Wear Your Hair Down Like A Boss

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Let The Flow Free

You don’t want your hair to look wack. You want your hair to look SICK.

There plenty of ways to let it ride. We’ve covered tying it up with the highball, the double high ball and the side part low ball, twisting up the the rope, the angler, and the brave, and even 10 ways to wear a hat with long hair.

All excellent options in your quiver of dope ways to wear your long hair. Conspicuously missing and often overlooked, however, is the simple, original, wearing your hair down.

It’s the classic. The all natural. The one and only way to really let it all hang out, show what you’re working with, and unapologetically let the long hair flag fly.

But it can be a pain in the ass, and if you leave it up to the forces that be it can look flat, messy, and unimpressive. Tangled, roughed up and raggedy is no way to go through life. You want to wear your hair down like a boss.

So how do you let the flow free and look fantastic?

As usual we have you and your shoulders covered. Here’s how to wear your hair down for men. Like a boss.

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  1. I was in the military back in the early to mid 80s… short hair was the law. Got out (honrably) and played drums in a hard rock band in the late 80s, growing my hair out past shoulder length…. cut it when I got married (the first time)…. here I am in 2020 at age 56 and the (still blonde!) hair’s back to below the shoulders. As for the post washing care – great video! 🙂 My wife (this one for 17 years, lol) recently got a round-brushed hair dryer (all in one!) and it does a great job of giving serious body… I don’t heat it often but when she does it, it looks pretty El Rubio! 🙂 Today we are getting cuts here in our house (Corona fun!) so for me it’ll just a be a slight trim to clean up the ends. I put it in a pony tail at work where I have to dress in a clean-room suit with bouffant, hood, suit, boots, etc so long hair in that state is a pain in the ass; it HAS to be tied back…. anyway, I bought the “Metal” hair ties! Looking forward to putting them to use!

    1. Author

      Yo DT! Glad to have you here man! Hope the haircut turned out alright and you are loving THE HEAVY METALS! Stay in touch amigo and keep lettin it ride!

  2. Longhair from england here,
    I find a good way to minimise on the hairdryer usage is to only really dry the tips and roots and only a bit in the centre. Then get your fingers through which adds a bit of that natural oil to keep it protected and untangles the bad knots. Plus then any moisture in your hair is spread evenly to the roots and tips keeping it hydrated and healthy .

    Love your guys site btw ^_^

    1. Dan awesome tips man, thanks for sharing. Definitely going to try that drying method.

  3. I hate you. Your hair is greasy, lame, and it just sucks, Fight me

  4. Top of the afternoon to all you long haired gems, I need help finding a good shampoo and conditioner, I tried searching the grocery store and all that jazz but I get so flustered! So much to choose from, any recommendations would highly be helpful! I recently just got back to the free world as well so my hair has seen some damaging water and cheap shampoos and conditioners for the past year, I need my mane to flow like a golden river again! Thanks bruddddahhhhsss

    1. Author

      Yo dude! Until further notice, my best suggestion for shampoo and conditioner is “One-n-Only” brand argan oil shampoo and conditioner. I’ve tried a few others and these are my favorite. Totally natural, no sulfates, oil-based, leaves my hair looking great and reduces tangles. I’ve also heard good things about Mane N’ Tail, but haven’t tried it myself.

      Let us know if you find something you like, or what your results are with the argan oil. Good luck man!

      By the way, did you do some international travel?

  5. what should be the minimum length of your hair to wear it down?my hair is currently 6 inchea at the top and if i wear it down i look like a dork.

    1. Author

      Dude, sounds like a full-blown case of awkward stage hair. You probably can’t tie it up yet, which means you probably have no choice but to wear it down. Beanies and hats are recommended and a daily self-confidence power-up talk before leaving the house. And if you haven’t read it yet, this is worth your review: The Uncomfortable Truth About Awkward Stage Hair

  6. Damn you El Rubio,

    I don’t even have hair, yet you convinced me to watch the video.

    It was full of helpful intel, and your creative take on the long locks I once loved.

    Well played Longhair.


    The Nohair

    1. Author

      Yo David thanks man! I’m visualizing a full sprint Braveheart-style clash of armies between the Nohairs vs. Longhairs, Battle Royale, fight to the finish. I mean, we don’t have to actually harm each other or anything. Would make for a great battle scene though.

  7. It also helps to rinse your conditioner out with cool water. Cool water seals the cuticle, making it look and feel smoother.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the tip Jill! I’ve been trying this actually, you might see this mentioned in a future tip. Thanks for watching and commenting!

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