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3 Impressive (But Easy) Men’s Long Hairstyles

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Sure to Impress, Without the Duress

Here we demonstrate three impressive men’s long hairstyles that are super easy to pull off, perfect for integrating subtle style into your appearance in 2024.

We’ve been publishing long hairstyles for men since 2014, but these aren’t some random celebrity photos we ripped off the internet. We are real guys, with real long hair, who actually wear the styles—and show you how to do them.

Try these men’s long hairstyles, then visit our complete library of long hairstyles for men.

Key Takeaways

  • Variety of Styles: Three impressive yet easy-to-manage long hairstyles for men in 2024, ideal for anyone looking to refresh their look without too much hassle.
  • Detailed Tutorials: Each hairstyle—The High Ball Rope, The High Ball Twist, and The Foldover Twist—is demonstrated with clear instructions, making it accessible for men to style their long hair effectively.
  • Style Flexibility: These hairstyles are versatile, suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events.
  • Visual Demonstrations: Includes video tutorials, providing a visual guide to help you master these styles.

Sure to Impress, Without the Duress

The High Ball Rope

An ideal choice when you’re looking to amp up your mane with something fresh, The High Ball Rope is an upgrade to The High Ball, without adding too much complexity.

One advantage of this style is you get to show off your hair tie! The hardest part is deciding which hair tie to use 😂 It’s a definite go-to for anyone looking to expand his repertoire of men’s long hairstyles.

The High Ball Rope by The Longhairs

The High Ball Twist

A step up from The Rope, The High Ball Twist adds an easy braid to the mix. This style is all about keeping it simple while throwing in some flavor.

It’s a great way to show off the natural colors in your hair while still having it tied back. Perfect for a laid-back yet polished vibe, it’s a staple of men’s long hairstyles.

The High Ball Twist by The Longhairs

The Foldover Twist

A literal twist on a true classic, The Foldover Twist is suitable for guys with considerably longer hair. You’re simply going to wrap the leftover hair around the formation in The Foldover.

Just running to the store? After-work beers? Taking the hobbits to Isengard? Fold it and twist it! It’s the utility knife of tie-ups.

The Foldover Twist by The Longhairs

Executing These Men’s Long Hairstyles

We got you bro! Watch El Rubio demonstrate how to perform these men’s long hairstyles from a breezy Ocean Beach field office.