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3 Quick & Casual Long Hairstyles

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Three More Styles For Your Sick Flow

In this post we feature three casual long hairstyles for men that you can execute in less than a minute, and demonstrate how to do them.

Here at The Longhairs we’ve been coaching easy hairstyles for men since 2014, but these aren’t some random pictures pulled off the internet. Unlike most websites, WE are the guys who actually wear the hairstyles, and show you how to pull them off.

Give these casual hairstyles a try, then visit our complete library of long hairstyles for men.

Key Takeaways

  • Quick and Easy Styles: The High Tie, The Mai Tie, and The Reverse Necktie are three fast and casual long hairstyles for men. Each can be dialed in 60 seconds or less.
  • The High Tie: A casual, easy-to-master style that adds volume and keeps hair out of the face, ideal for relaxed days.
  • The Mai Tie: Offers a slightly more polished look that’s still low maintenance, suitable for office settings or swanky cocktails.
  • The Reverse Necktie: Combines low effort with a touch of elegance, perfect for adding subtle flair to your appearance without going overboard.
  • Visual Learning Support: Watch El Rubio demonstrate how to execute these three easy hairstyles for men.

Quick & Casual Long Hairstyles For Men

With a little practice you can add these three tie-ups to your repertoire and have them DIALED in less than a minute.

The High Tie - 3 Quick & Casual Long Hairstyles For Men

The High Tie

One of our favorite casual long hairstyles for men. This one is the go-to when you just need to tame the mane to get it out of your face, or a prime tie-up for a lazy Sunday.

  1. Prepare Hair: Gather all your hair with both hands, loosely clawing it upwards from your jawline.
  2. Partial Pull-Through: Bring your hair tie from your wrist on to the hair gripped in your hand but only partially through. Do not run all the hair through the tie as this will result in a ponytail, or a “menstail” as we like to call it.
  3. First Twist: Once the hair tie is partially through, twist it once.
  4. Run it Back: Now that your tie has been twisted, run it back across the top knot so it will overlap the existing layer of tie.
  5. Drop and Adjustment: Adjust the hair so the excess runs down the back of your head and the hair formation is resting slouched hanging off the top. Embrace the disorderly nature for added volume.
  6. Repeat if Necessary: If done correctly this should be more of a messy look. If you're not satisfied, repeat the process until you achieve the desired hairstyle.

The Mai Tie - 3 Quick & Casual Long Hairstyles For Men

The Mai Tie

This tie-up is the go-to for office settings and swanky cocktail parties, a little fancier than The High Tie, but not TOO serious. Its fast execution and low-tension hold lands it among our top casual long hairstyles for men.

  1. Prepare Hair Tie: Instead of having the hair tie on your wrist, hold it between the fingers you typically use to start a fold or tie-up.
  2. Gather Hair: Pull your hair back as if creating a menstail.
  3. Secure with Hair Tie: With the hand holding the hair tie, reach around and grab the gathered hair. Tuck the tail of the hair under your fingers to grip it securely.
  4. Wrap Hair Tie: Wrap the hair tie underneath and around the gathered hair. You can get a couple of wraps depending on the length of your hair.
  5. Finalize: Once wrapped, grab the remaining hair and ensure the hair tie is positioned correctly.
  6. Twist and Secure: Pull the hair tie over once and twist it. For the second twist, pull your finger out as you go, allowing the hair tie to secure the style.

The Reverse Necktie  - 3 Quick & Casual Long Hairstyles For Men

The Reverse Necktie

The champagne of casual long hairstyles for men. You should use The Reverse Necktie when you don’t want to go all out on the hairstyle, but still need a little extra rizz. Low effort, high class.

  1. Prepare Hair Tie: Place the hair tie on your dominant wrist, as you would for a standard menstail.
  2. Gather and Comb Hair: Comb your hair back, forming a menstail. Avoid making it too tight; aim for some flexibility.
  3. Adjust Hair Tie: Slide the hair tie down slightly, about an inch from the scalp, allowing room for a gap in the center.
  4. Create Gap: Use one finger to split a gap in the center of the gathered hair, right where the hair tie sits.
  5. Pull Through: Pull the menstail through the gap you've created, ensuring it goes all the way through.
  6. Finalize: Once through, adjust the hairstyle as needed, creating a twist in the tail for a unique look.

Casually Watch These Casual Long Hairstyles

El Rubio demonstrates all three casual long hairstyles for men, PLUS a bonus style that doesn’t require a hair tie…aptly named, The No Tie.