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A Deep Dive into the Life of Sam Dancer

In Advocate by El Moreno7 Comments

We journey beyond the barbells and into the life of Sam Dancer. From a powerful vision that shaped his destiny, Sam’s story is as inspiring as it is enlightening. Dive into an episode that goes beyond fitness and explores the raw, unyielding spirit of a true CrossFit legend.

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For Every Dad

In Advocate by El Rubio3 Comments

Ryan Shorthill says some things that need to be said about dads…and if we unite and support each other, the kids are gonna come up better for it.

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Almost Cut My Hair

In Advocate by Jefferson Jay15 Comments

The ultimate longhair anthem, “I feel like letting my freak flag fly,” and we still do. “Almost Cut My Hair” galvanized a community that refused to conform—and lives on today.