Getting STRONG With Adam Von Rothfelder

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Electrician, Fighter, Model…Strong Coffee

Attention coffee lovers, fitness enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs. We're thrilled to welcome a true renaissance man, Adam Von Rothfelder, whose journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

From a union electrician to a rising professional fighter, from gracing the runway as a Versace model to starring on reality TV, Adam has walked many roads. Yet it’s been his role as a father, coach and gym owner that has fused him into the man he is today: the founder and CEO of Strong Coffee Company.

Adam Von Rothfelder on an episode of Let It Ride

The Inception of Strong Coffee Company

Recalling the turbulence of building a business, Adam narrates the inception of Strong Coffee Company, a brand that offers a perfect blend of health and taste in a cup of fair-trade, instant coffee packed with adaptogens.

With a mantra of "No Brewing. No Blending. No Bullsh!t." Strong Coffee Company epitomizes Adam's philosophy: Striving To Reach Our Natural Greatness (STRONG). His stories of loss and success are a testament to his determination, unwavering spirit, and a deep-seated belief in himself.

Packages of Strong Coffee,  an Adam Von Rothfelder company.

Like a STRONG cup of protein-packed black coffee, this episode promises a jolt of exhilaration, compelling you to strive for your own natural greatness. Get motivated, and maybe, just a bit more caffeinated!

Adam Von Rothfelder and Kaleb Fossum on Let It Ride
El Moreno aka Lindsay Barto on et It Ride, interviewing Adam Von Rothfelder

What you'll hear about

  • Getting recruited by Versace
  • Training top NFL athletes and billionaires
  • The inception of STRONG Coffee Company
  • Dealing with family loss and pushing through
  • Losing millions of dollars and still winning
Delve into the life of Adam Von Rothfelder, a man as interesting as the robust flavors in his Instant Cacao Latte.


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Adam Von Rothfelder

Adam Von Rothfelder

Former union electrician, professional fighter, America's Top Trainer and two-time Versace model, Adam is a husband, father and the CEO of STRONG Coffee Company.



Strong Coffee Company

Strong Coffee brings a specialty coffee experience to consumers in a healthy, done-for-you, premixed powder that includes instant organic coffee, grass-fed collagen protein, and MCT oil powder to fuel your mind and body for hours.


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