How to Tie Your Hair for Men, Part III

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3 Sick New Ties With El Rubio

You have long hair. We show you mens long hairstyles and how to tie it up sick-like. Here we’ve got three new options for you:

  • High Ball Twist
  • High Ball Rope
  • Foldover Twist

Each is a variation on previous long hairstyles for men we’ve done, but with a little extra flavor for that little extra flow.

Watch with your boy El Rubio from the Ocean Beach field office.

For a complete rundown on our tie-ups and long hairstyles for guys, visit Long Hairstyles For Men.

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  1. Hey man, so my hair is down to my shoulder blades, but I’m getting so impatient. I want it to grow way longer but I don’t wanna have to wait another 2 years. Any suggestion?

    1. I mean honestly waiting really is the only play. There is no legit growth magic that will speed up the process. You can try some supliments but you won’t see huge change.

  2. Longhair Community,

    I’ve been growing it out for two years now (love the V2 ties), but am also struggling with reasons why to keep it long.
    How do people fight the persistent thought of the grass being greener on the shorter side?
    Personally, I believe long hair resonates with who I really am. Yet I am unsure of my stance on easier, short hair. Not to mention the stereotype of long hair being “unprofessional.”
    Any stories that may help?

    –Sirius Black

  3. What a great service you all are providing to the long hair community!! You all make me proud to be a long hair and you are helping make long hair fun and classy again. I am very grateful for what you are doing. Sincerely, thank you and keep up the good work.

  4. Cool video. I finally did it, a poney tail. Last message I sent I told you my length. The other day I actually put in a poney tail. Can’t wait untill I can do the man bun. Will be order ties shortly. Thanks for all the great advice.

  5. 1. I miss the fuck outta San Diego.
    2. Your hair is gangster.
    3. I can’t wait til mines that long.
    4. I just ordered “the good, the plaid, an the flannel” about a week ago. And I can’t wait til they get here. Thanks guys. Love the site. Love what you guys are doin’!

  6. I’m wearing my V2 hairties. I bought the mix and match 2 set.
    Still trying to braid the tail. It is really disorienting. I’ll get it soon.
    What I like about this video, (beside the cool instructions) is the setting. El Rubio shows us how we can re-tie the tail on the go. I don’t need no stinking bathroom mirror!
    I use argan oil shampoo. I’ll try some oil for the touchup between washes.

  7. Hey man. Last email I told you how long my hair is. I did it man, excited. Finally long enough to tie in poney tail. It’s awesome. Next goal the man bun. Will be ordering ties from you guys soon.

    1. Author

      Not too long actually. I practiced once or twice a day for a couple months and started getting better at it. Honestly I want to get back into it and keep learning more to share.

  8. My hair ties for guys arrived about a week ago in England love them I have the good the plaid and the flannel and the adios banditos at the moment my hairs only long enough for a men’s tail as I’m at about the 10 month stage I’m looking forward to being able to pull of the brave I must say to all guys looking to grow their hair out now I’m a teenager 15 almost 16 I get a lot of sh*t from people in school even some of the popular girls oh you should cut you hair when was your last cut you look like a girl are you a tranny and all this rubbish and I just brush it off I knew I’d get all this so just beware especially being a teenager of the people hating on your long hair but just remember let it ride and when you get long hair you gonna look like a bad ass better than them and remember to say about all the famous long hairs like zlatan and Thor Gareth bale etc etc so let it ride don’t give a damn what people think because people who matter don’t care and people who matter don’t care so just remember let it ride shoutout to all the long haired teens in Britain and all over the world peace out rock on let it ride ??✌??

  9. Love it! My hair has gotten too long for the foldover to be effective anymore so I am most excited about the Foldover Twist. That being said, its about time I step my braid game up. Can’t always be done by females that want to get their hands in your hair, right? Excellent work as always!

    1. Author


      Exactly what I was dealing with man, so I’m sure you’ll love that Foldover Twist. And start practicing your braiding, once a day and you’ll have it down in no time.

      Thanks for writing in!

  10. Thank you for the cards, when I saw you were offering them I immediately jumped on the opportunity to receive a few. Look forward to handing them out. Again thanks

  11. Hey man,

    You show ways of tieing long hair. But what is the point if the goal is to have long hair. I notice that it makes the hair look short, like what people expect from someone to fit in the society’s norm.

    I remember the warrior’s tie, now thats whats up. Could you show more ways of tieing up hair so they still can embrace the long hair style? Or even, show ways to tie up hair when they still in the akward stage.


    1. Author

      Yo Johnny L!

      Great point man. Part of what I like about having long hair is being able to mix it up. But you’re right, The Brave is badass.

      We’ll do some more tie ups like you’ve suggested. Thanks for writing in hombre!

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