How To Braid Your Hair For Guys

How To Braid Your Hair (For Guys)

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Early Hair Education

Before Hair Ties For Guys, before hair serum or shampoo & conditioner, and long before The Great Cut, we were figuring out what to do with our newly-long hair. One of our earliest tutorials is right here, with how to braid your hair for guys.

Filmed in 2015, when our locks were just reaching maturity, we didn't know much about braiding—and we certainly hadn’t been braiding our own hair. Thing is, we just didn’t know how.

Just like brushing, tying it up, and shampooing and conditioning (properly), we had never had long hair so we had never learned. Who knew we would become the online global authority on guys with long hair and long hairstyles for men.

El Rubio demonstrates how to braid your hair for MAXIMUM braidage

Key Takeaways

  • Fishtail Braid: Simple yet stylish, ideal for any occasion.
  • Side Braid: Functional and fashionable, perfect for keeping hair out of your face.
  • Willie Nelson Braids: Classic and iconic, great for a laid-back look.
  • French Braid: Advanced style, perfect for a polished appearance.
  • Viking Braids: Bold and rugged, ideal for a warrior-like look.

A Common Skill In An Unfamiliar Application

We set out to figure it out, and it wasn’t that hard. Y’all learned how to braid in elementary school: three sections, the outside section goes over the top, alternate, keep going until you get to the end. Right?

Well, it’s a little more difficult behind your head where you can’t see, and with your hands in a reverse orientation. On top of that you really need to keep the sections of your hair separate, because if they start falling apart you’re in trouble.

It takes some dexterity with your fingers, practice and patience…as well as brute force strength with iron-clad endurance to hold your arms up.

All that said, the same concepts apply. It helps if you can visualize the sections of hair, keeping them separate, and guiding them where they need to go.

How To Braid Your Hair

Add a new and impressive option to your quiver of long hairstyles with this easy, first-timer’s tutorial on how to braid your hair for guys.

Maximum Braidage

Fishtail braid for men with long hair

The Angler

A next-level men’s braid commonly known as the fishtail, but since we’re men and we can do what we want with our hair, we call this one The Angler.

Side braid - long hairstyles for men

The Sidekick

Step into The Longhairs East County Headquarters while El Rubio shows you how to tie a side braid for men, or as we like to call it…The Sidekick.

Biker style poney tail - Long hairstyles for men
Double braids like willie nelson - Long hairstyles for men
Top Knot - Long hairstyles for men

Willie Nelson Braids

Ideal for Independence Day and other holidays permitting the widespread use of explosives, it’s hard to beat the classic, time-honored Willie Nelson braids.

Tripple Briad - Long hairstyles for men

The Split Tail

El Rubio takes a timeout from a raucous bachelor party weekend to show you a super sick triple braid style we like to call The Split Tail.

Cornrows - Long hairstyles for men


Watch El Moreno get twisted up with Brookie B at our HQ and see what his experience was like through, “an exercise in self-confidence, and owning it.”
French braid for men with long hair

The Apéritif

The French braid is ideal for weddings, outdoor cocktail parties and swanky holiday mixers, and since everything French is a little bourgie, we call this one…The Apéritif.

Viking style braids - Long hairstyles for men

Viking Braids

You’ve seen viking braids, you want viking braids…you don’t know HOW to tie viking braids. Learn now with this advanced tutorial for guys with flow.

The Brave Braid - Long hairstyles for men

The Brave

A men’s long hairstyle for courageous warriors and other longhairs. Most likely employed by William Wallace while slashing and hacking his enemies on the battlefield.

Dutch braid for men with long hair

The Commando

Disappointingly not named after Major “Dutch” Schaefer in Predator, the Dutch braid is still an elite killer. Or make it a double, forming The Reverse Double Barrel French Revolution.

Long hairstyles for men

All The Long Hairstyles

Tie-ups, braids, The High Ball, The Foldover and many more. Visit our complete library of long hairstyles for men, from the guys who actually wear them.


Is braiding hair difficult for beginners?
It can be challenging at first, but with practice, it becomes easier. Start with simple braids and gradually try more complex styles.

How can I keep my braids neat and tidy?
Use hair ties and a bit of styling gel to keep the sections separate and prevent frizz.

Can braiding my hair cause damage?
If done too tightly or left in for too long, braiding can cause breakage. Always braid gently and give your hair breaks between styles.