Long Hairstyles For Men

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A Guide for Men With Long Hair

One of the most common questions we get is, "what are the best long hairstyles for men?" Here we’ve assembled this definitive collection of tutorials, articles, videos, photos and more, organized by category.

We've included our favorite men's long hairstyles, but you'll have to decide for yourself which are best. In any case this will give you a damn good idea of what you can do with that head of lettuce.

Hair Length

Most of the styles presented here are for hair that’s long enough to tie up. That means you’ve been growing it out at least a year and a half, and/or it’s at least 8” or 9” in length.

If you’re still dealing with awkward stage hair, check out this post for tips and advice to power through the awkward stage.

Regarding Long Hair, and Men

One of the coolest things about long hair is all the different styles you can try...but how do you do it? Especially if you're a guy?

Most women grow up learning about hair, talking about it, dealing with it, braiding, brushing and styling it, using products, etc. It’s ingrained in female culture, but not so much for guys, many who don’t even grow their hair long until their 20’s or 30’s. With a few exceptions, it’s typically not part of our upbringing.

Even so, long hair is a craft, a skill that can be mastered. We don’t have to be hair experts, but if you’re going to have long hair, you want to know what to do with it. So check out this guide and try these long hairstyles for men.


Long Hairstyles For Men

General Long Hairstyles

Everything that didn’t fit into a specific hair style category.

How to Dry and Style Your Hair

How To Wear Your Hair Down Like A Boss
In his first tutorial since hacking off his mane, El Rubio demonstrates fast & effective techniques for drying your hair, along with two of his go-to long hairstyles.

How To Wear Your Hair Down Like A Boss

Wear Your Hair Down Like A Boss

It’s the all natural. The only way to let it all hang out, and unapologetically let the long hair flag fly. But it can be a pain in the ass, and tangled, roughed up and raggedy is no way to go through life. You want to wear your hair down like a boss. Here’s how.

Wear It Like A Boss


An apex-level shampoo & conditioner that sets the standard for guys with long hair.
The Shockers - Hair Ties For Guys

10 Sick Ways To Wear Your Long Hair, And Several Others

Wear Your Hair Down Like A Boss

A collection of photos showing different long hairstyles for men. No tutorials here, but you’ll see a variety of styles from different angles. From The Highball, to The Brave, to The Snake, some are more…daring….than others.

See The 10 Sick Ways

How To Wear Your Hair While____________

How To Wear Your Hair While

Athletes must find a way to deal with our manly locks in various endeavors. Fortunately we’ve complied this handy photo post on how to wear your hair while you’re ballin it up.

Gear Up

Tie Ups And Man Buns

(Except we don't call it that)

We call it a highball...like a fine glass of scotch.

How To Tie Your Hair For Men, Part II

How To Tie Your Hair For Men Part II
Our second installment of How To Tie Your Long Hair – For Men, with three clever tie ups to add to your repertoire, demonstrated by El Rubio.
Tie It Up Twice As Good

How To Tie Your Hair For Men, Part III

How To Tie Your Hair For Men Part III
Three sick new mens long hairstyles and how to tie them, with a little extra flavor for that little extra flow. With El Rubio from the Ocean Beach field office.
Triple The Tying Power

The Sloppy Joe

The Sloppy Joe
With a far cooler name than “messy bun” or “messy man bun,” The Sloppy Joe is a fast, easy and exceptionally handsome long hair style.
Get Sloppy

How to Tie a “Man Bun” (without calling it that)

How to Tie a “Man Bun” (without calling it that)
Our most refined tutorial on how to tie a man bun, in our most polished video to-date, and quite possibly our most entertaining. Enjoy.
Learn It Now

The Foldover

How To Tie Your Hair For Men

The basic, original mens tie up for fast & easy out of your face quickly. Full video tutorial, step-by-step photo walk-through and several variations demonstrated by El Rubio.

Tie It

The Highball

How to tie a manbun

“Hang on a minute guys, I need to tie up my manbun.”

That shit don’t fly with the homies. It’s even more grievous considering how badass this mens long hairstyle actually is. It’s refined. It’s dignified. It possesses class.

It’s a highball. Here’s how to tie it up, like a man, with El Moreno.

Step Up To A Highball


You don’t need to be a hair expert, but there are a few things every guy with long hair needs to know. Get the fundamentals from the guys with flow.

The Double Highball

The Double Highball

The only thing better than a highball is a double. Another Longhairs proprietary number with a full-length video tutorial from your boy El Moreno.

Learn The Double Highball


Arguably the sickest category of long hairstyles for men, braids highlight the skill and craft of long hair, their history spanning thousands of years and playing a meaningful role in cultures around the world.

Braids are useful and versatile, with limitless variations and styles that can really impress. They get your damn hair out of your face, they look badass and they’re ideal for a plethora of applications, plus it’s good for your hair. Wins all around.


How to Twist a Side Braid for Men

How to Twist a Side Braid for Men
Step into The Longhairs East County Headquarters while El Rubio shows you how to tie a side braid for men, or as we like to call it…The Sidekick.
Twist It To The Side

How to Tie Willie Nelson Braids

How to Tie Willie Nelson Braids
Three new ways to braid your hair, capped off with Willie Nelson-style braids.
Twist One Like Willie

Another Sick Braid Style For Guys With Long Hair

Another Sick Braid Style For Guys With Long Hair
El Rubio takes a timeout from bachelor party weekend to show you a super sick triple braid style we call, The Split Tail.
Get Sick Braids

The Rope

How To Braid Your Hair For Men

The most basic and modest of mens braids. Probably the easiest braid to learn, this is a great place to start twisting with a multiple-angle video tutorial from El Rubio.

Get Roped

The Brave

A Long Hair Style For Men

A mens long hairstyle for courageous warriors and other longhairs. Pretty sure this is what William Wallace used when he didn’t want blood in his hair from slashing and hacking his enemies on the battlefield. Full video tutorial.

Be Brave

The Angler

Fishtail Braid For Men

Stepping up your twisted up game. A next level mens braid commonly known as the fishtail. But since we’re men and we can do what we want here, we’re calling this one The Angler. Full video tutorial with El Rubio.

Twist It



You already have long hair, you might as well try some radical shit. Watch El Moreno get twisted up with Brookie B at our HQ and see what his experience was like through, “an exercise in self-confidence, and owning it.”


The Reverse Double Barrel French Revolution

Just when you thought it was safe to eat cake. Photos only but that’s that gangster shit.

Long hairstyles for men
Long hairstyles for men

Locs (Dreadlocks)

Commonly referred to as dreadlocks, a cornerstone among long hairstyles for men.

The Journey to Dreads Part I

Me with Dreadlocks

Have you ever wondered about dreads? We have, and we caught up with our boy Danny Ramirez just as he was getting ready to dread up. In the first episode of this 3-part series we rap with Danny on our podcast about the process of getting dreaded and what was to come for him over the next six months.

Listen In

The Journey to Dreads Part II

Me with Dreadlocks

Here in part II you’ll see Danny actually getting dreaded through photography and video, with a narrative on the process and what Danny was going through.

See The Process

The Journey to Dreads Part III

Me with Dreadlocks

The final stretch on our Journey to Dreads with Danny. Talking all-natural vs. the use of beeswax or resin, dread care, dreads in the work environment, and the three things you need to consider if you’re thinking about dreads. Beers and good times are included in this podcast from The Longhairs’ global headquarters.

Listen In

Styles With Accessories

Men’s long hairstyles using accessories and apparel.

How to Wear a Beanie With Long Hair – For Men

How to Wear a Beanie With Long Hair – For Men
Inclement weather and freezing temperatures pose a potential threat to your locks. Protect your flow from damage in winter with tips for wearing a beanie with long hair.
Protect The Flow

How to Wear a Headband With Long Hair

How to Wear a Headband With Long Hair
In this original video we show you five ways to wear a headband with long hair, demonstrating real life scenarios for when these babies will come in handy.
Wrap It Up

10 Ways to Wear a Hat With Long Hair, Part II

10 Ways to Wear a Hat With Long Hair, Part II
Perhaps man’s most versatile apparel item, there are many ways to wear a hat with long hair. Here’s 10 of them, from your boys with flow.
Do It!

10 Ways To Wear Your Hair With A Hat

Wearing long hair with a hat

We like rocking ball caps, and you probably do too. There are plenty of looks and ways to wear your hair with a hat, so we break ‘em down for you in this photo post.

Check it!

Headband Hairstyles for Men

Headband Hairstyles for Men
Over 25 headband hairstyles for men featuring thick headbands, thin headbands and headwraps, and styles for guys with short, medium-length and longer hair.
See All Styles

How to Use Bobby Pins

How to Use Bobby Pins
El Andrew skillfully demonstrates how to use an often overlooked―but extremely useful―hair tool for guys: the bobby pin.
Get To Know The Bobby Pin

How To Wear A Hat With Long Hair

Wearing long hair with a hat

After publishing 10 Ways To Wear Your Hair With A Hat we had dozens of questions about how to actually execute them, so here’s your video tutorial on ‘how to’ with El Moreno.


The ‘No Way Am I Leaving The House Today’ Solution to Hair Management

Long Hairstyle For Men

There are plenty of ways to tie your hair up, but when you just want to chill at home and you don’t want to bother with it —but still get it out of your face—there’s “The Clip,” with our boy Will Spellman.

Clip It!

There ya have it boys, that’s a serious roundup of long hairstyles for men. While it's great to know these, they won't do you much good if you don't know the basics. Get the foundational hair knowledge you need with Quick Tips from The Longhairs.


You don’t need to be a hair expert, but there are a few things every guy with long hair needs to know. Get the fundamentals from the guys with flow.