El Rubio demonstrates how to braid your hair for MAXIMUM braidage

How To Braid Your Hair (For Guys)

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Originally Published: May 21, 2015

Early Hair Education

Before Hair Ties For Guys, before hair serum or shampoo & conditioner, and long before The Great Cut, we were figuring out what to do with our newly-long hair. One of our earliest tutorials is right here, with how to braid your hair…for guys.

Filmed in 2015, when our locks were just reaching maturity, we hadn’t done much braiding—except for Long Hair and Braids with Brookie B, but certainly we hadn’t been braiding our own hair. Thing is, we just didn’t know how.

Just like brushing, tying it up, and shampooing and conditioning (properly), we had never had long hair so we had never learned. Who knew we would become the online global authority on guys with long hair and long hairstyles for men.

El Rubio demonstrates how to braid your hair for MAXIMUM braidage

A Common Skill In An Unfamiliar Application

We set out to figure it out, and it wasn’t that hard. Y’all learned how to braid in elementary school: three sections, the outside section goes over the top, alternate, keep going until you get to the end. Right?

Well, it’s a little more difficult behind your head where you can’t see, and with your hands in a reverse orientation. On top of that you really need to keep the sections of your hair separate, because if they start falling apart you’re in trouble.

It takes some dexterity with your fingers, practice and patience…as well as brute force strength with iron-clad endurance to hold your arms up.

All that said, the same concepts apply. It helps if you can visualize the sections of hair, keeping them separate, and guiding them where they need to go.

How To Braid Your Hair

Add a new and impressive option to your quiver of long hairstyles with this easy, first-timer’s tutorial on how to braid your hair for guys.

Maximum Braidage

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You don't need to be a hair expert...but there's a few things every guy with long hair needs to know.
Awkward Stage Hair


  1. You wrote, El Rubio, that this is the best style for playing football. Apparently, Bryan Braman, the Pittsburgh Steeler from Spokane (a half hour drive from my town, Coeur d’Alene), took your advice during the Super Bowl. I rooted for Bryan and the Steelers, and they won.

  2. “How To Braid You…” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Jared C. Balogh.

    1. Yea, we just got that cleared up. It will be back online here soon.

  3. Yo Longhairs!

    Thanks for the tutorial on this simple braid. I am happy to announce that I have successfully tied my first self-braid today. The two biggest problems I faced when braiding my hair was first, producing three good even sections of hair, and second, keeping those strands separate from one another. With further practice I know I will be able to improve my ability to braid.


  4. When I braid my hair, I sometimes finish it off at the bottom with a crisp touch w/o all the remaining hairs just dangling around at the end of the hair tie. To do this, I do a normal braid and as a finish I take the leftover tails and tuck them against the main braid. Place your hairband like normal but go around the bottom of the braid with the tuck against it. It will give the hair a nice finish.

    Longhair and prosper!


    1. Equus good to hear from ya man. Yea getting to the bottom is tough, thanks for the tips. Helpful.

  5. Maximum braidage! Your hair’s thick like wharf rope. My hair isn’t long enough to try it. But I’m afraid it’s too thin, too. When I do it I’ll send you a pick.

    Letting it ride.

  6. Solid! Nice guns man. I like the combo of the top angle and straight on for multiple vantage points for this complex operation.
    Letting it ride,

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