How To Tie Your Hair On Formal Occasions

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You Need to Have a Go-To

We’ve given you the menstail, the highball, and dozens of long hairstyles for men, but how do you manage your mane when you’re attending a fancy affair? Whether it’s a wedding, an elegant dinner with your lady, or a swanky outdoor cocktail party, it’s important you know how to tie your hair on formal occasions.

Now, don’t get fussy thinking to yourself, “I just let it ride man. All natural.”

Stellar. I’m with you. Chances are as soon as the DJ drops that shit I’m going to release the locks for some intense and sustained hairwhipping, but that’s not the point.

Of course you want to let it ride, but there are situations when you’re better-off with a stylish, handsome tie-up that accentuates your personal presentation.

For example, when your hair is down—big, bold and beautiful—you tend to get noticed. Sometimes that’s great. Other times, and speaking on personal preference, I want to look sharp without drawing attention, like if I’m at a wedding. Out of respect and consideration, I prefer a more conservative appearance that won’t draw attention from the ceremony and the wedding party. Later I’m down to rage.

Another example is a formal dinner, and I mean a nice restaurant with a person or persons you want to impress. On one hand it might be fine to show up with your hair down, but eventually you’re gonna have to feed.

How To Tie Your Hair On Formal Occasions
How To Tie Your Hair On Formal Occasions

Unless you want your lettuce mixed with your spaghetti, you’re gonna need to tie it up, and you don’t want to do that at the dinner table. For one thing it’s not polite, but without a mirror to check your work, you might end up with awkward wings all the way through your cherry cheesecake.

You don’t want that, and we don’t want that. For these and other lavish proceedings where you prefer to tie your hair up, and since you know we don’t call it “manbun,” we present to you: How To Tie Your Hair On Formal Occasions.

The Side-Part Lowball

Any other styles for your favorite swanky mixers?