and somehow launched TGC 2024 t-shirts complete with two logo concepts and hair donation growth trackers.
The Grow By Night T-Shirt for The Great Cut 2024
The Measure 12 T-Shirt for The Great Cut 2024
For the 2-year anniversary we received over 100 pictures from the community, tracking their hair donation progress on their TGC 2024 t-shirts.
A man with dark hair measuring his hair on the hair measuring shirt from The Longhairs, featured in the 3-year anniversary.
A man with long brown wavy hair measures his long hair on a red measuring shirt from The Longhairs, featured in the 3-year anniversary post
Boy with long hair measuring his hair while holding a bat across his shoulders. Featured in the 3-year anniversary post.
Man with very long brown hair measuring his hair way past the ruler on the measuring shirt from The Longhairs, featured in the 3-year anniverary
We also announced our target, our tagline, and our rallying cry for The Great Cut 2024:
0 Hair Cuts 
For Kids Who Can't Grow Hair
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    For the 3-year anniversary of The Great Cut we dove into our vault of footage, excavating forgotten scenes from 2019, and made a visit to the site of the world record.
    El Moreno and El Rubio walking to the port pavilion to reflect and plan for The Great Cut 2024, featured in the 3-year anniversary post
    As we walked down the pier and through the empty halls it was like we could hear the scissors, and the clippers buzzing, and the live music, and the people talking and laughing. We could almost feel the energy and the love lingering in the building, and that seventh IPA after no meals or sleep, running on pure adrenaline and paralyzing fear.

    World Record Holding After 3 Years

    According to Guinness World Records, the title stands at 339.14 pounds of hair, achieved 3/16/19 at the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier in San Diego, CA, USA.
    El Moreno holds up the 2019 Guinness World Record plaque at the Port Pavilion, featured in the 3-year anniversary post

    A challenger has yet to come forward, but we’ll remain vigilant, lest we be caught off guard like in 2019. And whether a contender appears in the next 730 days or the record holds, a challenge is before us.

    As destiny would have it, March 16, 2024 falls on a Saturday. Thus obliged by fate, our next world-record charity hair-cutting event for Children With Hair Loss will ensue on the very grounds where the record was dramatically broken—at the 11th hour, by less than half a poundexactly five years later to the day.

    The official 2024 great cut campaign logo
    March 16, 2024

    Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier

    San Diego, CA, USA
    Haven’t checked the forecast just yet, but safe to say we’re expecting 72 degrees and sunny.


    1. excuse: i made a mistake: a wig ‘s bill is 1000 us$ only, but CWHL need more money than hair lbs…

    2. as usual, for those who prefer their long ( and difficult to grow) hair stay on their head, you can also contribute by donating a few buckets to pay the wig maker, for the most limitation case to distribute much wigs is not the amount of hair, but making from donate hair has a cost: 14000 us$ for a wig

      1. That is a great point, Chamane! Children With Hair Loss provides the hair replacements at zero cost to the families, so making a monetary contribution now and during our fundraiser for the next Great Cut will make a big difference.

    3. I think I donated 2 oz/20 inches of hair on that wonderful day! I’m so grateful to the Longhairs for holding the event and to Stacy Godwin for giving this Chicago native a new look! I’m totally looking forward to the next event!

      1. We mean this when we say it: we could not have done it without you! Thank you for participating in 2019, we will see you in 2024!

    4. What a day. I will never forget it. This video really puts me back there!

    5. Magic DID strike that day! The love and joy and generosity FLOWED! Damn right I’ll be The Great Cut 2024!

    6. This is so epic. To know that growing long hair can provide help and purpose makes it worth all the maintenance involved.

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