Awkward Stage Hair

The Uncomfortable Truth About Awkward Stage Hair

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You’re In It

Awkward stage hair. You’ve had enough. You’re cutting it off.

You have awkward stage hair and you’re convinced it looks awful. You feel weird, sloppy, unprofessional, and you don’t know what the hell to do with it. You get comments from people, even your mom, telling you your hair looks bad and well-meaning advice that “you should just cut it honey.”

They mean well, but they don’t understand. They’re thinking short-term, not big picture. You’ve got a date with destiny and you need to look good for it. What they don’t realize is your shoulders are throwing a party and they’re waiting for your hair to arrive.

Your shoulders are throwing a party and they’re waiting for your hair to arrive.
- Fact

Yet, with every naysayer and glance in the mirror, doubt creeps in, as slowly as your awkward length hair seems to be growing. You question your resolve, and each day a fresh, clean haircut sounds ever-more enticing.

Well friend, we’re here for you. The inspiration and education you need to power through your awkward stage hair is right here.

Man with awkward stage hair looking stressed

Define Awkward Hair Length

The awkward stage can take many shapes and forms, but the generally accepted definition for awkward length hair is from the point when it starts to look like you need a haircut until the time you can tie it up.

It starts when you start to look shaggy, not so neat and tidy, a little unkempt. When the first person politely asks when you’re getting a haircut.

It’s over when you can tie up all your hair—front, back and sides—into a high ball or other sick mens long hairstyles.

Man with awkward stage hair about to have a trim

Where Long Hair Dreams Die

At some point in life you become curious. You ask yourself, “what would I look like with long hair? What if I could do that thing in the water where you whip your hair back, or the slow jog beach exit? What if I could tie it up like that?”

Most guys give it a try somewhere between high school and college. It starts as a novelty, driven by curiosity. Which is all well and good until awkward stage hair arrives, when your last clean cut is a distant memory. It becomes noticeable. Conspicuous. Uncomfortable.

You effectively conceal it with hats and beanies, but sooner or later you’ll be exposed.

It might be a business meeting, a wedding, or some formal affair where a hat doesn’t fly, and that despicable rag on your head is revealed for all the world to see. You have full-blown awkward stage hair, and you’re a shaggy, dogged-looking scoundrel.

That’s when they start chiming in. Shaking your confidence. Doubt grows strong within you. It’s a crucible moment.

Man with awkward stage hair with a baseball hat

“That’s it. I’m a dignified man. Enough is enough,” you tell yourself as you slink off to the barber shop.

“Long time no see!” your barber greets you, all smiles.

You make small talk to drown out the voice on your shoulders screaming don’t do it, until the scissors have done irreversible damage and your promising youthful strands lie shorn and mutilated, dead on the barber shop floor.

It stings for a fleeting moment, but you walk out feeling fresh and clean, looking sharp, and the voice is quieted. “I’ll let it grow out next time, when I don’t have _____ to attend,” you console yourself, as your longhair dreams are swept into a dust pan and discarded unceremoniously.

But you’re only lying to yourself. And this is why curiosity alone won’t carry most men to the promised land.

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Anyone Can Have Short Hair

Most men never make it through awkward stage hair. Because while short hair is instantaneous and easy, long hair takes time, and there’s no way around it. You can't get it overnight. It’s not something you can run out and pick up at the store.

When you want a tattoo, you sit through a few hours of pain, let it heal for a few days and you’re done. To get in the beard club it’ll take a few months, but there’s no discernable stage that’s difficult to make it through. There’s little discomfort.

Money cannot buy it. You cannot steal, inherit, or borrow it. It can only be earned through dedication and commitment.

To get long hair you’ve gotta pay your dues. It’s like physical fitness in that regard: money cannot buy it. You cannot steal, inherit, or borrow it. It can only be earned through dedication and commitment.

That’s why when you see another guy with long hair, there are certain things you know about him. You know he’s been through awkward stage hair, which demonstrates to some degree he doesn’t care what other people think. You know he was willing to bear the temporary discomfort and complete his long hair journey. And he’s probably not a banker.

Man with awkward stage hair looking surprised

How Long Must I Suffer With Awkward Length Hair?

There’s a goal on the horizon: when you can tie it up, you've arrived. But how long will it take? It depends on where you start, how fast your hair grows, and how you take care of it.
Realistically, it will take at least 18 months to get completely free and clear of awkward stage hair.

Most people’s hair grows about a half inch per month. If your hair needs to be at least six inches to tie it up, that puts you at a minimum of one year. Realistically, it will take at least 18 months to get completely free and clear of awkward stage hair.

While you cannot actually make your hair grow faster, there are things you can do to promote faster growth: keep it healthy and strong, avoid breakage, and keep yourself in good health. But no matter what you do, it’s a waiting game.

Man with awkward stage hair looking at the camera

Tactics For Dealing With Awkward Hair Length

Hats & Headwear

The easiest and most obvious method is wearing a hat or a beanie to disguise your awkwardness, and knowing how to use a headband for awkward stage hair is a must. But as we know, these aren’t always acceptable and can’t be relied upon in more formal settings.

Styling Awkward Length Hair

There’s a few things you can try. Parting it can be risky, but worth a shot. You can comb it forward and straight down, but you might look like Lloyd Christmas.

You can slick it straight back, which will require a powerful bonding agent, but using products is a slippery slope with awkward stage hair. It starts to look like you’re trying too hard, like this is actually your intended style, rather than a desperate means to an end.

That’s not even getting into curly hair in the awkward stage.

The safest bet is simply going with a “messy look.” It shows you’re not trying too hard, that this is intentional. It says, “yes, my hair is messy as hell and I’m comfortable with that.” And that portrays confidence.

See these and more, and how to do them in Awkward Stage Hairstyles. Whatever you try, it’s never a bad idea to brush it, comb it, and keep it tidy.

Trimming In The Awkward Stage


It’s a good idea to trim your hair in the awkward phase, which can help set you up for success growing long hair. Aim to get it cleaned up around the ears and the neck—however, be cautious with any foray into a barber shop or salon; your resolve may be tested.

It’s all covered in, Should You Cut In The Awkward Stage?

Growing Facial Hair

Not every guy can grow facial hair, but this can help if you’re so endowed. Not only will it take some attention off your awkward stage hair, but it tends to balance the face—in fact we’ve found in our research that a clear majority of longhairs also wear facial hair. Turns out longhairs and beardsmen may be in different clubs, but they go to the same bars.
“Turns out longhairs and beardsmen may be in different clubs, but they go to the same bars.”

Timing It

Opportune timing can help mitigate the four awkward stage resistance points. Plan your awkward stage hair around a break, holiday, or vacation, where you won’t have business or formal nonsense with expectations for your appearance.

The Naysayers


Part of a concrete long hair gameplan is responding to negative comments about your hair—and there will be plenty.

First of all, it’s your hair. But it can be helpful to have a prepared statement.

One such response is, “I’m growing long hair to donate it to charity.” This will stop most naysayers in their tracks, but shouldn’t be used cheaply. If you use this to deflect negative comments, you must do so with intent and sincerity.

Beyond that, a confident statement of fact that you’re growing long hair and this is simply part of the journey will serve you well.

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And there's an enormous volume of additional awkward stage hair content right over here.

If Not Now…When?

You're growing it out, and you're not turning back. However you mitigate the situation, you must overcome awkward stage hair.

It will be a test of resolve, character and confidence…but you don’t have to do it alone. When you’re ready to get serious, visit The Center For Awkward Stage Hair.

Until then, be proud. Claim it. Rock the shit out of it, and power through the awkward stage with courage and commitment. The Longhairs are waiting for you on the other side.

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  1. The only comments I get, here I’m the middle of awkward hair stage is from my wife haha! She has to look at me as someone she married. Others don’t. The most others might say, is, “Ah! growing the hair out? I see?”

    Never much “errr you gonna get a cut?” I might be imagining it but perhaps a closer friend asked that once. Mostly because they know me as having a short faux hawk.

    What drives me is a comment someone made to me once, after my mentioning “awkward hair phase.” Co-worker: “Awkward? Hell, that’s just the way people looked in my time.” His time being the 70s and early 80s. From there I just go “shit! He’s right! It’s like I’ve never seen Dazed And Confused…I can dig.”

    1. Thin out could mean a lot of things. Would advise to just not cut. Maybe a small trim to keep things tidy but just LET IT RIDE!

  2. I screwed up. I cut the sides.. the top is ~4″, sides are 12mm. My head looks like a mushroom. I bought some beanies, so that’s my style now I guess.

  3. I’m right at a year of growing my hair and beard out. I stopped getting my hair cut and shaving when I got out of the navy and the awkward length hair has been real. I have to wear a hat at work all day to keep my hair out of my face. But it’s finally long enough that I can get about 80% of it tied up. The sides feel like they’re taking forever to grow. I can’t wait till I can get it all tied up at once. I usually keep as much as I can in a low ponytail and keep that under the brim of my hat, worn backwards. It just feels easier to hide it all under there.

  4. oh wow forgot I commented that… lol… I already cut it… like a month after I made that comment… left about 3/4 in so… now it is about 4 in… so yeah I need to wait a while lol… but now I’m going to keep it till the great cut and try to either travel to Cali(31-hour drive and I don’t feel like flying… but I’m keeping a flight in mind) I’m going to donate 12 inches in ’24… going to leave the rest until the next one and cut 24 inches.

  5. I last had a haircut on May 4, and have been growing out my curly hair since. Unfortunately my family has started repeatedly asking me to get it cut, but I’ll try my best to persevere through this awkward stage. Thanks for the website, I’ve been finding it really interesting!

  6. Guys, why can’t I get hair ties delivered to UK? Got some about 18 months back but recent attempts to buy more are not deliverable to UK.
    Amazon UK have run out of stock too!

      1. Top man! Yes, just saw the message flash up on screen.
        I’ve made six of them last eighteen months! Time to replace.

        1. It’s been 3 month since i decided to give this a shot again. The last time was 28 yrs ago. Being young I did not take comments lightly and image was more important. Now being older negative comments do not really matter and image definitely went out the door. I have been clean shaved and razor shaved head for over 20yrs. So even half a inch of hair on the head or beard looks like a awkward stage. So every strand is roughly 1.5 inches and summer is coming up. Hoo boy this temptation to buzz it off won’t be easy since it is getting real warm. I definitely give long hair a lot of respect nowadays thats for sure.

  7. why tf I didn’t see this website last June…ffs…I had been growing my hair from last march till June and the reason of the cut was because practically my house was going to kick me out for having such bad hair….My barber accidentally cut alllll of it and well the guy made me look like I was in grade 2…Fast forward October, I had a very minor haircut (if you can call such a thing) at September cuz my college was going to start and finally its stating to form in those bangs that fall down aka the sorta wavy at the ned type hair or TikTok hair, I’m hoping to grow till the last semester and let’s see what happens….Thx for the motivation guys

  8. I’m in the awkwardest stage of all… My hair ir not straight nor curly, it’s somnething in between, like wavy… I also have fewer hair than most of the guys. A few months ago I cut the sides and now it looks terrible :'(

    I was thinking seriously about cutting it off, then I found your website. Thanks for the tips, I’d appreciate if you can give me any specific advice for my (really messy) hair.

    1. Author

      Yo Albert, glad to have you here man! Lots of tips throughout the website to explore at your leisure. It’s going to take some time to grow the sides back out, I’m afraid, but hang in there!

    2. im 3 months in my hair growth and its very awkward. should i get my hair cut so it grows into a nice shape or keep growing it and trim it to shape it how i like.

    3. Love the way you talk about getting through the awkward stage. I’m 8 months in starting from a buzz cut. Watching your videos and reading your posts helped me a build a better mindset. In today’s society with so many instant pleasures and fast dopamine hits, to be able to be patient and put up with inconvenience for an extended period of time is a rare attribute which makes achieving goals mean much more. Thank you, for helping me through this stage and realising the best things in life are worth waiting for.

      1. The last buzz cut I had was about three months ago and I agree, the patience required to do this is crazy. I’ve been called all the names in the book from homeless to a mushroom head, long story short they all suck.

    4. Oh my god, we are in the same spot it really sucks, doesn’t it? I truly hate how it looks imma cut mine off on the last day of my eighth-grade class

    5. Same I’ve been growing mine out from buzzed since last November. I have super straight hair but it looks horrible around the ears! I refuse to get it cut though I’m in it for real this time

  9. This is hilarious. My last haircut was early June 2019. I didn’t intend to grow out my hair but I started liking it and thought “what the hell?” Have never had long hair before and it’s working for me. It’s about shoulder length now but not quite to the point of putting it in a tail. it’s in my face a lot and thinking about getting it cleaned up around the sides. Anyway, love the post. Been going through the same thought process as the above.

  10. I’ve finally got hair on the top of my head to chin length, now I’m growing out the sides, but I never can make it past an inch length for the back of my head, it just bothers me to much when I’m trying to sleep, same goes for trying to sleep on my side. It’s not long enough to try tying up so I don’t know what to do, I can’t stand the feeling on my neck.

  11. Read this sitting in the barber shop.
    My barber closed his shop now.

    1. Author

      Lol. Hopefully of his/her own accord and not a government mandate.

  12. The big thing I remember about the ‘awkward stage’ was having this personal goal of being able to get the tips of my growing hair into my mouth. But then you reach that goal and you never try it again, because after that, it’s always in your mouth!

  13. Longhairs Ive been growing my beard and mustache for 8 months im a trucker from NY you’ve inspired me to grow my hair out I have a short under cut/comb over I wanna grow my hair out again for 4 yrs and join you at the great cut 2024 its going to be a real test of fortitude for me as I haven’t had long hair since high school

    1. LET’S GO JOE! It’s going to be an amazing journey and we’ll freaking have the biggest celebration at The Great Cut 2024 EVER!

      1. thank you for these tips. I was wondering if you had any more specific for really straight hair trying to grow long. I tried leaving it all grow at once but it turned into a mullet trying to disguise itself as a helmet.

        Now I’m trying growing the top out first. I’m already at chin length but whenever I try to grow the sides they just grow straight out and I look horrible. Anything in particular I can use or shall I just have to ride it out?

  14. I’m a chick who decided to grow out my mohawk today because I am tired of the upkeep. I cut the back to where it is one length across and am brushing the hawk down all over my head and I look like an awkward teen skater boy right now hahaha! This article actually helped me out so much and I am going to use bandanas and headbands to help hide the awkwardness for a bit. Really didn’t want to shave it all off again and start over as the hawk isn’t super short so hopefully by the end of the year it won’t look as weird. Aiming for long hair. Thank you again!

    1. Author

      Hell yeah Melanie, glad to have you here! Send us pictures of the hawk, it sounds dope! Hope you got a coupon for your first purchase by signing up for our email list. Keep lettin it ride! PS: melaniegrooms…are you a hair professional? Check out our next charity hair cutting event, The Great Cut 2024. Would love to have you there!

  15. Hey guys, I quarantine-buzzed my hair back in mid-March and then have been letting it grow ever since. It’s now at that awkward stage where it looks like a helmet; the sides are round and puffy and my head looks wide and weird because my hair grows stiff and wants to go out, not down. Any advice for flattening the sides down without making it clumpy/tacky?

  16. Hey, i’ve been growing my hair out (from a buzz cut) since november, it’s gotten quite long but I wanted to know how I could make the “wings” come in on the sides. As well as have a flowy look at the back. Do you have any tips?

  17. Hi, I’m 21 and at that stage of 1 year of grow and i can’t find shampoo or anything in my city and i can’t order from you because I’m from South Africa

    What order tips can I use to maintain my hair and that hair products should I look for?


    1. Author

      Yo CVZ! Glad to have you here mate.

      First, we hope to be able to ship to South Africa in the future. Check out our shampoo & conditioner review for men, you may find some good products that might ship to South Africa.

      As for tips, you are in the right place! Make sure to subscribe to our email list and you will get all our best content.

      Keep lettin it ride amigo!

  18. I’m 67 years old and I have been growing my hair out since I retired 2 years ago. At first I was attracted to the fact that I could grow my hair to any length I wanted after being told my entire life to cut my hair, look professional etc… Then I learned about the Longhairs & their dedication to extremely worthy charities and it all came together for me. Grow my hair long then donate it to a needy child. Can’t get any better than that. Relative to the “awkward” stage or “looking professional” for your job, I would suggest you set a goal of donating your hair to one of the extremely worthy Longhair charities and let it be known to your friends and coworkers what you intend to do. Cut your hair every 2 or so years, donate it, and I think you will be surprised how people will accept and even admire what you are doing. To all us longhairs, we have a gift not everyone has. Let’s use it to improve someone else’s quality of life.

    1. Author

      Stephen! Happy to have you here and could not have said it better ourselves. Great suggestion as well. Appreciate your comment and the positivity!

  19. Hey guys. I’m so glad I found this website. I’ve been growing my hair out for about 2 years now. Everything has been going well, except for the fact that the sides want to curl towards my face. They haven’t quite reached my shoulders yet, but I’ve been trying everything from headhands to man buns to make my hair look presentable. I was just wondering if there is something I could or should be doing or just continue to grow it out and hopefully with length it will correct itself. Thanks

  20. Hello! I have start growing my hair for 7 months now and am right in the middle (hope it is not the beginning) of the “Curly-awkward” stage. The hard part for me is working in a bank (I got some comments :3) and there is littleraly no man with long hair on my campus :/
    I discover your website randomly and this post is a real pleasure to read, thank you for giving me some moral boost!

  21. I’ve been growing my hair for the past 5 months and it has reached halfway past my nose; but I’m getting a feeling that it has stopped growing because it’s been that long for a while now. Is this natural or has my goal become impossible to achieve??

    1. Author

      “A watched pot never boils”

      It probably seems to be growing painfully slow at this point, but in all likelihood it’s growing at the same rate.

      To make sure, measure it precisely today and again one month from now. If you really want to be positive, use a sharpe to mark the exact spot on your face.

  22. I’ve been growing my hair out for almost 2 years and my hair is way longer in the back than the sides what should I tell my stylist when go in for a trim?

  23. Longhaired brethren —

    I’m desperate for some positive reinforcement on my wild decision to grow my hair. What started as a missed haircut because I got too busy has turned into 4 months of solid growth but I’m starting to really doubt myself. Picked up some scissors today and almost lost myself. I’m 31, work in a professional setting, so I can’t just have a wild mop on my head, have a big ass forehead and receding hairline, thinner on the crown but not noticeably (yet). My hair is fine (blonde) but I have a lot of it, and quite a bit of volume with waves, it doesn’t lay flat on my head. This could be my last chance in life to truly grow it out and I want to grow for at least a year, but if I’m already ready to give up, how will I possibly last through another 6 months of awkward stage?? Will I even look good with long hair anyway, could this be all for not? Sure, I look great in a hat, but 93% of the time I’m not in situations where a hat is appropriate. Calling all longhairs, I need your help.

    1. Author

      YOOO CODY! You’ve come to the right place, glad to have you here.

      Easiest question first: yes you will look great with blonde hair. As this could be the last real chance in life to grow your hair long, I advise you to put the scissors down and count to 10. Stick with it.

      You also happen to be growing your hair out at the same time as El Moreno. You can find his last update in El Moreno at 9 Months of Hair Growth, and the rest of his hair updates here. I highly advise you join the Hair Update List from this page.

      You mentioned being in a professional setting. If you start getting any negative feedback at the office, you can always commit to growing your hair out to donate to charity, which can often earn you a pass. Try Dear Boss…

      You’ll also do yourself well by keeping it neat and tidy around your ears and the back of your neck. Here’s one more good one that might help: Should You Cut In The Awkward Stage?

      Hope this helps man. There is tons of other content on our blog at Keep us posted man and KEEP LETTING IT RIDE!

    2. go for it man. only way to find out if you look good in it is if you actually do it. You’re a little less than half way but in a couple more months you’ll be able to maintain it a little better especially on the sides. (which is the biggest problem for me currently) im around 8-10 months in growing it out i honestly cant remember last time i got an actual haircut besides a taper or trim. the way i see it is why did i spend the last x amount of time with my hair looking crazy if im just going to end up cutting it, i might as well grow it out as long as i want. Although it does suck knowing you hair looks bad but it will all definitely be worth it in the end because everyone who asked when you’re getting a haircut or telling you long hair doesn’t look good on you will compliment your golden flow. good luck man and keep growing it out dont give up.

    3. Just wanna know, Does the length you start in matter ? Just imagine an extremely uneven hair but healthy that gets constant care, will it look good when it grows
      My question is in short, no matter how uneven your hair is or how bad it looks but healthy and gets constant care, will it grow and look beautiful ? I mean you can always sort it after it gets longer ?
      P.S: I don’t care about how I look in the awkward stage, I only care about the results ?

  24. Hey dudes, I have a weird awkward stage going on right now and wanted some tips. I had grown out my hair before, but when I got to the awkward stage I caved in. I pulled an undercut and shaved the sides, so the top is still long. Right now the top is probably a good 6 inches at least, but the sides are just starting to grow out again. I really don’t want to cut the top to even it out, cause it took so long. On top of that, my hair guy shaved a bit of my hairline down too, so there’s some baby hairs starting in front of my long hair 🤦‍♂️

    Any tips for getting through this? It’s really starting to look like a botched haircut…

    1. You can continue to maintain the short sides and let the top grow long. Eventually it will be long enough that when you wear it down it will cover up whatever is going on with the sides. If you’re looking to let it go, best bet is going to be to just LET IT RIDE and wear a lot of hats and beanies. Our boy Andrew dropped a video on our youtube that may give you some inspiration for keeping the sides short. Check it out here:

    2. I was at that stage mate. It got really ugly and I had to trim my top so that my sides could catch up. Best decision coz now, it looks even. Still not the best but looks better than before. As for the baby hairs, I’ve them too coz of that bloody undercut. I just clean them up with sm hair spray. Quick fix

    3. Sup guys, I’ve been growing out my hair for about 4 months now and I’m getting into the awkward stage I’m just trying to grow out the top and go for a man bun on top I have straight thinish hair I started it off with a high top fringe but my hair is already hiring my eyes and idk what haircut to get next I’m not trying to cut the top I just don’t know how to style it any tips ??

  25. Waddup dudes. I used to have some pretty long hair that I really enjoyed, but eventually got tired of it and cut it. I had it short for a little over a year before getting lazy and not wanting to cut it. Now I’m a freshman in college, and I don’t want to waste money on regular haircuts, so I’ve decided to grow it back out. It’s been about 3 or 4 months since I’ve had a haircut, and my hair grows pretty fast, but I’m definitely in that awkward stage. Are there any methods or products that I could use that would make my hair grow faster?

    1. Author


      Best decision you’ve made this year, and YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

      Here’s everything we have about awkward stage hair at the moment:

      I highly suggest you jump on board with El Moreno as he is just a couple months ahead of you in his journey back to long hair.


  26. hi guys been growing my hair for about a 10-11 months now and am in deep with the awkward stage. only a couple more inches and i can tie the whole lot up for work. at that point where a hat just isn’t quite cutting it with it all hanging out everywhere. cant wait to have those lushes long locks haha no shame.

    any tips on styling and managment for work and i have a wedding to go to soon

    take a look

  27. Hey guys,
    Three years ago grew my hair out to about 7 inches long before I gave into the pressure and got it cut. Now I’m 1 year into the grow and my hair in fronts reaching my bottom lip and the backs got some great curls. Only thing is I have 1 month before I start work and I don’t think it’s quite long enough to put into a bun yet. Been letting it hang loose for a couple weeks now but if I run my hand through the top too much I feel like it gets too flat. You have any ideas on products I could use to keep it looking fresh while I’m at work.

    1. Author

      Yo Dennis! Pumped to have you here man.

      As to the work situation, you may not have to tie into a ball. Can you just make a ponytail? That is often acceptable depending on your job.

      I would also recommend giving sea salt spray or a light styling balm.

      Hang in there man! If you don’t grow it out now…then when?? Keep us posted.

  28. YO BROS! It’s been a year since my last cut and still going strong brothas!! First time I’ve ever had long hair and I love it, going to the beach soon and ready to let the hair fly!! I’ve gotten a lot of comments telling me how bad it looks and how I need to cut it but now the good comments are flooding in, made it out of the awkward stage finally and everyone’s lovin’ the new look. STAY STRONG

  29. Hi ive been trying to grow my hair out long since early summer so its been about 8 months from a real short taper fade haircut.
    Im definitely in the awkward stage and leaning towards ending my journey early

    The bangs are really long and hats dont really work for me cause I got bushy eyebrows. (Which is a seperate issue)
    Is there any styling product that would help me keep going for long hair?
    I never used product before and i have strait type hair
    Or do i need a haircut to help the hair grow?

  30. I’ve been growing my hair since July from 1/16 of an inch on the sides and about an inch on top. It’s at the awkward stage. Always getting in my eyes when I bend down and I never know how to style it for an event. I have a wedding Saturday and I’m lost. My mom and aunt keep telling me to cut it but i don’t want to do that. The top of my hair comes down to my upper lip and the back hits my shoulders. The sides come about 3/4 to my jawline. How should I style it to look clean?

    1. Author

      Andy! Man, looks like we missed the wedding date. What did you end up doing? I would have recommended maybe cleaning up around your ears and neckline, maybe something with some texture to keep it out of your eyes.

      How did it work out? PS: I started at the same length as you

  31. Hey guys,
    My names Malone and I’m 15 years old..Iv been trying to grow my hair for a while but my dad has always been a ass about it and always got me to cut it. But i made a deal with him so now I’m growing it out. A few things that really hurt about this beside the awkward stage, for me is the head aches i get now and then….now i have now idea if they are related but all i know is i never get them when my hair is short. I can never feel the great sensation of air blowing against my scalp, sound weird but its true cause i have been blessed and cursed with a thick head of hair.

    One thing i really want to know is if hair gel stunts hair growth…cause i have school and they are very strict on hair length gut when i put gel on it looks nice neat and it looks short.

  32. Hello everyone! I started my journey back in June from about 4 inches on top and a tapered fade at the sides, anyways now the sides are poofy and not as long as the top obviously but I don’t really mind that the real issue is the back since it seems to have decided to grow faster plus add the weight of the top back hair and it’s starting to look like a mullet, can I trim just the back a bit or thin it out, starting a new job in February and can’t wear hats :/ which is my go to solution most days,

  33. I’ve heard that wearing hats or bennies are bad for your hair yet you recomend to wear one almost evry day is true or not?

    also I am curently in the akward stage it as been 3 months since I’ve started to grow them. I started with 2mm on the sides and long on top. I am now at 3 inches on the sides and 5 on top but my hairgrows almost 1 inch per month so it wont take long.

    im looking forward to the day I can tie them up because I work at a restaurant and its really annoying

    nathan gilbert

    P,S : sorry for my english I am actually french from Québec.

    1. What up Nathan! Hats and beanies are fine and will help when your hair is virtually uncontrollable.

  34. I started with a crew cut and 5 Months later my hair is level to my ears! the best advice i can give is wear headbands, slick your hair back or just own it. Own that look. lots of guys can actually pull it off!

  35. Im growing my hair out from a previous buzzcut 4 months ago, and the hair on the side of my head (Especially my sideburns) are getting long. would trimming my sideburns be a bad idea?

  36. Yo fellas! I tried posting a few days ago but don’t think it worked so I’m trying again. My last post was a little over 2 months ago and gotta say and still going strong! Ive decided to avoid the barber and just let it all grow together, i haven’t had a cut since early april and it just about reaches the end of my nose. Anyway I’m calling in cause of a RED ALERT! I have Homecoming this saturday i need to look somewhat decent for my date, I’m in the thick of awkward stage right now and it can get POOF. Any tips what to do for this??? i don’t want to get it trimmed and i like the rough look just not the messy slum dog look for hoco Thanks Bros

    1. Author

      Yo Alex! Saw your previous comment just didn’t have a chance to write you a proper response. I just hit you direct via email so we can link up. HOMECOMING COMING IN HOT!

  37. Yo mates! It’s me again, been about 2.5 months since my last post and here to say I’m still going strong! But I have a situation coming up…. the 15th I have homecoming and I need to look somewhat presentable, I don’t want to clean it up and make it look like I’m trying to hard, I like the natural look but it gets poofy without a hat. I haven’t seen the barber since my last cut in April and my hair is about the same length all around, my bangs reach bout half way down my nose. Any idea on what to do for homecoming??? Thanks mates!

  38. I’m a high school teacher starting the journey to the full man bun. My length currently is probably a little shorter than “medium” length, my bangs will reach my eyelid if I pull it down. Any advice on how to navigate the awkward stage in a school/professional environment?

    1. Author

      Yo Matt! Glad to have you here man, and congratulations on your resolve to embark on the long hair journey. You can sign up on this page for all our best tips and advice on how to navigate the awkward stage.

      You can do it amigo!

  39. Hey everyone, I’m almost six months done with my hair journey and I am starting the awkward stage. It really sucks since my hair is thick and wavy and kinda coarse, so I’m wondering if it will ever be able to flow down to the shoulders?

    1. Author

      It will man. It’s going to take a while though. Your patience and fortitude shall be tested. We’re here for ya!

  40. My 12 yr old son is letting his hair grow out and I have no idea how to tame it haha. It’s been 9-10 months since his last hair cut…

  41. I’m almost 3 months growing out an undercut. I’ve got curly,wavy hair. It’s beginning to look a little weird what with the short length and curls forming. But I am refraining from straightening it at all (which is why I cut my hair in the first place–damage). Eventually, I’d like hair like Dave Mustaine..oh yeahhh.\m/
    I take biotin (5,000 mcg a day) and drink at least 2 bottles of water a day. So far it seems to be helping. I also condition every other time I shower and shampoo when my hair begins to look weighed down or greasy. I tend not to sweat too much, oddly enough.
    Every few weeks I’ll do a hot oil treatment (put olive oil in the microwave for a few seconds, put it all over my hair, then leave it in for a couple hours. Shampoo and condition as normal.) Makes it super soft & shiny!
    Here’s to growing out long manes to headbang with later!

  42. Hey everyone! I initially started simply growing out the top, while keeping the sides and back extremely short. It’s been a little over a year now, and I’m still only growing out the top. My hair tends to be a little dry/frizzy and is definitely wavy, which gives the impression that it’s much shorter than it actually is.

    I wear a hat pretty much every day to avoid having to akwardly manage it. But eventually I want to have it flow naturally without looking poofy and ridiculous. My quesiton to you guys is if it’s possible or even a good idea to grow out the sides and back (which are at 1/4 inch) and have them catch up with the top (which is at around 7 inches)? Or should I start over? I really don’t want to, though.

    I hope this all made sense.
    Thanks guys.

    1. Totally makes sense. Just let it all grow out. Yes, you need to let the sides go. Once it is all hitting the shoulders you can probably get a simple trim to even up everything if anything seems a bit longer. Keep pushing!

  43. Help! I am going into month 5 here shortly without a trim. The problem is I am starting to grow a mullet. Should I trim the back? I am almost 30 and have never gone more than a month or two without a haircut!

    1. Author

      Yo Cj! Glad to have you here! Sign up for our best awkward stage tips, which includes our video, “Should You Cut in the Awkward Stage?” You can sign up right here on this page.

      The short answer is, it’s not a bad idea to get a trim to keep it neat and tidy. But be careful when you go in there!

      PS: I didn’t grow it out for the first time until I was 30. Keep lettin it ride man!

  44. Howdy fellas, great blog post and solid advice on the encouragement and motivation. I have recently embarked on my own journey to earn my chance in getting long hair and the countless styles I can try out when I do have it. I haven’t really measured my hair before but I’m going to assume it is around 4 inches give or take just by looking at it with the top of my hair being able to almost reach the tip of my nose when combed straight down.

    I am definitely in the awkward stage of my hair growing process but I am definitely not ashamed in what people think of me with my hair because I know what I’m going to do with it and am purely trying it for the experience.

    The top of my hair is a little longer than the hair on my sides and back. I am just wondering if I’ll ever need to really trim my top hair so it doesnt grow too long out of proportion with my sides and back?

    Judging from your guys’ responses in the comments thread related to these concerns, I’m guessing the only real thing to do is just let it ride out until its simply long enough to tie.

    Either way, I have set foot on this journey with a clear mind and am on a path of change. Growing my hair out changing styles is one of my means in changing my ways. Don’t worry Long hairs, I aint giving in!~

    1. Author

      Henry! Hell yes man! We’re glad to have you here! Check out our video, “Should You Cut in the Awkward Stage?” You can find it easily by signing up for our best awkward stage tips and tricks, right here on this page.

      Alright man, don’t give in and keep lettin it ride! Thanks for the comment amigo.

  45. Thanks Rubio! I really want to make it this time and I’m not going to give up thanks for the encouragement. One last question, do you know how long the awkward stage last for? Is it until you are able to tie it back or doesn’t it end earlier

  46. Hey guys, In my junior year of high school and trying to get longer hair, I’ve tried it before but always ditched and cut it down because I have really thick hair and it’s gets poofy on top and on the sides, it’s been about 4 months now and I can finally slick it back somewhat if I wear a hat backwards for a while. It’s still super poofy if I’m not wearing a hat though and when I wake up and my parents and friends are telling me to cut it all off. Any tips? How much longer do you think I have until I can tie it up??

    1. Author

      Yo Alex! Thanks for writing in man, glad to have you here.

      If you want me to be honest, it usually takes at least a year until you can tie it up, but everyone’s hair grows at a different rate.

      If you can muster the courage to power through, the best tip I can give you is how to respond to the naysayers. Tell them you’re growing it out so you can donate for The Great Cut.

      If it’s not long enough to donate by 3/16/19 we’ll give you a Waiver of Honor until the next Great Cut, which will probably be two or three years later. And it will get the naysayers off your back in the meantime.

      At any rate man, hope you stick with it! The Longhairs will be here for ya when you break through.

      1. Thanks Rubio! I’m hoping I can make it this time! One last question… how long will it stay in the awkward stage for?? And is there anything I can do about it??

        1. Author

          It will last a solid three months, and there are some things you can do to mitigate it! If you haven’t already, sign up for our best awkward stage tips and advice.

          Alright man!

  47. Hey guys I’ve been repping the basic soccer cut for the past few years, long on top but shaved sides. The top part of my hair can run down to around my nose if I put it straight down, but my sides and back are still a bit short; I got them buzzed with a 5 guard around a month and half ago. But I’m going into my freshman year of college now and will be going to school in Cali and want a flow. How do I go from here? Do I cut the top to even it out with the back and sides or what? Thanks for the help

  48. i’m going to give up…. it been year and 2 months and my hair still looks terrible… until now i could style it somehow, but now i cant do it…. no matter what i do my hair still looks awful…

  49. Today I had my first “You need a haircut”

    I’m proud to say I officially began the awkward stage journey my friends!

    If someone need motivation the awkward stage is actually not changing anything, people don’t give a [BLEEP] if you’ve a clean cut or not (even the girl you’re into) so stick with it and don’t give up!


    1. Author

      Welcome to the team Antoine! Keep lettin it ride mate.

  50. Hi Rubio!
    I’ve been reading all the comments here to get motivated to stay on track and push through the awkward stage. I am now 6 months in without a haircut. I have a question. My bangs reach my lips and my hair at back is like 3 inches.
    1. Do I trim my neckline because now it looks very weird and shaggy. I have heavy wing action also behind my head.

    Your reply will be much appreciated.

    1. Author

      Yo AP! Sign up for our best awkward stage tips right here on this page and the answer will be revealed to you.

      Thanks for writing in friend!

  51. Hey everyone, I recently started growing my hair out about 3 months ago and am currently in the awkward stage which sucks ALOT. I have about 4 inches on top and 2.5 on the sides. My hair is very wavy so will that make my hair take longer to grow out, and do you have any advice on what I should continue doing with it? Also, does anybody know why my hair is always so dry?

    1. Author

      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for writing in man, good to hear from you. First, you can do this. Stick with it.

      Wavy hair doesn’t necessarily grow slower, but it will tend to take longer to “fall,” or appear longer. Depending on how curly your hair is it might grow “out” before it grows “down.” At any rate, there is a journey ahead.

      We have lots of tips and advice for awkward stage hair. If you haven’t already I suggest you subscribe at the bottom of this post:

      “Power Through The Awkward Stage
      Get our best tips, advice & motivation
      for growing your hair out & dealing with the awkward stage.”

      Everyone’s hair is different, some oily, some dry. You might give our moisturizing hair serum a try, it does wonders.

      Cheers mate! Keep lettin it ride!

  52. Hey guys,

    About ten months in from a short, but not buzz, cut.

    Had a few ups and downs with the process along the way but am really struggling this week. Tend to get a lot of negative comments and opinions but have always pulled through. But this week I have been craving a short, tidy Barnet. Done the whole hat and beanie coverup so am struggling with what to do.

    How many months in do you think it should take before a hairdresser can make it look presentable?

    Big love for this website though!

    1. Author

      Yo James! Glad to have you here man, and we know the struggle.

      May I suggest subscribing for our best awkward stage tips and advice at the bottom of this post:

      “Power Through The Awkward Stage
      Get our best tips, advice & motivation
      for growing your hair out & dealing with the awkward stage.”

      There you’ll find some good articles, videos and tutorials, as well as advice on when/how to trim it during the awkward stage.

      For the negative comments, you can always tell them you are growing it out for The Great Cut.

      Hope this helps man. Stay strong!

  53. I decided to grow mine out a few months back, and this article came at just the right time! Thanks for the article!

    Here’s a quick question. Up until this point I’ve had a style that was shaved on the sides and somewhat long / slicked back on top. (Like this: so I’ve got two different lengths going on. At this stage in the journey, it’s about 5″ on top and 1″ on the sides where I used to shave.

    Would it be better to trim the top back so the there’s less difference between the top and sides, or should I just roll with what I’ve got? I hate to cut it when I’m trying to grow it out, but I’m just thinking of what’s best for the long game. I’ve heard the sides grow faster than the top so maybe it’ll be less of an issue with time.

    1. Author

      I’d let it go as is until it’s unbearable. Then go and get a slight trim to even things out a bit, maybe not entirely, just to clean things up.

      There will be some difficult times ahead. But you can make it.

  54. This is a great post and I am so glad to find this community of longhairs to draw inspiration from. At 55, I’m a bit late to the game, but I still have fairly thick hair although thinning slightly on top. At ~ 6 months, I’m just easing into the awkward stage, but having found this site, I know I can make it to the finish line. The beard is all gray, but the hair is still dark, but I have no intention of dying. It ought to be interesting. Lol

    1. Author

      Heck yeah Greg, you’re in the right place! We’re glad to have you here.

      Send us your mane updates on social media! And keep lettin it ride.


    I stumbled across this blog after hearing the word “mullet” one too many times from coworkers. The photos in that link were just taken a moment ago. I don’t use product. I just get it wet throughout the day to keep it at bay.
    What we are looking at is an exmormon guy that always had a little combover hairstyle growing up that transitioned into an Army nug that had to rock the high and tight. Now he’s fed up and growing the bastards out to their full glory.

    It’s been 7 months of awkward so far. Turns out my hair has been wavy all along. Who knew? I don’t have the option of facial hair. I come from a line of strong German farmers, but my great great grandfather fell in love with a Cherokee Indian. Their hot hot love for each other managed to sing the face follicles right out of our general pool. I have tried 3 times in 7 months to grow a goatee. The product of my vain attempts leave Michael Cera looking like Moses in comparison.

    I’m glad that I found this blog. I was two shakes of a mullet away from hitting up a barber shop. I can’t wear any hats at work so I don’t have that security blanket to hide under. Blast it all.

    This is a serious learning experience. A hair tie feels as foreign in my hand as a smart phone to a 95 year old.

    Hope to see you both on the other side. Cheers!

    1. Author

      Yo Steve Z!

      Haha, great comment.

      Glad to have you here and thanks for writing in.

      Grow it out man. What better time than now?

      Hope you will power through, we’ll be here!


  56. Yo boys, can’t believe this article is still active. I’m 17, been growing out since October 2017, where it was relatively “long” to begin with, maybe 3 inches on top. When I had it short I would pomade it up and over and it worked super well. As of a couple weeks ago, I’m starting to get some heavy wing action in the back and sides, and my hair for the last month has been kinda Bieber-ish with sweepy out-of-my-eyes bangs. I have straight blond hair so it was alright, but now it’s too long (about to the tip of my nose if it’s straight down) and I need to start training it to go back. I can’t put it up, and if I plan on still growing it out I probably need a part somewhere… right?

    1. Author

      Yo Ryan! Glad to have you here. Gotta watch out for that wing action.

      All our best content on awkward stage hair is right here.

      You may not need to train it “back.” If you’re trying to “slick it back,” then yes. But you’ll find over time it will start to develop a natural way of falling. Best thing you can do right now is a hat or a beanie. For times when you can’t do that, I recommend using just a small amount of product and “shaking” it all out and letting it fall. You’re gonna end up pushing it out of your eyes for a while man. It’s a fact of life.

  57. Alright boys, I grew my hair out starting January of my sophomore year and I cut it last month (I’m a senior now). BIGGEST MISTAKE!! I don’t know why but the long hair just calls my name. I’ve got another year and a half journey ahead of me so I’ll keep you guys updated. Long live the long hair!!

  58. Wassup wassup 😁 I’m growing my hair out because I miss my long hair when I was eight years old (it was MBL 😭🙏), but my mom made me cut it. I’m back in the game now, four months strong. I’ve been getting compliments on how great it looks since last month. It really inspires you to keep going when you hear those nice compliments. I notice my hair likes the bad stuff the curly people method states not to use (dimethicones and parabens). I feel it’s because I have 3a-4a hair and everything in between. Also, I notice one month my hair will look awkward, then the next month it’ll all even out, then the next month it does it again. That’s normal right? Or could it just be because of all my different curl patterns? Also my hair grows faster on the top than anywhere else. That’s a good thing because it all should be the same length in due time, correct?

  59. My almost 8 year olf decided he wants long hair so we’re starting that journey together since I’m the one who would cut his hair lol but I always wanted his hair long anyway .. I’m glad he decided to give it a try 😀
    Hopefully he’s out of that shaggy look tho 😂 As a mom I try to make him very presentable for school pictures and such but hey long hair is long hair :b

  60. YESSSS!!! Thank you! You read my mind. I always joke “yah I’m growing it out so basically I’ve been having a bad hair day for the past 9 months” (shrug). But you do get to the point where you just want to lop it off because you know you could be sharp and handsome again in 20 minutes or less.
    But thanks for cheering us to push through!

  61. Hi
    I have dry thick curly hair I started growing my hair but after 3 month it looks like a ball on my head …please help any type of hair can be long ?

  62. I’m currently growing my hair out and this article gave me so much validation for my decision.

    I’m very open to social media and I’ve been getting so many response to my hair. But I’m also just always baked af so I’m usually like, “okay idgaf”

    But I also get those thoughts of just cutting it.

    I just wish I can style it to some wavy or something because I have straight Asian hair and it just looks so gross rn 😭😭 but im going through with it 👌🏼

  63. Great article. You had a lot of funny comments in the article, very entertaining.
    I am a sophomore in high school.
    Currently about 4 months Into my quest to achieve longhair, and I am definitely at an awkward stage. I have very thick straight brown hair that I dry with a towel, then my hair naturally floats down to my forehead, and I end up having a little poof on my head. But my concern is, I have an oblong face shape, which is when your head is longer vertically than it is wide, which basically means I have a huge forehead. I don’t know what or how exactly I want to end up styling my hair, but I am concerned that when it’s Finally long enough to tie up, it won’t look good because of my huge forehead. Any advice?

    1. Author

      Glad you liked the article man! Don’t worry about problems that haven’t arrived yet. In the meantime, sign up for our best tips and advice for dealing with awkward stage hair, it’s the best we got! You can sign up right here on this page, if you haven’t already. Look for the big red box.

  64. Thanks for this man. I’m definitely in the thick of it now. Every now and then I play with the idea of getting it cut, but always kept at bay with a quick visit to this amazing website and a read of the handy tips and advice. I’m about 2 months away from being able to tie it up. My biggest issue is styling it at work, where I can’t wear my hats.. I think I’ve started relying too heavily on product, to keep it back and out the way. If I don’t add wax n spray it just interferes with my face and I end up chucking in more product. Any advice on that?

    Thanks again for the website and them is blog in particular, it really is helping me through it!

  65. Thanks for the advice my friend. Funnily enough, Ive been using the coconut oil to reduce the frizz in my hair – the conditioning aspect is almost an afterthought!
    Perhaps a leave in conditioner might be a better idea if I’m overdoing the coconut oil or even a touch of brylcreem?

    1. Author

      Not familiar with brylcreem just yet, but definitely try the leave-in conditioner. I have used these a few times and it’s especially useful when your hair is very dry.

      Alright man, keep rockin!

  66. Excellent site for encouraging guys to push on with the long hair trip. It really helps knowing we’re all going through the same pain. I’m an older bloke in my fifties and have embarked on a one year ‘leave alone’ plan – aiming for the old beach hippy look! My straight hair is about four/five inches on top right now and swept back with parting in middle. My last barber visit was five weeks back. My beard is quite full which makes my hair currently look like it’s sitting perched on top of my head. It’s not good.

    My problem thoug is this: I’m using a small amount of medium hold mousse to help my hair stay back so it doesn’t just fall over my face. I’m hoping that in time, the weight and length will allow it to stay back without product. I can’t visualise what the end result will look like in a year’s time! Am I being optimistic here, or will I always need product? And should I be using mousse at all or am I just masking the awkward stage?
    The only other product I use is coconut oil which a rub in each day to control the frizz and add a bit of weight.

    1. Author

      Yo Steve! Thanks for writing in, we’re glad to have you here. Yes, in time you won’t need to use products like that. The coconut oil is a good idea, but daily might be more than you need. Once a week or even twice a month should be plenty for the moisturizing/conditioning benefits. For the hold/weight, the mousse or a pomade might give you better results, but realize that because you’re growing, you might grow out of those soon. Literally and figuratively. Stick with what’s working in the meantime.

      1. Hey mate
        It’s two years since I posted my comments to you at the start of my ‘hair journey’ and I’ve pretty much left it alone.
        Here’s a funny thing though – a couple of weeks back I went to the barbers ( at my wife’s request) to have the back tidied up and balanced. Not too much off, just levelled across the back as it’s rather straggly. It’s about 12-14 inches long just now, and for a 58 year old, doesn’t look too bad at all. Imagine my surprise when the hairdresser flatly refused to touch it. His view was that it should just grow out the way it wants to, straggly and all, and that to try and shape a guys hair would simply make it look like a ladies hairstyle!
        I was well pleased though I suspect my wife wasn’t when I returned home intact!
        Love this site and two years on, still flick through for ideas and inspiration.

        1. Author

          Haha, Steve that is great to hear. And hilarious. Thrilled you are still letting it ride. Glad to have you here.

  67. Hey Guys,

    I’m looking for advice.

    I’m looking to grow out my hair, and I’m trying to avoid the barbers because that’s what I’ve always told them but they always just take off way too much!

    I have extremely thick and wavy/curly hair. I shower at night and I have to shampoo and condition every-night because it just gets so oily and dirty even within one day. Because it is so big, in the morning I rinse and do a quick condition in conjunction with a frizz control lotion. This is what I have found works best, but it is a lot of effort on the hair. I never use product, but given I’m at a stage where it could possibly slick it back behind the ears, I’m wondering it its worth a try. If I do, what type of product should I use? Should I not do my morning routine if I do?

    I place my bangs to one side normally, but they are getting really quite long! Can I trim them, or does that screw me over down the line. I would like to have a shoulder length head of hair.

    I always get a mullet eventually. Can I trim my neck line? I want it all to be a little even in length right?


    1. Author

      Yo Christopher!

      Thanks for writing in. We are all looking for advice.

      I suggest you sign up for our best awkward stage tips and advice, there’s a form where you can do that right here on this page.

      Sign up, and ease the suffering.

  68. Hey Fellas, I grew my hair out real quick in 15 months from a buzz i had enough to donate 10 in outside of a ponytail. ive got this wavy thick black mane and at its longest at roughly 15-16 inches it was beautiful. After donating the ponytails i got a buzz for the St Baldricks challenge. gotta tell you, its a blast having long hair. Girls love playing with guys long hair, for formal events when i slicked it back or tied it up it drew more compliments than the guy with a taper fade and his name carved in his hair. God those awk phases SUCKED!!! sometimes it would just floof up so i looked like a damn poodle or had a bowling ball for a head, but powering through that shit was totally worth it. Long hair is the way to go. Donating my hair and the St Baldricks challenge was immensely rewarding and inspired so many others to grow their manes out like real men. Men were meant/designed to have long hair and beards. no matter how patchy or slow grow them out. its the way to be. look at Jesus, any pic of any god.

    1. Author

      You’re the man RK! Thanks for your comment and sharing your story, it’s inspiring indeed!

      So, the question is, are you growing it back out? If so we hope you’ll join us for The Great Cut.

  69. My name is Bruce. I have been wanting to grow my hair for a long time, but every time I did it, it always managed to get cut off. My hair is almost close to being at 4 months and my sides look uneven and my back needs a little touch-up. I still want to grow my hair out, so what can I tell my barber what I should get for the sides and back? I want my hair to go through a few more months of growing until it reaches a length to where I can get it styled.

  70. So I want to grow my hair out and have shaved my completely bald no hair but am giving up on that venture of baldness. I last shaved my head 5-6 days ago. My main question is while going through the process should I just let it grow or take the sides and back for awhile and let the top grow?

    1. Author


      Step 1 is don’t shave your head any more.

      Let it grow all around for one year then call us back.

      Don’t give in, amigo.

  71. hi, my hair is on the fourth month of growth and started with a tapered hairline from almost no hair and the sides were a fade from a #2 clipper to about a #4. what really bothers me is that the barber cut the top with scissors and oh boy did he do it wrong. He left the hair close to the whorl longer and started scaling it down (not simetricaly, like, there are places longer than the rest) till the front where he just cut a “bang” with one move and the “corners” of my hairline were cut with clippers. Forgot to say that it was about 1.5 inches on the whorl and 1/4 inches on the front. After about 2 weeks I started noticing the mess that the barber left and tried getting it fixed. BIG MISTAKE. The barber left some places near the whorl looking squared and remained almost the same length, and in the back left side he left a “crater” and it looked mych shorter than the rest of the hair. Now that its grown a bit i can see that the hairs on the side look natural but the ones on top look squared and really pisses me off, and the whorl just has bulges next to it and looks horrible if my hair isnt clean. Should I get a haircut now or later to fix the look?

    1. Author

      First I think you should switch barbers. Or better yet, give up on them entirely.

      My go-to would be to let it grown and get a little bit more length before trying to go back. At least a few months. From there check out this video.

  72. Alright guys I’m in the process of growing my hair out. My last cut was in February or March I believe. I’d usually get like a 2 on the sides and just have them thin out the time I comb it over to give it the swoosh look lol. But I feel like I might be in the awkward stage. And was wondering if you had any tips. I usually shampoo and condition hair every 2-3 days and use a deep conditioner every so often. After I wash I use a leave in conditioner as well. Right now I’m just at the point where I brush it back and throw on a beanie or hat. Or if I’m going to gym I use a headband. Also at work I have to wear a hard hat so sometimes I use a headband there as well or just brush it back and put my hat on. Just needing some advice or tips. Any is greatly appreciated. If there’s a way to post pics I will

    1. Author

      Yo CJ! Glad to have you here amigo. Definitely subscribe on this page for our best awkward stage tips. Also here’s a bonus tip.

      Keep lettin it ride man, you’ll be in the game before you know it!

  73. It took me 2 years to get to the point my long hair really started to look good. I started from a #1 buzz cut, which is pretty extreme. But now I couldn’t be happier. It’s worth the inconvenience to reach your goal, hang on and don’t give up. You will get there, if you can be patient. Love my long hair and it was worth every bit of sacrifice.

  74. Been attempting to grow my hair out for the longest time ever really. It’s not that long, but it’s getting there :).

    Currently at 4.5 inches on the top. However it’s 3.5 inches on my cowlick lol. I kept the cowlick shorter when I had short hair, so I’ll one day even it up to the rest of my hair.

    2.5 inches on the side. For the past 4 months I’ve had two trims on the back. Now that I’m getting close to having long enough hair on the front, I think I should be able to start letting the back of my hair grow out.

    This has definitely been an awkward stage for me. I just find ways to style it when I work, and I wear hats for the most part when I’m not at work. The hat actually gives me a reasonably good look, as it helps to “pull my hair back” on the front.

  75. Newb here , I’m into month 7 from a shaved head . I think a hat makes my hair look worse , like I’m someone from a 1970’s truck driver movie . I will be trying products for my really thick hair , it is getting long enough to start blocking my vision . Tried growing my hair once when I was 19 , but in a moment of weakness , I let a friends comment sway me . I’m about to turn 40 now , and no longer have appearance codes at work .

  76. ‘Suh Dudes, I have a few questions for y’all as I have recently made the decision to let it ride. I am sitting at around 3 inches and currently style my hair with a side part, ya’ know a traditional styled look. As it is getting longer, it is beginning to look unkempt on the sides and back and a bit wild around the ears – will trimming these regions hinder my progress? Secondly, I have some wicked curly hair that borders on frizzy if I shampoo it a lot and ever brush it. When I was younger I had about 5 inches and it fro’d out on the sides – albeit at the time I was shampooing every day and even brushing it. I have noticed now that if I do not shampoo as often and let the natural oils remain, it is much more tame. My only concern is if this frizz/fro issue will persist as it gets even longer or if I can claim a mane akin to that of Kit Harington. I have a similar looking hair IMHO, so I hope to eventually ride the flow like the salmon of the capistrano.


  77. Hey guys, best site period. I’m starting my journey and my problem is that I started going grey when I was 19 and my sides are mostly grey now but the top is mostly brown. I have about 3 inches of length right now. I don’t want to dye my hair because I’m not ashamed of my grey but right now it does look like crap. A lot of people keep telling me to get an undercut to hide it since I’m only 30 years old. Any suggestions would help. Thanks guys.

    1. Interesting question. I’d say just roll with it, be you! It might make the awkward stage a little harder but it seems that once everything get’s long you’ll have a nice blend. Kinda hard to say without actually seeing a pic or something but I’m imaging that the grey is just in the bottom of the sides.

  78. What is your suggestion with sideburns? They extend down to the jawbone and if I try to hide them behind the ear they won’t stay. What are some recommendations for that?

  79. My hair is roughly 4 inches on top and two on the sides and back…how long until I reach “the awkward stage”?

  80. Hey, I’ve been growing my hair out for about 8 is about 3-4 inches, I have a combover but it looks disgraceful and I have sideburns that go to the bottom of my ear and when it’s longer it may look even weirder with all the hair on one side like skrillex.I go to a fancy-pants school so no hats or beanies. what is the best option for me

    1. Author

      Yo Alex! Saw your second and third comments, just deleted those at your request. If you haven’t already, I suggest reading through the comments on this thread. Our best options and suggestions are sprinkled throughout. We are also working on a new 3-part series with practical tips and tactics for dealing with the awkward stage. My best advice in the meantime is to get it cleaned up around the back of the neck and around the ears. As for the sideburns, I’m not sure, you can shave those off if they are a problem. The only thing I can say for sure, is yes, it’s going to look weirder before it looks better. But there is light on the other end. Stay strong.

  81. Hey Longhairs,

    I gotta say, i’m pretty tempted to cut my hair. I’m not sure how long i’ve been growing it now but the sides and the bangs are all below ear length/approaching chin length. I can push everything behind my ears but it’s not long enough to tie it all up properly. It gets in the way when i’m eating, working out, conditioning and brushing every night is a bitch and i’m getting over all the awkward stages. It’s winter here in Australia right now and i’ve been rocking hats and beanies on my day off but I work in an office environment and i’ve just felt awkward for so long. The only thing that’s stopping me from cutting my hair is knowing just how much time and effort i’ve put into it thus far and that i’m probably closer to the end than I realise… I know the end is in sight (probably another 6 – 12 months to touch shoulders) but man, it’s hard.

    Need some words to stop me from walking to the barber with my tail between my legs getting another high and tight.

    Peace brothers!


  82. Hi Guys

    Great post and lots of inspiration – which is what I need. My reason for wanting to grow out my short hair is that I’m staring on the long road to change my gender presentation (male to female) so the long hair thing is so going to happen – no shortage of motivation. I’m only one month in and I’ve never had long hair before so it’s a little daunting. Also I’m 55 (not such a common age to be rocking long locks – but I do still have a full head of hair thanks to the kindly gene gods). I work in a professional (suited and booted) customer facing environment – so definitely no hats or shaggy dogs.

    Is there a sequence of interim hair styles that I can morph between whilst going for growth and keeping things tidy at the same time. Unfortunately the letting it all hang loose approach isn’t going to work in my case 🙁

    Thanks in anticipation

    Adrian – or Amy depending on how long this takes…..

    1. Author

      Wishing you lots of luck in your journey A. We are working on a collection of “interim hairstyles” as you’ve put it, nothing published as of yet. The best thing we got right now is if you sign up for the email list from this page, where you’ll get our best ASH tips and content. Also just looking through all the comments on this page! Thanks for writing in and congratulations on committing to your new presentation at 55 yrs young.

  83. First off you guys,

    Everyone’s comments and stories have ABSOLUTELY INSPIRED THE F**CO OUT OF ME! I’ve got red hair, like not fire engine red but kindve like a light auburn lol. Thought it would be cool ad to be a ginger long hair! So…the story…i started growing out the top of my hair October of last year, starting from about 1 1/2. Currently the top is at somewhere between 6-7 inches and the sides and back are at 1 inch, or 1/2. Im looking to go full length with the beard, and i realize this will take awhile. You guys are amazing with your stories and its very inspiring. My question is, am I still looking around 18 months for The sides to play catch-up to where I can tuck behind my ears? All my buddies i climb with have long hair so theyve also been a big inspiration. Thank you again guys!

    1. Author

      Yo Mike! Thanks for sharing your story man.

      Sweet move on the beard/longhair combo.

      I’m guessing your hair is at least a little curly; if that’s the case it will be at least 18 months, possibly even a little longer. Most people’s hair grows about 1/2 inch per month, but if it’s curly it will SEEM like it takes longer.

      The best thing you can do to make it grow faster it taking good care of it. Here’s some of our best tips for healthy hair. You can get more at Quick Tips.

      Thanks for writing in man, glad to have you here!

    2. El Rubio,

      Thanks for the reply brother! A little update, it’s been around 10 months now that the top is been growing out, sides at at about an 1 inch. Started really growing the sides…and man…its “awkward” 😂 things are good though. Funny expressions I get from ppl on the daily just inspire me more lol. If you want an idea as to what my hair looks like, check out Gwilym Pugh. Very close resemblance. Thanks again and keep up with the inspiration!!

  84. Been growing it out from a half inch on top and number 2 on sides since September 13 2016, hair reaches below my chin from top and it looks like I’ve got wings at the back, very tempted to get it cleaned up, but I really wanted all round long hair, I’ve got naturally thick hair and I need a proper large beanie to cover rather than the usual baseball caps and such, from sounds of it I have 3-6 months before I can knot it at which point I might get the sides and back trimmed to make the knot cleaner, any recommendations as to what to do to minimise hair drying out?

  85. I have been using sunglasses worn on my head as an inconspicuous headband to push back my hair during the awkward stage. It could be a future product for you guys.

  86. Thank you Guys !

    I have been growing my hair for 12 months
    And I used to tell friends and family am growing it, Its an awkward stage to stop their negative words.
    Unfourtunatly i started thinking about cutting it and i really missed the clean short hair
    I even had a dream today that I cut it !
    I spent the whole day thinking about it
    Then i said if am going to cut it, I must wait at least for 1 week to take a real desision
    After i read this article . Im determined to complete and do it.

    So thanks guys

  87. In the awkward phase now. Luckily the beard coming in is helping a little, or so says my girlfriend. About 3 months in but my hair grows fairly fast. It’s starting to get big and awkwardly covering over half of my ears. Bangs about to the top of my nose. I keep it pushed back out of my face, I don’t like the Justin Bieber swish in front of my face style. I appreciate this page and blog so much. Definitely helping me hold strong.

    1. Author

      Alright man, you’re in it! Glad the post is helping, amigo. Also, you’re going to love the headbands dropping next week!

      Power through!

  88. Hey longhairs, first i gotta say this is a really well-written post and i enjoyed reading the wisdom found in it. I’m an aspiring longhair who just hit the one year mark on their journey after starting from an undercut styled look. Recently i’ve been putting as much of my hair as i possibly can into a bun and then letting the rest flow to give myself that sorta samurai look, but i also have enough hair to tuck it all behind my ears.

    After finding myself in the thick of a seemingly endless awkward phase, i’ve learned that rocking the bun these days is the way to go, but i’d also really like to just let my mane-in-training flow naturally. are there any products out there that would allow me to maintain some control on what i’d like to do, but also keep my hair looking natural?

    also, another question for all of the longhairs here. how long did it end up taking you for your hair to flow past your neck line? that’s my end goal and i really feel like i’m at the home stretch of my growing process, but a rough estimate of a timeframe i could expect would very much be appreciated.

    thanks for reading, and stay beautiful my friends!!

    1. Author

      Yo David! You’re a year in brochacho and getting close. And yet so far.

      To answer your second question, for me it took a solid 18 months, but I started SUPER short. We’ve found most guys are in the range of 15-18 months. That means another 3-6 for you potentially, that might sound like a lot but trust me it will pass.

      To your first question, a few things worth trying: argan oil spray, sea salt spray, or a super light pomade or utility balm. You want to look for something that’s moisturizing, and ideally made with natural ingredients. Each of these can help you w/ the natural flow as you power through.

      Thanks for writing in man! Keep us posted and let us know when you hit the shoulders!

  89. It helps if you are not a ugly motherfucker like the one on the picture

  90. So I’ve been growing my hair for over a year now from pretty short and I can just about pull it all up in a high knot, but the sides – like right near my temples – will just blow with the wind. It drives me nuts. I don’t know what to do with it so i just basically let it do what it wants. Definitely not as bad as it has been as far as the awkward stage, and definitely had many comments about cutting it, etc. I have 2 issues though. I often wear a hat with my hair pulled back but not tied back, but I find that when I do that i get some dandruff issues, even with dandruff shampoo. Also, I’ve never had thin hair, but with my hair pulled back tight, I can see my scalp sometimes and it FREAKS ME OUT! It makes me feel like I’m balding.
    Anyone else have these issues? Will it get better when it grows out more and I dont have to pull it back so tight to tie it up?
    I also have dark hair and pretty fair skin, so maybe that makes it more noticeable.
    Lemme know y’all!

    1. Author

      Yo Fergus! I started writing an in-depth reply to your comment the day you left it…and opened up a big can of worms.

      Great questions man, and a common problem many of us face or have faced (w/ the flyaways at least). There’s a bit of a long answer to it since you’ve touched on several different topics.

      First, a lot of people think they have dandruff when it’s actually just dry skin. Unless you’re actually diagnosed by a clinician, you might not actually have it. Instead of dandruff shampoo you can try a moisturizing shampoo, sometimes even like an “ultra” moisturizing. Ideally with all natural ingredients and no sulfates. Also be sure to brush your hair once a day. If that doesn’t help, I suggest seeing a dermatologist to see what’s going on.

      Next, flyaways, pain in the ass. As I mentioned to David, a few things you can try: argan oil spray, sea salt spray, or a super light pomade or utility balm. Each of these can help dampen the flyaways. The serum we’re coming out with will also help.

      Seeing your scalp: not a problem man. I used to see shit like that and worry too. The hair around the front of your scalp tends to be thinner and even whispy. You lose some hair, and when it parts in different places you can often see your scalp. Totally normal.

      Alright, took me long enough on that one, hope that helps hombre! Thanks for coming by and writing in, keep lettin it ride!

  91. I tried to grow out my hair before but I didn’t grow out the sides always keeping short sides. My barber kept getting shorter and shorter until there was hardly anything.
    I am now growing my hair again with the sides, I am trying to reach this goal
    I am currently here after 4 and half months no haircur but getting really frustrated about how to style it. Should I trim the sides to reach that goal? Should I get a tidy up? Will my hair reach that goal? What should I do ARRRRRRR!!!! That stage.

    Great page btw ?

    1. Author

      Yes man! It’s going to take some time but it will come in. Does not look like you need a tidy up just yet, if you do that you’ll end up starting over. Hold strong man, it will grow out!

      Thanks for writing amigo!

  92. Yea, i want to grow my hair, i’m in the awkward stage, Goddamn, people comments, familly comments, dad always tell me when you cut your hair. HOLY SHIT.

  93. Hello, I have been growing my hair for 4 months and my head is starting to look big, is it normal? (Im in the awkard stage btw)

    I wont cut my hair but I want to know if is it normal.

  94. Around may of 2016 I started to just let the top of my hair grow, and shave the sides, my hair got really curly on top, which i liked. i looked kinda like that. then around december of 2016 i decided i wanted to let it all grow. going for a dansby swanson type look. so i just avoided getting a haircut until march, until the point when it didn’t blend at all since the top was so much longer than the back and sides. so i cut it all so it’s even. the problem is that my hair on the back and sides hasn’t gotten naturally curly like the hair on top is, which is really bothering me. i have faith that it’ll look a little better in a few months, but i’m not sure. have you guys heard of this sort of thing before?

    1. Author

      We’ve heard of all sorts of weird shit through growing it out man. Maybe not your problem specifically, but hair just does odd stuff in the mid-length. I’d be really surprised if it didn’t all even out within a few months.

      Thanks for writing in man!

  95. I had a long on top short on side due and im now 4 months into growing it all out. I have 13 inches on top but only 3ish inches on thw sides. Hopefully it will long enough on the sides soon to tie together. Im thinking 2-4 months peobably. When I dont wear a hat my sides don’t stay down but when I do then my top doesn’t fall as nice. I feel like overall hair looks very poofy and I just can’t wait for it to get long enough on the sides to be able to tie it all together and integrate.

    1. Author

      Hang in there man! We also have some new video content coming out soon for the awkward stage. Stay tuned amigo.

  96. Looking ahead to Try this. My Hair are So Frizzy Especially in Summer. Thanks For sharing this Awesome Article for Hair.

  97. I’ve attempted to grow it out about once every year for the past 12 years. This year it’s the longest its ever gotten; going on 4 months! Just found your site and am totally happy to see all these people with the same stuggle helping others along the way! I’m really in the awkward stage :/

  98. Hello. I have a frizzy hair mix of 3a and 2c curly my hair is 3 inches now I want to reach that long hair but everytime I see people like me with long hair I get discouraged it looks bad to me and all puffed out no movement just frizzing unlike type 2 and type 1 curly hair looks great so I decided to go with a men bun but my hair is not that long and it looks all awful I’ve tried all products and still a sheep looks better than me the sides are starting to curl out and at the back of my head also I have found no solutions I got 7 days before school if I can’t find anything I am cutting it and I really don’t want to but I don’t have a choice.

    1. Author

      You do have a choice. Yes, it’s even harder with curly hair, there’s no doubt. But you can do it man. The confidence lies within. Have courage and carry on Khaled!

  99. Hey my fellow longhairs, I’m at month 9 in my journey and my bangs reach my chin, the sides are just past my earlobes and the back just reaches my collar! My wife is a beautician and cannot stand my hair but oh well I’m doing at least 3 years before I donte some of it. Im glad I found your videos because it has made me more excited to get past this awkward stage and rock a low/high ball or a braid. I’ve even been practicing on my daughters hair so I have it down pat when my hair reaches that milestone haha. Thanks for the words of wisdom, you dudes rock!

    1. Author

      Yo Josh, thanks for writing in man! Glad to have you on board. Keep lettin’ it ride, you’re almost there. It will be worth it.

  100. I’ve been rocking that buzzed on the sides, long on top look for a few years now and want to grow my hair out again. I’m two months in, and am getting into that scraggly over the ears phase. I’m a bit worried though, because last time I went to a barber he not only buzzed the sides, but also buzzed the flyaway hairs on top. I’m just thinking this will look bad when it eventually gets long enough to tie it, since those front hairs won’t be long enough and will just look like bangs. Should I go get it cut one more time to make all the top hairs an even length or just keep growing? Thanks

    1. Author

      Yo Dough! My advice is, resist cutting it as long as you can. A lot of guys want to try and mitigate it by going to the barber, and truthfully that’s where long hair dreams go to die. Hang in there as long as you can without cutting. If it gets so bad you can’t handle it, go in there and ask your guy or gal to simply clean it up around the ears and the back of the neck.

      Seriously, if you want to grow it long, you have to bear through it, and the truth is it’s going to look bad for some time. With you situation, being longer on top, it will even out eventually. If you get to a point when just have to trim it to even things out, you’ll know. You’re not going to solve any problems in the meantime by cutting it, and you’ll risk resorting back to the 9-5.

      Just our thoughts hombre! Thanks for writing in man!

  101. I have been saved! Was on the verge of going for a chop as the hair is getting a bit out of control. Very very glad I googled this and found your page, cheers man! The hair stays on!!

    1. YES DAZ! You got this man, happy we were able to throw you the life line.

  102. I’m going to live my comment in here. First of all thank you so much for this article. It definitely helped me deal with my awkward stage. I had let my hair grow a little long all my life. Usually like 3 to 4 months and then I cut it very short. It was I believe since November of last year that had my last haircut and I decided on December to let it grow out. So now I’m in about the time when I usually get it cut and the temptation is there. My biggest problem is that I’m single right now and trying to go on dates. My concern is that this awkward stage could hurt me in my single life. I don’t want to go on dates and have girls see me and think that I look dirty and not well groom. I was thinking of going to the barber and explain my plan and let then cut the neck and ears area but I don’t know if that would be enough. I can’t were a hat to a date. So far girls like my hair but is going to get so much more awkward and dirty that I feel it will mess with my confidence. I also so tired of taking my hair out my face. I’m constantly pulling my hair out my face all day every day. I feel like it starting to annoy people. It definitely annoys me. Hopefully you have an advice for us single men going on this awkward journey. Anyway thanks again for the encouragement.

    1. Author


      This is a familiar and well-documented problem, my friend.

      My best advice: women are attracted to confidence. If the confidence comes from within, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the awkward stage. Go forth on dates with confidence and belief in yourself, and the path you’re on.

      That said, not a bad idea to trim it up around the ears and neck!

      Thanks for writing in man.

  103. Been growing mine for a year and two months now. My hair clumps and curls at the ends, which has irritated me, though I’m not far off being able to tie it all completely back. I’m down to about shoulder length’ish. The back goes down to the back – inbetween the shoulder blades kinda, or at least at the start. Sides are down to my jaw, front was lacking but it’s catching up. It’s well been worth the journey.

  104. I have a good hair, and i started growing it since last november, i really can’t control it, it falls on my face and the wind ”ohh god” make it disaster.

  105. So I shaved off all of my hair because I got bored about 3 months ago, I kept shaving it until I got bored again, so now I’m growing it out, but it’s already going through the awkward stage. It’s barely an inch long but I feel like I look like squidward because the sides are sticking out and my head is small. Should I shave the sides and the back or just leave it be? It’s warm here and I can’t really wear beanies anymore and hats just don’t suit me.

  106. Been powering through for a while now and have been tempted to get it cut short over the last few days. This site put me back on track though, thank you! My hair is very straight and quite thin so pulling it back tight isn’t a good look, I reckon I’ll need a nice loose bun which will require more growth. Here’s to a few more months of looking like a muppet.

    1. Author

      Yo James! You’re right on track man. Glad you found us, keep the courage!

  107. After 10 months of letting it do its thing I can get a full but pretty weak bun. Don’t have the confidence to wear it in public yet because it doesn’t look clean on the sides. Been seriously doubting myself just thinking I could look just look good with short hair and not look weird for the ladies since I’m in college. Was thinking of getting it cut, just found this page, and now hate myself for even considering it. Thanks for the motivation everyone!

    1. Author

      LB hell yeah! Sounds like you found us just in time.

      Keep lettin it ride. I got to that point in college myself, and sadly cut it for the same reasons. I wish I’d had the intestinal fortitude to stick with it, which only came 10 years later.

      Thanks for writing in, glad to have ya here!

  108. Just commenting to say thanks, wish i’d found this last year when my ex told me to get a haircut, and i stupidly did.

  109. Hey guys, been trying to grow my hair out since last April, and the only thing that’s stopped me from getting it cut(apart from a single maintenance trim in October) has been your this one post! But I really need your help now! I’m bang in the middle of the awkward stage and I’m clueless as to how to style my hair. It’s very very thick and dense and wavy. I usually go with the Alice band, but the sides and back stick out prominently now and looks weird. Would it work if I used an alice band for the top and tie up the back? Or would you recommend cleaning up the back and sides? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here’s a picture for reference. ( ) Sorry for the amateur compiling.

    Keep being an inspiration! Thanks a lot!

    1. Author

      Yo Thraddis!

      Thanks for writing in man! You were serious about thick, dense and wavy.

      Honestly I think it looks great. It’s a little wild, sure, but authentic. You could definitely get it cleaned up around the ears and neck. That’s not so say get it trimmed, just cleaned up. Getting a trim is really just going to set you back.

      You might try some sea salt spray, just to give you a little volume and texture. Beardbrand makes a good one.

      Hope this helps man, you’re almost in the clear!

      1. Sup Rubio!

        Thanks a lot for replying, man. Now I know what to expect and ask for from my next visit to the salon. Bit of a dumb question, but what exactly do you mean clean up, how is it different from trimming? So that I don’t make any mistake when talking to my barber.

        And, are you sure I could use the salt-spray? I live by the beach, and I’ve got a fair bit of volume going on anyway!

        Thanks again, gentlemen. I couldn’t have come this far without coming back to read this post several times the last year!

        1. Author


          Not a dumb question at all. When I say “clean it up,” I mean to trim the baby hairs and bullshit surrounding your ears and the base of your neck, the hairs that don’t grow to full maturity anyway. You can also shave the back of your neck, that’s what I do, but some guys like to just let that grow.

          When you go to the salon, explain to them that you want to keep the length, and just clean up those areas.

          Yes, haha I can see you have plenty of volume already. Truthfully I don’t know for certain how your hair will react to the sea salt spray, but it will definitely give you some texture and a little more ability to manipulate it. It’s not full on gel, to where it’s going to plaster your hair, but will give you a little bit more control, rather than living in the wild. I think it would be worth a shot.

          Glad to have you here amigo!

  110. My journey of long hair has definitely had its ups and downs. I started growing out my hair about 10 months ago. It started off about 2 or 3 inches on top tapered down to a no gaurd on the sides. I stopped cutting the top and cut the sides for a while to convince myself i could go through with this. Slowly I started letting some of the sides grow out until I finally stopped cutting the sides about 4 months ago. By that time I only cut around the ears and back of the neck. Now i do nothing. The top is 7 or 8 inches and the sides are miscellaneous in length. Top sides are about 5 inches and it steadily goes down to 1 inch right above the ears. Letting my hair grow this way was my way of getting through this awkward stage that i still go through on a daily basis. I can tie my top up now but the most of my side hair are to short so i combat that with a bandana or hair band. It looks great and gives the illusion that my hair is long enough. If you get comments on the new look it will fade away after a month. People were confused at first but now thats my style and I don’t get shit from anyone. I have a way to go but this is exciting for me and i cant wait to be in the long hair club.

    1. Josh thanks for the share man, helpful techniques and solid advice. Welcome to The Longhairs.

  111. I was going to get my hair cut today because I had just gotten sick of the way my hair would not look good no matter what I did. I have been covering my head with hats for a month or two and before I used them I had been pasting my hair almost everyday in different forms to try and look presentable. I had decided early today that it had to go, but my day got super busy after coming home from work and long story short it didn’t end up happening. I started growing my hair out for a really strange reason that I feel is original as I have never heard of anyone else doing it before. And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate finding this site on a whim to somehow figure out how to make my hair look good through this stage, and instead finding you all! So thank you for the encouragement and for all the tips and tricks guys! You saved my hair and one dream of mine!

    1. Author

      D-Money! YOU ARE THE REASON! Ha! Glad you found us, and just in time. Keep the dream alive amigo, we’ll be here all the way! Would like to hear about this dream of yours too.

  112. Hey guys, stumbled upon this thread while doing an one search on awkward stage of long hair. I want to see if you guys can let me know if I’m on the weird stage yet, I can’t really tell. I get the sides cut and leave the top the same since I think it looks weird when my sides are long, I’ll probably grow them out later on. But for now I’m focusing on the top, also I don’t really know how to style it so I just leave it as a natural look, I’ll sometimes also do this as a middle parting, I don’t know if it looks weird but I can’t really do anything with my hair since it’s at a weird unknown stage to me right now. Any advice on what I could do also any advice on caring for my hair from the pictures I’ve linked below.
    Although I get the urge to just get it all cut short I really want to stick with it even though I may look weird now.

    1. Author

      Yo TG!

      You’re going to run into an interesting situation here with your sides kept short. This temporarily mitigates the awkward stage, because things don’t get really weird until you grow the sides out, but eventually you have to face it. If you had the same length all the way around, you’d be full in the awkward stage by now, almost through it even. If you plan to grow it out all the way around, you might as well get the sides going sooner than later.

      1. Hey ma dudes, I’ve had short hair for many years, but decided to grow it out (after man that failed attempts)!

        I’ve got to the 8 month mark and it sucks! Luckily I have very thick, curly hair, which looks like an afro when washed and dried.

        My question is whether I should get it tidied up? I grew it from almost bold (2 all over) and I get the feeling it needs to be trimmed to evening it out? Or should I just hold out and ignore all the comments (“oi sideshow Bob” being a personal favourite)

        Cheers dudes!

        1. Author

          Haha! Griffin man, glad to read the confidence in your voice. A lot of guys with thick, curly hair say it’s harder for them to grow because of the fro-factor. But you seem to embrace it—even w/ the Sideshow Bob comments lol.

          To your question, it’s not a bad idea to get it tidied up. Go to a salon or hair professional you trust. Tell them you’re just trying to get it cleaned up, but keeping the length. “I basically want to look exactly like I do now, just a little neater” is a good line to use.

          Typically you just need a little action around the ears and the back of the neck; some pros will want to “even it out” or take “a little” length off elsewhere. Just be cautious with that, you don’t want to end up with six inches of dead fallen soldiers on the barbershop floor.

          Thanks for writing in man. Your courage is enviable, keep lettin it ride!

  113. So ive been growing ot out for 6 months but staryed off with somewhat long hair on top. Ive got three questions. I have straight thin hair and started noticing the hair on my back is wavy and looks like i have wi gs from the front view. Can anything be done to avoid wings? Also, ive been losing alot of hair and even though ive been preventing it, will it affect my long hair in the future? By this im asking if my hair will be more flat with less volume in the future since ive lost so much. And my ladt question is 4 years ago i cut a few hairs in the front of my hairline but they never seemed to grow long again. So basically no matter how long my hair is, i have a few baby hairs near my hairline. What can i do about those? Will they ever grow? Thanks in advance

    1. Hey Paul. For your first question it kinda depends on how long your hair is. It sounds like it may be getting close to the shoulders, if so those waves are pretty standard for that length. You’re really getting close to the end of the awkward stage. Once it’s on your shoulders it should drape down a bit more because of the weight. To avoid that you can straighten it I guess but not highly recommended. Losing hair is typical with longer hair. I lose tons everyday. It’s totally natural, you are just noticing it more because your hair is longer and for every hair you lose there is more growing. As long as you’re not going bald you should be fine. Your last question is interesting, do you wear hats a lot? That could be preventing those little front hairs from growing cause the simply continue to break.

  114. Yo, Longhairs!

    Got something of a problem/soon to be code red concerning my awkward stage hair(currently at 6.5 months!)

    Anywho, got a wedding to go to in approximately 2 months, putting me right at 8.5 months into the longhair journey.

    Now, I know that’s right at the cusp of that worst three month period of growing long hair, so my question is as follows… any suggestions as far as how I MIGHT be able to make this mop look decent enough to go to said wedding?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated bro’s!

    1. Author

      Thank goodness this is the REAL JP. And yes, sounds like a potential code red coming in hot. I don’t know what kind of hair you have, but here are some general tips for you:

      First thing I would consider in your situation is to get the hair cleaned up around your ears and neck before the wedding. That will at least keep things tidy.

      Next, unless you’ve tried it before and you really like it, I wouldn’t slick it back using tons of product. It’s just too risky.

      What I would try is getting a hold of some type of volumizing spray product, like sea salt spray. There are lots of brands but Beardbrand makes a good one:

      The idea here is to go with the “messy” look. Spray it in, shake it out, let the chips fall where they may. It won’t look like you’re trying too hard (and failing), but rather a natural, IDGAF look, that with confidence and a little luck, will get you a pass for the wedding. Shoot, it might even the equalizer that has brides maids chasing you all night.

      Let us know what you do with it, amigo! Would love to hear how it turns out.

      Keep lettin’ it ride!

  115. Im a 14 year old boy i like my long hair it’s almost at my shoulder my brother says im too femine too grow now without facial hair should i listen to him or just rock the medium long hair

  116. Hi I have straight and Long hair before I cut it short a few days ago… my sides used to be really Long covering my ears but now it’s really short and I don’t like it.. my fringe was covering my eyes before and now it short too.. I made a huge mistake of cutting it off… why didn’t I just stayed with it?

    1. Author

      We feel ya man. It’s tough to stick through. All you can do is start over!

  117. Hello, I have curly/wavy hair, and I’m in my fifth month without a cut. The problem is that I can’t control it at all. If I comb it the curls separate creating a cloud of hair that can’t be controlled, and if I style it with mi fingers it won’t go were I want it ti go and even some of the curls will separate. And I don’t know how to keep de mullets from coming out.
    Any advice?

    1. Author

      Best advice is to wear a hat or a beanie man! The truth is, you will have to get through this awkward stage until your hair gets long enough and starts to fall. The best thing you can do is try to mitigate it in the meantime. Keep lettin’ it ride man, you’ll make it through.

  118. Hey! I started my journey about 8 moths ago and I can kinda get it in a bun but for some reason (I don’t know if this is normal) some of the hairs in my sides are hella short.The hairs I’m talking about are the ones right besides the ear, or where the beard connects with the hair. I have no clue on how to describe my hair, I would describe it between wavy and curly? I really don’t know. Anyways, when I tie it up in a bun those short hairs stick out cause I can’t even tuck them behind my ear, that little part just curls up. I know it’s only been 8 months, but is having these really short hairs normal? I don’t blowdry my hair or put product in it, besides some leave-in conditioner. Also I have a lot of baby hairs at the beggining of the hairline in my forehead and they just poof up when I tie it up. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated, thanks!

  119. hey all, me again. doing pretty well growing so far. just looking for advice: I’m white but my hair can get so curly and poofy sometimes it literally looks like I’m trying to grow an afro. I’ve straightened it before and it looks fine but it’s a hassle to do on a regular basis. any tips?

  120. Worst mistake of my life: cutting my hair. Now it’s in the awkward stage, and taking forever to grow. Why didn’t I just keep it? ?

    1. Author

      We all have to learn these lessons in life. Fortunately it will grow back, and you’ve got your longhaired brethren pulling for you.

  121. Ah. So that’s what the awkward stage is. I think, then, i was recently in it — I recently received a mild trim and undercut, to look sharpish for a wedding — but never really felt all that awkward about it. Though, granted, my sides could not make it into a tail. So that was lame. :p

    I did get occassional comments, but im fairly certain its because my sides and back hair start to curl out as they approach just a few inches in length. Any tips on controling that?

    Otherwise i may just go against reccomendations and keep the undercut around.

  122. 4.5 months in now… getting to where even with a hat, I’m getting the fly-always.

    Next clean up/trim is at the end of the year.

    Just gotta keep telling myself “So far so good!”

  123. Hey Guys,
    About 4 months back I started growing my hair for a Top-Knot hair style. I started with around 1.5inch long hair on the top. I get the sides trimmed down for an undercut once in two weeks. I have been using American Crew fiber for slick back (sometimes side slick) under cut hairstyle. I wash off the product and condition my hair with a coconut base hair conditioner everyday. I haven’t noticed any thinning or hair fall.

    After the hair has dried off, I use sort of a skull cap, to keep my hair slicked back. But once I remove it and let it out to the wind, it gets dense and looks messy. That is acceptable when am at home, but I cant go to office like that.

    I have a minor bump in this journey.

    The hair on the front part is about 4.5 inches and at the back is almost 5.5 to 6 inches (this has something to do with my hairstyle before i started letting it grow long). My hair grows at pretty good rate and am guessing its about 5-6 weeks before everything touches the 6 inches mark.

    My questions:
    1- If I want to stop using the product, would you recommend using a hair band at this point of the journey? If so, could someone point me with some links where I could buy fashionable ones. (I live in the Netherlands).
    2- Am I making any mistake which can have a long term side effect to my hair ?(I really love my hair, cant imagine loosing it, btw am 27 years old)

    Note: am also growing a long beard for about the same time now. I must say beard has been much easier.

    So am in this bigger awkward stage than most of the guys, trying for a beard and long hair. Though I don’t care much about what people think. My work doesn’t demand that I be highly presentable, but I think I can sail through this without getting fired (they are not allowed to fire me based on my appearance).

    I generally don’t post on forums, but this one has been extremely informative in terms of content and comments.
    So by the end of this post, I think I have put out more information, than on my Facebook profile.

    Sorry for the long post, here’s a potato:

    Thank you for reading.

    1. Yo Shash! HAHA “I think I have put out more information than on my Facebook”

      To answer your questions:
      1. Stop using the gel and start just letting in flow, let those undercut sides start growing back out. It’s going to take a while to get there but use hats, beanies and headbands to hold things up as you power through that side growth. As for the ties, if you can tie it up you need to be using Hair Ties For Guys they’re fashionable, strong and built for men.
      2. From the sounds of it I don’t think you are doing anything alarming. You could probably ease up on the daily washing, let some of those natural oils build up in your hair and brush them through. Give it a wash 2-3 times per week max, you’ll probably see a big difference in the texture and behavior of your hair.

      Killer potato!

  124. Love this article, gave me the confidence to go through he awkward stage without a haircut. Wish I found it earlier! Third times the charm.

    Any more tips and tricks/ products that work for the awkward stage. Gonna make it through this time!!!

  125. Hey, Its been 4 months for me growing my hair. My top and sides have been growing out well. But my back looks pretty bad near the neck. My hair tends to curl and looks pretty messy. Even when I comb it down it won’t straighten. And around my neck the hair doesn’t feel as thick compared to my top and sides. Do you think I may need to trim at the back? Maybe thats why?

  126. Just starting the journey. Always wanted longhair and now I’m doing it. I’m still a teen and in school, so I can’t cover with a hat everyday. I’ve seen the Alice band, but I was thinking of maybe just using a nike headband during the awkward stage. I’m a long way from long hair, but I think I can power through, the comments have been very helpful.

  127. Hey guys!

    I got a fade a bit less than 2 months ago and I can tie the top (tight) but my sides are way too short of course (top part of fade is around 2 inches now) . My problem is that the sides are now poofing out especially the top half of the sides (cause of the fade) and I don’t know how to control this. My hair is straight and my face is roundish so the poofy sides aren’t doing it any favours. Any tips on how to get past this? Blow dry and product doesn’t help too much and feels uncomfortable cause of the increasing length and my oily-ish hair type. I was considering a headband of some sorts but don’t know what to get and how to wear it?

    Cheers for help and good luck to everyone!

    1. Hey Ditz!

      I would suggest that you don’t tie it up anymore until those sides get a bit longer. Just let it do it’s thing naturally. Headbands are not a bad option, also hats and beanies will get you through this stage. There is really no easy way, you just have to let it grow.

  128. I’m where you were at your year mark Wes. Lookin good, Alice band is my favorite thing to use so far.

  129. Hey guys!

    love this thread. I have been a tight fade my entire life (bald on the sides and a 1 or less on top.) However, I do have a THICK beard. So, my boss at work challenged me to let all my hair grow until I cant take it anymore (Aug 4th was my last cut). I have set a re-evaluation point for November 4th. My hair is super straight and strong.. I literally look like a chia-pet but with straight hair. I am talking some real just straight out on the sides and top ( its about an inch or more all round). Anyways, I am just looking for some motivation to get me through this time! again, my hair has never been this long (not in at least 20 years anyway!) I am 27 and nobody has ever seen me without my hair cut.. so the comments are rollllling in.

    Thanks guys!

    1. PETE! You’re really doing it man! First and foremost, you got to know that this is the long game. It’s not going to happen in a week, month or even year. So keep that in mind. Secondly, your straight hair is going to be DOPE when it’s long, lots of examples on this site proving that. To get through it though YOU got to be strong, think about the end game and those locks gracefully draping your shoulders. Get a hat that you love and rock the shit out of it durning the awkward stage and most importantly ignore all negative comments. If you feel urged to cut it, come back here and get the inspiration you need to hang in. YOU GOT THIS!

  130. Hi there!

    This was a really inspirational post, and I am now motivated to grow my hair out, after telling myself countless times that I would, and then ended up getting it cut. I believe I’ve been in my ‘awkward stage’ for about a month now. I wake up with my hair looking like squirrels had been fighting in it all night, so I’ve learned to throw a hat on overnight. It looks good for about two hours in the morning, but then starts to fall apart and look all wild again especially after exercising/running around. I’ve noticed that my hair grows a little faster on the top, and the front than on the sides/back, so some of it sticks up. Any suggestions or possible remedies to get my hair to not look so wild?

    Thanks very much!

    1. You’re kinda just in that phase right now where it’s going to be wild and you have to push through. You can try combing it down with a little gel or hairspray to kinda tame it, also hats and beenies are great for where your at. Pumped to see you here and happy you enjoyed the post, you got this!

  131. Hi guys, have been trying to grow my hair our for about 10 months now, starting from quite long on top. I have just been to the barber and trimmed the sides and fringe.

    My problem is that, without any product, i’m developing a bit of a mullet. See:

    Even with product and with it a bit better styled, it still annoys me as i have this bulge of hair at the back of my head:

    Looks like it’s basically similar to Wes’ hair (see September 12 2015 comment,,TUhlJj8,awetbDH)

    Can i chop off the bottom so it’s level with my side hairline (about halfway down my ears), to let the sides catch up a bit? Surely if I just carry on like this I will end up with a ridiculous-looking mullet where the back is way longer than the sides, or do you think it will develop into something better?

    Any advice would be very welcome, thank you. Apologies for the faceless photos

    1. Yo Campomatic!

      I see what your talking about here but honestly I think you need to let it go for a few more months. I do think that once the sides get a bit longer it will fill out and look more even through your whole head. Give it another 3 months, if you’re still feeling exactly the same then I’d say trim the back a bit.

  132. Ok, so I have been growing my hair out from a buzz for about six months now. I kept the sides really short until about 2 months ago. The top is about 4 inches long and the sides and back are somewhere between 1 and 2. The back is starting to curl and the sides are starting to wing out. Slicking back the sides just looks odd on me. Any advice for me on what i can do to tame and style this mess till it grows out?

  133. I’ve had shoulder length hair a couple times already and am growing it out again hopefully forever! In the past I usually trimmed the back and sides until the top caught up. This time I’m thinking to just let it go completely, without cleaning up the back and sides. Is that something you would recommend or is it best to get it cleaned up now and then? Thanks.

    1. Author

      Definitely just let it go completely. You might still get it cleaned up just around the ears and neckline from time to time.

      Thanks for writing in man!

  134. Hey El Rubio, I have been growing my hair for almost 6 months now, the sides are out of control, should I trim it? Is it good for healthy hair growth. Yes I watched the trimming video. Thank you.

    1. Author

      Jack-Attack! No trim dude. I mean I haven’t seen it, but at six months you really shouldn’t need a trim for healthy hair reasons.

  135. I was 5 months in to growing but I did a terrible thing today (RIP hair) I don’t mind the top or sides when they’re long but the back forms into a mullet. Any tips on how to stop that from happening? The quest for long hair starts today.

  136. I’m only about two months in, so I haven’t got the awkward stages yet, but I’m determined to power through them! I’ve only tried growing my hair out once before, and I got to the six or seven month mark before I caved and got a haircut.

    Not this time though.

    Bookmarking this page so I can come back to it when I’m in the worst of the awkward stages, and get some tips!

    1. Author

      JP! The journey of 12 inches begins with the first month—and a commitment.

      You’re on the path.

  137. I was literally in the parking lot of the barbershop when I found this site. All the comments were so relatable, my family and friends all convinced me to just give up. But you guys have me the motivation to push on and now I’m more excited than ever to get to the finish line. THANK YOU!!!

    1. Author

      Dude just in time! Stick with it man, we’ll be here waitin for ya on the other side.

  138. 3 months in from having my hair cut to a 1. I had an awakening from it and never want my hair that short again LOL. I’ve kept up with the sides so they are still short but my hair on top has been untouched and is about 2in. I’m not going to cut the sides anymore! Will this look weird that the growth on top will be longer than the sides? One of my best friend’s wedding is in a year. Hopefully the awkward stage will be about done so I don’t look like an asshole. Either way I’m excited for the journey!!!

    1. Author

      It’s going to look weird no matter what bro. There’s a long journey ahead, keep lettin it ride!

  139. Help with sideburns!!! The look big and thick do I cut them or are they also part of the process?

  140. I have not cut my hair in almost for months< but i have thick wavy hair, and it is starting to grow over my ears at the sides is it possible for me to grow long flowing and and advice will be appreciated

  141. I found this at just the right time! I’ve been growing mine out for almost six months and I’ve hit the awkward stage full force. I’m a barista and while it’s laid back, I still get tons of comments from people telling me I need to cut it. Glad I read this because it gave me a confidence boost. Thanks.

    1. Author

      Yes man! We are waiting for you on the other side. Hopefully you signed up for the email list, we just put together a new email series for dealing with the awkward stage.

      Keep lettin it ride man!

  142. Hello everyone. 🙂 I used to have a pixie cut which is not shaped into a bob. . . . . . . . . sort of! T “growing out” process is dreadful to say that least. It’s thicker in some spots than in others and a bit uneven. It looks like a flat brown mop is really what it comes down to! However, I have made the commitment and I intend on sticking to it, no matter how frustrating it gets or how gross I think I look. We are all in this together folks and we can do it! 😉

    1. Author

      NikkiMarie welcome to the team! Appreciate your commitment, it will all be worth it.

  143. Hey guys! I’m on my journey to long hair, but i’d like to hear some opinions about my hair right know, l feel like im at some point of the awkward stage, l have always slicked my hair to the side but now l feel like is somehow too much on the top but shorter by the sides.

    I can’t really use hats too much cause l work at Starbucks and l have to be with my hair on its place ( Sbucks on México is a bit more claimant about the look on his partners ).

    So here it is by now, l have been without a big cut since 4 months:

    Thank you!

    1. Author

      You are definitely in the awkward stage hombre. Be proud.

  144. Hello everyone
    So I was trying to grow my hair for more than 4 times now (can you believe that)
    And I usually cut it in the 4th or 5th month .
    But now this is the 5th time and I said to myself I will not cut it no matter what people say or think of it.
    The problem is people close to you like family and best friends , they always tell me it looks bad and I need to visit the barber. I mean if it was a stranger I would tell them to f**k off but these are people I know for a long time especially family, so right now as I said is my 5th attempt to growing my hair out and I’m at the 4th month and everyone’s telling me to cut it especially my family and I don’t know what to tell them and how to explain that this is all part of the process.
    Everyone thinks your hair grows with no trouble but people need to understand that. So how can I explain to them with a short conversation that it’s meant to look like this until it reaches a certain length(especially the annoying sides)
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Yo M! Long hair is your decision no one else’s, you have to deal with it, you have to maintain it you have to be the one who loves it. You can’t let anyone else convince you other wise, you have to want it! Don’t let others make decisions for you. This is your life, and you tell them that. OWN IT!

  145. Hey longhairs, my hair is relatively long as the back goes past my shoulders but the front on the other hand barely goes past my ears. I’ve been growing since last September, and it looks messy, I might have split ends and i don’t know how I can style it. I need your help asap before I consider cutting my hair.

    On a side note, I’m always losing heaps of hair when I wash my hair (once every 2-3days) and so it’s resulted in my hair having many short hairs which look damaged but I don’t know how I damaged them. Any tips?

    1. Author

      Yo JC!

      We could film a documentary about the tsunami of hair problems you’re facing. We’d call it, “A Calamity of Follicles.”

      We’re doing a post about split ends soon. The best thing I can suggest is signing up for Longhairs Quick Tips, we share some tips and advice in there.

      There is light at the end of the tunnel amigo. Hang in there and keep lettin it ride.

  146. Great site guys and awesome tips.

    I think it’s the 5th time i’m trying to grow long hair.
    Seen a lot of videos on internet of people growing long hair and their 5-6 month hair is like mine right now and i cutted
    2 weeks ago. Shorter on the sides and the back than up.
    Being like that my awkward stage begins with 2 or 3 months. It’s good when it’s wet but dry look’s like a bush,
    Well treated my hair gets somewhat curly. But can’t say what becomes after 5 months, people convinced me to cut every time at that time.
    Anyway i really want to have a long hair, at least once just don’t know if i can. Sorry for the long post. Any help it’s appreciated.

    Thank you for all the great informations.

    1. You bet Arthur, we are here for ya. The one thing you have to do is commit, that’s it. Just fully commit and you’ll get there.

  147. Great post, made me laugh when it mentioned dealing with people telling you to cut it. Now I grow it bc it’s awesome AND to spite you, so thanks for the motivation!

    I’m at 50 weeks and going strong. I don’t care what other people think, but I want to look presentable. I tie it up (partially) most of the time in a samurai style pony or knot and use a band to control the bangs that don’t reach. My problem is when it’s not tied up, the back looks so much longer than the rest. My hair is healthy and wavy but I look like I have a ‘fro-llet’ straight out of an 80s hair band. Should I maybe take an inch or two off the back? Don’t want to ruin it.

    1. Author

      What’s wrong w/ the 80’s hair band??

      I’ll say the same thing we say to others: trimming is definitely going to set you back in your journey, but is it going to help you look better in the meantime? I can’t say for sure. In my experience it’s best to just leave it be and try to mitigate the damages. Hats and beanies are the go-to, but not always appropriate. If you’re at 50 weeks you’re probably another 25-30 weeks before you can tie it up full on. Is there anything over the next 30 weeks that is going to stop you? Sounds to me like no.

      Keep lettin it ride man.

  148. I had my sides and back trimmed several times untill the hair on top was around 5 inches long. Then I thought of growing my hair out. The hair on top is 9 inches on long, that on back is 4 inches long while having only 2 inches long hair on sides. I slicked my hair back untill now(my hair is quiet thin and I don’t use any products) but now I have bulge above the ears due to side length. And top knot too looks awkward due to 2 inches long side hair. I aim for a full man bun and its been 8 months since I last had a full hair cut. What do you suggest for now ? The side length is really bothering me

    1. Author

      You’re in uncharted waters bibek. This is a tough predicament you’re in. You might be tempted to trim the top, but truly the problem is the sides. Same reason you’ll see a lot of guys wearing the undercut: it’s the sides that really make things awkward. That said, for now I suggest a strong lineup of hats and beanies. There’s truly not a whole lot more you can do at this point. If worst comes to worst, you could trim the top to be a little closer to the sides, but that’s only going to get you so far. Here is where longhairs are separated from the lifelong shorthairs: commitment. If you want long hair, you have to power through the awkward stage. I realize this isn’t a concrete solution, but hope it helps nonetheless.

  149. I’m at about 11 months as of now. I can tie up the top but the sides are left behind haha. I have prom to go to next weekend any tips on hairstyles for a formal occasion. My hairs probably a couple months from shoulder length. Also it’s pretty straight and not easily held back by product. Light brown hair, white male here and just need some advice. Everyone else goodluck with your journey as well

    1. Author

      Yo dude! With prom coming in fast you’re at a crucible moment, and there could be pressure to cut it. Assuming you’re not going to do that, what do you do?

      My advice is to just let it fly all natural. If you try slicking it back or side combing with product you risk looking like you’re trying too hard, and especially if your hair doesn’t stay back easily it’s likely to fall down, come apart and look like a mess. If you can only tie up the top that’s probably not an option with the rest “left behind,” as you put it. And unless you’re going to wear a hat or a beanie to prom (not recommended), you don’t have many other options.

      If anything you might consider getting the back and sides around your ears trimmed up, to at least help for a tidy appearance. When I say trimmed up I just mean cleaning up the hairline, not actually cutting the longer growing hair.

      Of course comb it, brush it, make sure it’s clean and kept. But as far as styling it, I would just let the chips fall where they may. You might look a little shaggy, but guess what: that demonstrates confidence. And your prom date is going to dig that.

      Here’s the good news: if you can resist the pressure to cut it for prom, you can make it through any challenge until you hit the shoulders.

      Good luck man and let us know how it goes!

  150. Hey all, I’m a little over 13 months into my journey. I’m at a point where I can ALMOST pull it all back, these bangs just don’t reach. My hair is so wavy and won’t tuck behind my ears. This might be the roughest time for me so far lol. Lately I’ve been tying up what I can and using a headband or my sunglasses to hold back my bangs. At least at this point I actually get compliments on it, trying to take the bad with the good I suppose

  151. Hello there . Trying to join the long hair club too . Its been 3 months without a haircut.I was always letting my hair on top grow bigger than the sides because of the oval shape of my face . Now i am at 5.5 inches on top and 2 inches on the sides beginning of the awkward phase . I am both lucky and unlucky at the same time. My hair is thick and strong but also a bit curly and that makes my head look like a ball . And here is where the criticism starts . But everytime a family member talks about visiting a barber i just shoo them and i say to them thats not their concern . I am not the most confident person but when you pretend sometimes comes out of you real .Lets hope ill make it though since summer has began here and i have to wait 5 months until is gone .

  152. Glad I found this page. I started to grow my hair after I passed the interview for my current job. It has been 6 months since I started and my hair is in an awkward stage right now. I part it in the middle and it just looks horribly unprofessional since the sides are a little over my ears. Tempting to give up and go back to the undercut but having long hair is always my dream. Please advise how can I make it look more professional, my hair is about 6-7 in from the top, pretty much cover my face but really short on the sides. Thankss

  153. What product do you recommend that doesn’t crust or become flakey. I want to have a natural slicked back look, but the only way I can get my hair down is using a lot of gel that eventually dries up. My hair seems to naturally part in the middle which sucks because I start to look like a mad scientist with my hair to the sides.

    1. Author

      Sometimes we’re all a little mad, Frank.

      Let go of the gel. Just let it ride all natural. Later when you can pull it back and tie it up you’ll get that natural slicked back look.

      Keep believing.

  154. Hey guys,

    Just want to say a big thank you for this post!

    My hair was partying hard with my shoulders throughout high school but has been short for many years before about 18 months ago when I decided to re join the club (who doesn’t want a man bun in 2016). Its now long enough to tie up on top but sides and bottom are playing catch up now. Tip: If you are growing your hair from a long/medium length on top and short sides make sure you are getting the back trimmed every couple of months at first to stop mullet forming!!

    After a year you will definitely have to be confident and not listen to the DAILY comments on how messy your hair looks. When I felt down or like getting it cut re reading this post got me through it and now nothing can stop me!

    Your post is funny, precise and keeps morale high!!!

    Thanks guys!

    1. Author

      Yo Jacob! Great comment man, pumped up if our post helped you get through the dark times! Glad you finally got back on the long hair train and it’s picking up steam!!! Stick with us man.

  155. I have made up my mind and I am growing mine long and I guess (rather I hope) Im just in the awkward stage. The criticism is there and my commitment is being tested for sure. Im probably about 7-8 months in since my last buzz haircut. Everyone seems to accept and acknowledge the short but me. the longest I have ever been without a cut was like 10 months. Im questioning it because it seems the answer is a cheap quick trip to the barber. Will it get better or what, if any, tips would you give?

    1. Author

      Alatriste, you came to the right place man! It’s true, you have to make it through the awkward stage, as you are experiencing. It will get better man and you’ll be stoked on the other side. There is only so much you can do to make your hair grow faster, but you can always get a Longhairs lid for your locks:

      My best advice is to make the commitment, stick to it, and let it ride. We’ll be waiting for you on the other side.

      1. Thank you Im stoked because those days that are bad and I have doubts, I come to this site and read this quote “2. Calling long hair unprofessional is, simply, unprofessional.” and this one “YES, YOU SHOULD GROW YOUR HAIR OUT. YES, YOU SHOULD LET IT RIDE. YES, YOU SHOULD ROCK THAT SHIT. PROUDLY.” gets me amped to stay on track! I think long hair is badass and I can’t wait till I reach shoulder length…Im gonna have a pint or two to celebrate!

        1. Hell yea Alatriste, love it man! Be patient, you’ll be there before you know it.

  156. I had had it was done and annoyed my leave in conditioner could not keep my now healthy and curly hair under control only with my beanie could I look decent. I had the hair dye ready to go and was going to get the sides buzzed due to the Medusa nest of curls but I saw you posts and was reminded I want my hair long. I am so ready to grow this out I’m 6 months in and my inner army drives me bonkers in this almost over phase. I have survived it trimming the sideburns I use this clipper razor combo from target and keep ’em trim but I can’t wait. I realized how far along I am after seeing some of the other comments and have one suggestion that helped me leave in conditioner after a shower and a beanie while hair damp it dries in place and makes you presentable when starting your day. It doesn’t last though so keep a comb and be ready to re-wet your hair and style it periodically throughout the day. I am 5 inches on top and 2 on the sides it just started slicking back properly last week! I can actually do some stuff with it on special occasions but you weren’t kidding it takes so much gel!

    1. Author

      Jorge thanks for the comment and the tip man! Stick with it and get those sides grown out.

  157. Hey Long Hairs, I’m struggling through this stage and I’m looking for some words of encouragement. The sides of my hair are extremely poofy right now and my school doesn’t allow us students to wear hats. Thanks a ton, and if you could post a picture of the somewhat “messy” look for me to base my style off of that would be so helpful. You guys rock, Ride on my dudes

    1. Author

      Jason, we’re with you man! Your issue makes me wonder about a bandana or headband. Not sure if your school would allow those, but I’ve seen curly hair dudes growing their hair out use it effectively. Reduces the poof on the sides while letting it ride out the top. Even so, I realize that might not be an every day solution.

      Another idea believe it or not is to blowdry it and embrace the poof. Using a blowdryer and pick you can get the volume and consistency, and kind of shape it into a fro. Hard to say without having seen your hair, which, at some point you are gonna have to let it all hang out.

      At the end of the day, you are going to have to go through the awkward stage. There’s no way around it, but take pride in the fact you powered through it with courage and commitment.

      Hope this helps man!

  158. Hello Everyone! I started this journey as well after debating if i was up to the challenge of growing it out. I started in June and have trimmed my hair twice since then because my barber said i needed too because he said i had split ends. I felt like that held me back a bit and i hope he wasn’t lying. I am definitely in the awkward stage, i try to put my hair in a bun by my sides aren’t long enough so they stick out. Any idea what i can use to flatten out the sides? I am sooo tempted to buzz the sides and get an undercut look, but i feel like it will defeat the whole purpose!

    1. You got to rock the hats as much a possible tell you get the sides to a reasonable length. You could also go with the slick back type look until the sides hit their mark. Whatever you do, stay away from the undercut. It will set you way back.

  159. Hey I wanna grow my hair out in a junior in high school and last Halloween I cut my hair to a 1 and been growing it on top since and shaving the sides in just growing it on top my bangs reach between my eyes how many more months until I can tie it all the way back without it being to tight on my hair.

    1. Author

      Yo Kevin! Experiment with the period homie!

      Stop shaving the sides. 18 months before you can fully tie it back starting from a short cut. You might be able to tie the top part up sooner.

      Thanks for reading man, glad to have you here and keep letting it ride!

  160. Do you have any advice on getting through the awkward phase and still keep things professional. I’m a teacher so hats and messiness are definitely frowned upon.

    1. My hair is about 6 inches on top because I unintentionally grew it out. I don’t like short hair on top anymore and my side and back are tapered. If i wanted to grow it all out at some point, would I have to cut the top to match the sides or could the top be longer? I have straight hair

  161. Hello I’m in month 3 and the hair on the back of my neck is like curling out on the sides lol should I just leave it and not cut it also is it ok to clean around my ears I’m looking like One of the Beatles right now

    1. Yea man you can definitely shave down the neck line. Keep that tidy while powering through this stage. A little trim around the ear is not bad but be careful not to do to much and make things even more awkward.

  162. What’s up guys, Amin here 24. I’ve always wanted to grow my hair out but I’d always run into situations that required me to cut it. I’m going strong now but I’m about to graduate college in the fall and I’m worried that my hair may cause employers to see me as un kept and un professional. My hair is very poofy when I wake up and it can get pretty big even after I brush it.. Is my hair a good type for growing out?

    1. All hair is a good type for growing out. What type of career are you getting into?

  163. Month 2.5 and the military in me starts to kick in but gonna go thru with it to grow length. I’m 39 an it seems my hair is thinning a bit at the hairline but only on one side in front so I wonder if it’s still a good idea? Any opinions???

  164. Hey amazing post you guys got out here! I am month 3 of journey and it seems to be overloading.. My hair is making my head look darn big.. Hope you guys have a comment..

  165. I’m Jr , i’m 22yrs old.Ive been growing my hair about a year now,hair is almost 5 inches.I’m definitely in the awkward stage.I think my hair is coarse and wavy.Every time i try to style this awkward do , i get these buldges on both sides by my ears and look like freakin princess leia with ear muffs on the side.Really kills my confidence but i think im going to get a haircut to cut some of the bulk growing on my ears.Before i do that any tips to tell the barber so i can try to avoid a disaster,my inspiration to grow my hair out started with Jim Morrison of The Doors.My hair is kind of like his but more coarse.anyway its a big commitment ,You have to be serious to grow your hair if you cut it you weren’t serious in the first place.Good luck to all you guys on this type of journey.

    1. Roberto! Everything you have mentioned here is exactly what we all go though on the journey. My highest recommendation is to power through that “buldge” stage without getting cut, reason being, you are so close to having it drape. Give it a few more months and that shit hanging out the side will be flowing down and you can tuck it behind your ears.

      Now, that’s kinda the rugged natural style.

      If you really wanted to trim to up to look a little cleaner I would tell your barber that you are intending to grow it out. “I just need a trim around the ears so I don’t look like a complete dork”.

  166. Haha I saw your YouTube vids man and I’m in month 2 of the long hair journey starting at like 1 1/2 inch on top and 1/4 on sides

  167. El Moreno,

    Thanks for the post and encouragement! I may start working at a fitness facility that allows hats and headwear so that will be a big help to overcoming the awk stage. I wore the Alice band yesterday but I felt pretty self conscious. Should I rock it or knock it?

    So you pretty much wore hats for like 1-2 years? Ha ha

    I think hats would be better than loading up on product, but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. I just feel like using product might damage hair.

    What are your thoughts on that?

    Also if I do use product should I shampoo everyday?

    One final question..
    Should I start “training” my hair to go back so it naturally lays back? I’ve been doing a side part pretty much since the beginning of growth. Maybe that would prevent me from having to use any (or less) product.


    1. It’s tough to pull off those Alice bands but I’d say you’re doing a pretty damn good job there.

      I did wear hats often, pretty much everyday for at least 1.5 years. Definitely better than loading up on product. If you’re using product occasionally you should be alright, but if you’re loading it on everyday than you might want to think twice. You need to keep in mind that those shorter hairs now are going to be your longer hairs later, so what ever damage they take on now will be reflected later and most likely be much worse. You don’t want that happening.

      The shampooing everyday can cause some serious dryness. Shampoo is really meant to wash you scalp not so much the actual hair, so using it everyday really starts to dry out the hair. What you can do is just use conditioner to clean you hair that way you can get the product out and retain the moisture.

      I don’t think you can really train your hair but you’ll start to notice that the longer it starts to get the heavier it becomes. Once you have that weight you can pretty much put it in any direction and it will go there.

  168. Hello! I’m an aspiring longhair in the awkward stage (I think?). 6 months out from a 1/4 inch cut on the sides and 1 inch on the top. My bangs are starting to flop down and are not compliant with any products (paste) I’ve tried. Just got Vaughn v76 medium hold styling cream, haven’t tried that yet. I was going for the Bradley cooper look with the hair tucked behind the ears (to make it look more professional working retail). It kind of looks like a mullet with a fringe when I do so. I don’t mind the fringe too much, but it kind of gets annoying when bending over to bag items etc….

    Here’s my hair overtop the ears with no product,TUhlJj8,awetbDH

    Do I start using Alice bands?
    Or should I wear a hat to press down the curl?
    Keep tucking it? Or let her flow 🙂

    Thanks for creating this site! Hope to hear back soon…PLEASE HELP

    1. Hey Wes. Looking good man! It’s going to get a little bit worse before it gets better but you must stay the course. It’s not easy and at the end of the day you really just have to accept and embrace all that awkwardness. You’ve laid out some nice options there. If you’re comfortable wearing the Alice Band that is certainly effective. Hats are a go to, that’s how I powered through the awkward stage, wore one just about every day until my hair hit the shoulders. As far as styling, get creative. Try that holding gel and see how it works for ya. The slick back or the hard part with the hair combed behind the ears works nicely but it’s hard to rock day in and day out. Hats & beanies are rally the best way to go.

    2. Wes i must say I’m diggin da hair ?right on ? you don’t need anyone’s opinion on how you look the only opinion that matters is yours ? i don’t let what other people think of me effect me if i feel gud about me thats all that matters your hair doesn’t define who you are nor color of your skin we are all beautiful your hair doesn’t define define.☝ ?….

    1. Author

      That’s what we like to call FULL RED-ALERT AWKWARD Sonia!

  169. You do have to earn it! Not just growing it, but also learning how to style it. Excellent post, guys.

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