A Deep Dive into the Life of Sam Dancer

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Vision and Destiny

Known not only for his raw strength and the 655 pound deadlift that left the world in awe, Sam Dancer is also unmistakable with his flowing long hair—a fitting symbol of the strength, freedom, and individuality he embodies. This tale goes beyond muscle, might, and manes. It's about heart, vision, and resilience.

In this powerpacked episode Sam unearths a life-altering experience from his past, a moment where he danced with death and awoke with a clear vision that painted his destiny. This vision led him to the barbells, to his life partner, Jenn, and to the birth of their beloved daughter.

Sam takes us on this profound journey, where each step becomes a leap of faith towards truly living.

Sam Dancer with a HUGE 655lb deadlift.

Going All Out

Sam Dancer is more than just his spectacular physical prowess. He dives into the turbulent waters of mental health, asserting that mental fortitude is as crucial as physical strength.

Sam offers a wealth of wisdom and intimate insight into the battles he has fought within his own mind. We've seen the CrossFit legend with the leonine locks. Now, we bring you Sam Dancer, the man behind the muscle, revealing a raw, real, and rare perspective of a life lived with unbound passion and purpose.

If you're ready to be moved, challenge your worldview, and discover an entirely fresh angle on life, this is an episode you don't want to miss.

El Rubio and El Sicario on the Let It Ride Podcast.
Sam Dancer on the Let It Ride Podcast

What you'll hear about

  • Overcoming bullying by getting JACKED
  • The dramatic moment that altered Sam's life forever
  • Fighting the battles in your mind and winning
  • Ripping his bicep off from doing one simple pullup
  • Giving back to the community with the Dancer Love Foundation


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Sam Dancer in the gym

Sam Dancer

Sam Dancer is a celebrated CrossFit athlete known for his record-breaking strength and distinctive long hair.


The logo for Sam Dancer's "Dancer Love Foundation"

Dancer Love Foundation

Empowering individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities through fitness, education, and love.


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