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Five Years and 300 Blog Posts

The Longhairs came to life at Long Manes & Candy Canes on December 12, 2014, when we launched a website with three blog posts.

It’s five years later, and this is blog post #300.*

*for a few months we ambitiously published two posts a week, hence reaching 300 posts in 260 weeks

Amidst the ongoing publication of original content, in 2019 we took some time to focus back on what The Longhairs is, what it really means, and what it’s here to do.

Starting with the mission and values we created for our web agency in 2013, and using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) as a guide, we revisited, refined and articulated our core vision and values.

Here in blog post #300 we’re proud to share it with you.

The Longhairs Core Focus


To inspire confidence, develop masculinity and foster community among guys growing their hair.


  1. Do things right
  2. Do the right things
  3. Creativity and authenticity
  4. Team spirit and contagious enthusiasm
  5. Unwavering confidence and determination to achieve
  6. Building and influencing community from San Diego outward
The Longhairs Founded 2014

And What It Means

To Inspire Confidence...

In our experience it’s among the most important keys to success and personal fulfillment, and yet confidence can be especially challenging for men.

We’re not talking about overconfidence or arrogance. We’re talking about believing in yourself; whether it’s your appearance, your goals and aspirations, or simply confidence in who you are.

Men who believe in themselves are men who achieve, men capable of building good families and strong communities.

Inspiring confidence in the minds and hearts of those who follow The Longhairs gives us a chance to have a positive impact on each other’s lives, the lives of our families and the communities in which we live.

El Rubio Hair Braided The Longhairs

To Develop Masculinity...

We live in a world with many problems; we need good men and women to make it better.

As men we’ll focus on men, and while the notion of toxic masculinity has been scrutinized in the last decade, we look at the definition of masculinity:

“Qualities, attributes or characteristics traditionally associated with men,”

...and we assert that true masculinity is defined by the qualities, attributes and characteristics associated with good men.

What does it mean to be a good man?

To borrow from the Character Counts! Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

Or to use Seven Virtues of Manhood from Play The Man by Mark Batterson: Tough Love, Childlike Wonder, Will Power, Raw Passion, True Grit, Clear Vision and Moral Courage.

Or even to use the definition from El Rizado in, Does Long Hair Make Us Masculine?

“To be masculine is to be a helper, a leader, someone to look up to. You lead, you take responsibility and most importantly, you love. To be a man is to be a rock for others to stand on, be there when your friends need you, and to show love freely.”

Whatever framework we apply, the world needs good men who embody what it means to be truly masculine. Within this context, masculinity is nothing to be ashamed of or scorned. We shouldn’t hide, suppress or ignore it.

We should embrace our masculinity, hone our skills and abilities and use our powers to lift each other up and make it better. We should welcome a lifetime of continuous work to become the best men we can be. We should live our masculinity to the fullest.

Simply put, our mission to develop masculinity means this: to make men better men.

El Moreno Hair Braided The Longhairs

To Foster Community...

It wasn’t until we first grew our hair long that we started noticing other guys with long hair, and realized we have characteristics in common that make us a community.

We’ve all been through (or currently going through) the awkward stage, and we deal with long hair problems. We have a sense of identity or connectedness with our hair, and yet we have probably experienced some kind of scrutiny for it.

We all want to be accepted. We all want to be part of something. The Longhairs’ community offers both...basically like a big living room with couches full of bros making hair jokes.

The Longhairs Community

That’s why it’s fun to hand out referral cards, and why you give em the high sign When You See Other Longhairs. Because we’re community...and through community we give ourselves a chance to do more, to be more, and to enjoy it more.

...among guys growing their hair.

We intentionally use the term “guys” to encompass men and boys alike, and technically we’re all growing our hair. That’s who we are and that’s who we have the best chance to connect with, but our aim is not to alienate or exclude.

While our brand is inspired by and created for guys growing their hair, anyone who is down for equality is welcome in The Longhairs’ community. Women are the hair experts after all, and behind every luxurious manly mane is a woman who appreciates it.

If you know a guy with long hair, if you are down for the flow, if you can simply appreciate what it means to have long hair…we’re glad to have you here.

Because as we like to say...long hair lives in the heart.

As To Our Core Values...

  1. Do things right
  2. Do the right things
  3. Creativity and authenticity
  4. Team spirit and contagious enthusiasm
  5. Unwavering confidence and determination to achieve
  6. Building and influencing community from San Diego outward

Sounds great, but what do these words actually mean? You might call it a work in progress as these continue to evolve, but we’ve taken a crack at what these values mean for us.

Gustavo Contemplating his next move

1. Do things right

Doing things properly, correctly, the way they are supposed to be done
Accuracy and attention to detail
Reliably following “the way we do things”
Getting it done without “half-assing” or taking shortcuts

2. Do the right things

Fundamentally rooted in the difference between “right and wrong”
Spending time on things that matter
Actions and behaviors in alignment with our values
Treating others the way you wish to be treated

3. Creativity and authenticity

The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of our work
Being who we are, not what others expect or what other companies or people are
Providing solutions with the ability to pivot and still achieve the mission

4. Team spirit and contagious enthusiasm

An attitude that encourages, motivates or inspires others, with intense and eager enjoyment, that is likely to spread from one person to another
Believing in other members of the team
Helping each other to achieve our goals

5. Unwavering confidence and determination to achieve

Firmness of purpose; resoluteness in our vision
Get it done no matter what obstacles are in the way
Believing in ourselves and our capabilities
Not giving up
Making sacrifices

6. Building and influencing community from San Diego outward

Engaging with the community: responding to emails, comments, DMs, answering questions, handing out referral cards, high customer service rating, etc.
Attracting others to ourselves, our values, purposes and beliefs
Helping members of our community in their own pursuits
Affecting others in a positive way

Who Cares?

Hopefully, you care.

When we started this thing, people would hear “Hair Ties For Guys,” and think, how are they ever going to make a business out of that?

We didn’t set out to build a business. We set out to build a community, and the business has followed.

We are a business, and we do hope to build a visionary company that will provide for our families and last beyond the founders. What matters more is the impact we can make. If this lane gives us the best chance to make the most impact, then we are going to LET IT RIDE.

Stoked to have you with us.

Would love to hear what you think about The Longhairs Core. Are there any particular values or statements of purpose that resonate with you? Do you think The Longhairs is living up to its core focus? Please share in the comments, AMIGO!

The Longhairs Founders Lindsay Barto and Chris Healy


  1. My hair is 13″ from base of skull to end of tied hair. If i need to cut before the 2024 great clip, can you provide name of a salon that can cut and donate. I live in Oceanside, CA. Please advise

  2. One of my favorite aspects is the distinction of what masculinity is, and focusing on *true* masculinity and how it comes from *good* men. That sense of community accompanied by the helpfulness and altruism The Longhairs consistently exhibit in the world are some of the aspects that have drawn me in the most.

    The act of handing the referral cards out I feel has also been somewhat of a double edged sword (in the best way possible). On the one hand, you’re spreading the word about a kickass company that does a lot of got around the world. On the other hand, at least for me personally, it’s given me a little more confidence to just go up to a stranger and let him know, “Hey man, I dig your flow!” When a fellow long hair lights up and is pleasantly surprised by the interaction, that makes it completely worth it.

    I never thought growing my hair out would be how I felt most accepted in the world, and dammit I couldn’t be happier to have found these dudes. Only a few years from half of my life being with long hair and I can’t wait to eclipse that milestone and keep lettin it ride 🤙🏼

    Now have The Longhairs lived up to their own words, values, concepts? In my opinion, absolutely. I couldn’t be prouder to be a apart of this community for years to come.

  3. The authenticity aspect of value 3 is likely the most overlooked part of this mission statement. People see the quality of your products and they see the quality of the content you create, which well encompasses the first two values, but they may not truly understand the unfaltering drive you do it with. Without confusion, the designs that go into the products are extremely creative, but the authenticity with which you create exemplifies a great deal of passion. Authenticity with brands nowadays is far and scarce. Take a corporation like Nike for example; one of their best performing and popular skate shoes that I used to love to wear are SB Dunks, but to help pad their pockets and further their greed, they stopped mass producing these general release color ways to create exclusivity for their product, making the product intended for the specific consumer more difficult to acquire. The passion and authenticity for the consumers who need them most is nowhere to be found. Longhairs on the other hand, are leaps in the opposite direction; creating videos and blog posts nearly daily, pushing for the unification of those who have similar goals in mind. The fraternity of guys with long hair is growing and bigger than ever. The passion and authenticity of the Longhairs ensures that all the other core values are remotely achievable.

  4. I woke up in middle of the night and googled wearing a hat with long hair and my hair was barley past my ears … The search led me to your blog on how to wear a hat … My account speaks for itself but never thought it would be more than just buying some stuff

    I’ve become really invested in the community you guys have established

    Great stuff guys! Keep it going …

  5. I’ve been using the hair ties for little a while now (awesome job with those btw) but the community is even better. Great core values make me proud to be a part of it all. I’ve kept my hair long since 2015 and will keep it that way for many years to come, besides in 2024 of course! Representing from NY!!

    1. Awesome Tommy! Thanks for being here man and believing in the values!

    2. Hi there. I actually don’t have long hair, but I recently started my journey to growing it out a few days ago. Now I take photos of myself every day in the mirror to document my progress.

      Coming from a family who doesn’t like long hair on men, it took what felt like a year to get my family to be okay with it.

      So now, I’m eager to see what my long hair looks like in a year, as I only got to see some of my waves from almost half a year of growth. Beyond that, my goal is grow it long enough to do a half-bun, which is a look I find “casually-formal”. All in all, I’d like to know tips for care and lifestyle on this site as I go through my journey.

      1. Author

        Yo Alexander! Keep letting it ride and keep us posted on the hair growth process. Glad to have you here man!

      2. Always wanted long hair, but corporate America was not accepting throughout my career. Now close to retirement at 63, ready to take the plunge. Always had a high forehead, but now have a balding spot in back. Grew my hair for 6-months when the pandemic began and felt the spot was not as noticeable. Made the mistake of stopping at a barber for a trim, but too much was taken off, so starting again. Any words of encouragement as I haven’t seen similar posts on the site?

        1. Author

          Glad to have you here Greg! Here is some of our best content about Awkward Stage Hair, this should help but tons of other great content here on the blog. Good luck and keep lettin it ride!

  6. I love this site and the community. I started to grow my hair out last year when I was 56. It has now been 10 and a half months and my hair is starting to look good. I wish I knew about you guys at the beginning of my hair growth journey. After 10 months, I decided to let to grow long for the great cut in 2024. I ordered a shirt today to see my progress. I grew it out because my friend had long hair and now that I found the community I want to keep it long. When I was young I wasn’t allowed to grow my hair because I went to a church school. I would have loved long hair in the 70’s and 80’s. I am glad it is not too late to grow your hair. I also love your products and values.

    1. Author

      Yo TB! Great to read your comment. Love hearing about guys like you growing it out for the first time in their 50’s. Glad to have you here and thanks for sharing. Keep lettin it ride!

  7. As a woman who loves two awesome fellas with long hair (healthy polyamory for the win!) I absolutely love this site and what you stand for. Just ordered a pack of black hair ties for each of my sweethearts… and one for me, because my long, thick curls need some love, too. Thanks for creating an inspiring place that celebrates healthy masculinity and provides cool products, too. You have this lady’s support!

    1. Author

      Thanks Charity B! Glad to have you here and hope y’all love the hair ties!

  8. Longhairs, what is up my guys? I just found this page but I absolutely love it. Just ordered two packs of ties and some stickers! As a guy with long hair (keep it between upper ab and sternum length) I hate a bad hair tie. Also as a collegiate athlete a bad hair tie that has slippage or is maybe too lose can really throw me for a loop when I’m on the track during competition. So I’m jacked up about these! Not to mention the The Longhairs core values line up very closely, almost exactly, with my own as a man. Thanks for the sense of community and togetherness you’re bringing and the work you’re doing to break the stigma of bros with flows. My two roommates and best friends also have long hair so we’re behind y’all!

    1. Author

      Christian what up man! One of the great comments to read, super stoked you connected w/ our core values. That’s badass! You should have gotten the hair ties by now, hope you’re loving them. Tell your roommates we said what’s up, and keep in touch! Also, where do you go to school and what events do you compete in? Hope your season didn’t get cut short. Alright C’YA!

  9. I am 45 and I have been growing my hair out for 6 months. I started with a buzz cut so I’m about to enter the awkward stage. I want to grow it really long and donate it to charity and repeat the process over and over. I am however graying around my temple bigtime. I look like Mr. Fantastic. Can you donate hair if half of it is brown and the other half is silver/gray? Thank you El Rubio and El Moreno for your insight and inspiration. The Dude Abides!

  10. The Longhairs is strange because it’s core mission is so close to my own as a man with long hair. Eerie actually. Of course it’s just hair and it’s vain sometimes, but it’s pretty amazing how it feels like a super power in a way. It sets the tone for my everyday life. I don’t have a bad day anymore. I start my day getting ready for work and never miss brushing and getting my hair ready as well. That’s important because it’s a patience and discipline that I tend to every day and it’s trickled in to so many other aspects of life making me a far superior professional sculptor, father, husband, and friend. I could go on and on.,.

  11. Hello Longhairs!
    I am 58 years old, and I’m finally at an age where I genuinely don’t give a fuck about what other people think. (That is definitely the best by-product of aging.)
    And so, I’ve finally quit trying to live up to the expectations of others, or to fit the corporate mold.
    One result of that is, I haven’t had a haircut in about 4 years. But that’s all I’ve done. Just not get a haircut…
    I’m really glad I found you guys, because I need to find a way to care for my hair, and keep it thick and healthy.
    I’ll peruse your site more deeply, and hopefully find products and suggestions to keep my silvery locks healthy, and to revel in being an old guy with long hair!
    Thank you!

    1. Jason great to have you hear man and happy you found us! May I ask, how did you come across the site? Now that you got the hair it’s wise to take care of it. Check out our tutorials and products dig deep into the site and feel free to ask us any questions. You can always email us as well at [email protected]

  12. I’m so glad I found your site. I’m 49 and I’ve always wanted long hair. There was always somebody to tell me to cut it when I got deep into the awkward stage. In high school, it was my parents. In college it was my girlfriend. In grad school it was another girlfriend (who is now my wife). I’m in a conservative profession in a conservative, rural town, and long hair just doesn’t fly. But at this age, I feel like I can be a little more independent and true to myself. Maybe I’ll look like an idiot, I don’t know and don’t really care. People tell me they can’t believe I have grown kids, so I must look younger than I think I do. I got my haircut last in August 2019 and I hated it. It was just another time of them wheeling you around, and you look at yourself in the mirror and say “yeah that looks great”, when you know it looks like crap. I just ran into somebody that I hadn’t seen in about a month, and the first thing he said was “hey, your letting your hair grow out, looks great”! It made my day. I’m not up to an awkward stage yet this time, but it’s coming and I’ll keep coming back here for inspiration.

    1. Yeah man Im same age now, just moved countries and started running my own business out of necessity, and am just about done with corporate, so that and the Covid lockdown has given me the opportunity not to get a cut for a while – beginning to look a bit messy now but screw it Im going to take the opportunity push through this stage. This website is awesome – good luck on your journey

  13. for making formal buns, two videos from Coffee and Makeup: men’s cinnamon bun ( for 3 lengths) and lazy wrap bun
    don(t forget that, during the akward stage, you can control your fringe and make a half tail ( over top of the ear level) with a barrette
    now, bros, you know what to order to Coca Cola’s father

  14. God bless the 1st Amendment !!!
    in the Usa, you can write ” good masculinity”; in France, it is now forbidden, for every man is considered by the feminist who made a coup as a rapist, a sexual harasser, a wife knocker or a wife murderer…if he is not now, he will be …
    even the alone men will soon be named ” mgtow”, the worst specie !!!
    continue, guys; it is so refreshing reading politically incorrect papers ( and making jokes about your wives) !!!

  15. This comes across as really personal and authentic. Nicely done! You’re just as much an inspiration to like-minded entrepreneurs as you are to guys letting it ride. Looking forward to post 301 and beyond.

    1. Author

      YO A-A-RON!!

      Thank you man! Appreciate your insight. Post #301 in the chamber!

  16. Impressive values that you model for your community every day. This is evidenced by your partnership with Children With Hair Loss and the effort and time you put into The Great Cut, not for your benefit but for the benefit of our community–only one example of many. Thanks guys, keep lettin’ it ride.

  17. Wow! Something else I love about The Longhairs.

    When I saw “Core Focus” in your headline, I had a hunch, and your opening paragraph proved it.

    As an EOS Implementor – and 62-year-old longhair – I recognized the work you have done on both Core Focus and Core Values (knowing what you went through to get there) and LOVE what you are doing, not only in your products and philanthropy, but the thought you have put into your business.

    May you continue to grow and thrive as you enter the next decade.

    El Maestro

    1. Author

      Thank you El Maestro! Appreciate your words and awesome to hear you are an EOS Implementor. Thanks for following along man, we are gad to have you here!

  18. Happy 5 years boys! I remember the first time I discovered Hair Ties For Guys. I was so excited to see a community of men who GET IT. Your content and products have boosted my confidence tremendously, and I couldn’t be more happy to be part of the community. Keep being epic.

    1. So awesome El Valiente and we appreciate your continued support. It’s been fun getting to know you and watch you progress on your journey. Keep driving down the field!

  19. Doing it right boyz! Continue to walk the path, make these values real, and by all means avoid lip service. Long live the Longhairs

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