How to Tie Your Long Hair For Guys

How to Tie Your Long Hair – 9 Year Anniversary Edition

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9 Years of Hair Tutorials

In January 2015 we published blog post #10, How to Tie Your Long Hair – For Men. Introducing myself awkwardly as “Chris,” it was our very first hair tutorial and to this day is our #1 most-viewed video on YouTube.

It’s funny to think about what we knew back then; it was our first time growing our hair long, every day was the longest it had ever been.

We were learning as we went and we didn’t know what was coming next—not only with our hair, but with our videos, our content, with The Longhairs. Would anyone watch? Does anyone care??

Whelp, we’re still pumping out long hair tutorials and it just goes to show: simple is best, it always comes back to the fundamentals.

Reviewing the Fundamentals

Looking back at our first tutorial, the production value was modest, the demonstrations were simple, and we were an undeveloped brand. Even so, the fundamental concepts were sound, covering how to use a hair tie, basic and effective tie-ups, and simple variations.

These same fundamentals are the basis for this 5-year anniversary edition, a fresh take on some of the most basic ways to tie your long hair, including favorites I still use for my go-to tie-ups today.

Classic Long Hair Tie-Ups

First you’ll see an intro with the tools and products being used, followed by a quick hair preparation walkthrough before diving into the step-by-step.

Then we cover The Menstail, The Foldover, The Half High Ball and The Sloppy Joe, mixing in a few variations for each, addressing different hair lengths and preferences while pulling in various accessories.

How to tie your hair for men total man bun style

A Note on Hair Length

Here in 2020 my hair is about three inches longer than it was in the original video, giving me a little more to work with on these tie-ups. Depending on your hair length, some of these styles may be more or less suitable for you.

If your hair's still growing, maybe just barely long enough to tie up, we have a perfect tie-up for you. And if you already have a full flowing mane we have plenty more long hairstyles for men. Anyway you cut it, we’ve got everything you need to tie it up...for the guys.

How to Tie Your Long Hair

Key Takeaways

  • Fundamental Techniques: The video revisits the basics of tying long hair, offering timeless methods that are easy to follow.
  • Step-by-Step Guides: Detailed instructions for various styles like The Menstail, The Foldover, The Half High Ball, and more.
  • Tool Recommendations: Insights into the tools and products needed for effective hair tying.
  • Hair Length Considerations: Tips tailored for different hair lengths to ensure each style works well.

Tying Long Hair: Step-By-Step

Here we’ve re-published the step-by-step instructions and photos from the original post; you’ll notice the hair tie being used was one of our first prototypes. Today this exact hair tie is encased in glass for safekeeping and sealed off from sunlight, awaiting the day when a global museum of long hair is erected.

1. Put your hair tie on the wrist of your dominant hand.

Hair Ties For Guys On Wrist
2. Use both hands to gently pull your hair together at the back of your skull.
Running hands through hair - The Longhairs
3. Hold your hair at the base making a circle with the thumb and index finger of the hand your hair tie is on.
Tie up hair - Hair Ties For Guys

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The Natives - Hair Ties For Guys

The Natives

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4. Use your other hand to grab the hair tie from your wrist; stretch it over your hand and hair, pulling your hair the rest of the way through.

Tie up mens long hair - Hair Ties For Guys
5. You're now holding the tie with your other hand. Stick 3-5 fingers inside the loop of the tie, give it one twist using your wrist, then grab your hair with the fingers you're using to hold the tie open.
How to tie mens long hair
6. Once again stretch the tie over your hair and wrist with your opposite hand, pulling your hair through. Repeat this one or two more times, depending on how much the tie stretches.
Mens Pony Tail - Hair Ties For Guys
7. For a menstail: pull your hair all the way through on your last loop.
Mens Pony Tail - Hair Ties For Guys

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8. For a foldover: pull you hair only halfway through, folding it over on top of itself on the final loop.
Manbun - Hair Ties For Guys

9. Cinch it down if by pulling the hair apart in two directions right at the base of the the hair tie. This will also help you add some volume to your foldover.

Mens Bun

And that’s how you tie your long hair.


What are the fundamental styles for tying long hair?
Techniques include The Menstail, The Foldover, The Half High Ball, and The Sloppy Joe, each with step-by-step instructions.

What tools do I need to tie my long hair?
Essential tools include Hair Ties For Guys, which are available here.

Are there styles suitable for different hair lengths?
Yes, we cover tatics for various lengths. Ensuring all men can find suitable styles no matter the stage in their hair growth journey.

Can I join a community for more tips on long hair?
Yes, The Longhairs community offers support, additional content, and a space to connect with other men with long hair.