El Gnarstavo’s 4-Year Hair Update

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Where In The Hell…

Ay guey, the updates have been few and far between. Aside from the clarifying shampoo ordeal, I haven’t checked in on the blog since Design Your Own Hair Ties With El Gustavo. With all my die-hard fans clamoring for news, here I’ll bring you up to speed in El Gnarstavo’s 4-Year Hair Update.
El Gnarstavo on Design your own hair ties with El Gnarstavo

Changes in The Workplace

I’m not avoiding you guys, I promise. The truth is I’ve been here all along, hiding out in the design bay producing our blog posts, emails and most everything design-related.

You see, I’ve been with The Longhairs since day one. While I’ve always been a designer, I started off processing orders and answering customer support questions.

As our team has grown, I’ve been able to narrow my focus on design, eventually stepping into my current role as Senior Designer. It’s a position I’m proud to hold, but it’s a big responsibility—bigger than I even expected, maybe—and there is still a lot of work to do.

Parting Ways With El Gustavo

Besides my new role, there was just one thing missing…a cooler nickname! Everyone around me seemed to have a clever moniker, while I kinda just got stuck with “El Gustavo.” Hey, it’s cool, but not especially creative.

Considering one of our core values is creativity and authenticity…I made the executive unilateral decision to officially change my nickname to El Gnarstavo and develop an El Gnarstavo t-shirt collection to really emphasize the point. I think it works.

El Gnarstavo Tee shirt on El Gnarstavo

The El Gnarstavo Hair Update

At The Great Cut in 2019 I cut my hair to shoulder-length, and since then I’d had just two very small trims. My hair was now past my waist, about to surpass my butt. The problem was I had a lot of split ends, hair damage and breakage due to neglect. If I’m being honest, it was kind of a mess. It was time for a trim and I felt like a lot would have to go.

I was a little nervous though. What if they butcher my hair? What if they cut off more than I want? What if they make my hair into a pinche beehive??

El Gnarstavo's  Beehive Hairstyle
Fortunately El Travieso, our youngest long hair here at headquarters, talked me through it, sharing his experience from his last barber visit and what I could expect. This made me feel at ease and gave me confidence to make a hair appointment.
El Travieso and El Gnarstavo chatting on The Mane Cave

The Big Trim

With all the bros having a great experience there, I decided to visit master long hair barber Shelbee Shearz, who has pretty much become our official barber at The Longhairs. It was time for a big-time trim and I was ready!

Watch as Shelbee addresses my hair damage, breakage, split ends and the pesky flyaways that were driving me crazy. And of course you’ll find out…HOW MUCH DID SHE CUT?? It’s all here in El Gnarstavo’s 4-Year Hair Update.

The Great Cut is Approaching

Life has unexpected turns and time does fly. Don’t neglect your hair like I did. The Great Cut 2024 is coming up fast and I want to provide the best possible hair I can for the recipient of my hair donation. Take care of your hair and give it some extra love these months leading to The Great Cut.
What’s your “El” moniker? How did you come up with it?