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When You See Other Longhairs

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You might not have noticed before. When you had short hair, it rarely caught your attention.

Now you notice. Flowing, ponytail’d, tied up or braided, you see other guys with long hair. You might even wonder things like, how long has he been growing it? What kind of hair ties are those? What kind of conditioner does he use?

Even if you don’t ask yourself those questions, now that you have long hair you probably notice other guys with long hair. What do you do when you see them?

Until now, maybe you’ve done nothing. But the truth is, we are a community. Longhair Godfather Bill Choisser estimates 2%-5% of the adult male population has long hair. That’s only 2-5 out of every 100 guys.


That Fact Alone Makes Us A Community

But so do other things. Straight or curly, neat or messy, tied up or loose and flowing, we’ve made the choice to grow our hair. We know about things and deal with struggles that short-haired dudes have never thought of. And we’re willing to risk being different.


When you see other guys with long hair, there are a few things you automatically know:

  • He’s been through the awkward stage.
  • He’s had to deal with hair in his face.
  • He’s not an NBA referee.
  • He knows how to party.
  • And he’s asked himself the same questions: how often should I wash it? How do I make it grow faster? Do I need to brush it? Are ponytails ok?
We have these things in common. And that's worth celebrating.

So what should you do when you see other guys with long hair?

  1. Give him the international high-sign. The head-nod. The “I see ya.” And tell him he has great hair.

  2. If you have the means, give him the homie hookup: a discount off his bar tab, free parking, the VIP connection, inside information, the local rate, extra hot sauce, a free beer. Hook a longhair up.

  3. At the very least, if you only do one thing: hand him a Longhairs referral card. No words are required. Just an understanding.

Don’t Be Empty-Handed

Hand him a referral card from The Longhairs. Order a pack for free, and we’ll even show you how to hand em out.
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