How To Brush Your Hair – For Men

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It’s Not Quite The Verticoli

Yes, brushing is part of your basic hair maintenance routine, and proper technique is critical. Good thing there’s this convenient guide on how to brush your hair for men.

Here we’re covering the basics, and it’s a common misconception the purpose of brushing is to de-tangle. While that is a function of brushing, the primary benefits are:

  1. Distributing the natural oils evenly through your hair.
  2. Massaging your scalp, exfoliating and stimulating blood flow.
  3. Keeping it tidy and well-groomed.

In the video above I discuss these further and demonstrate proper brushing technique, with a written description here below.

    Key Takeaways

    • Importance of Brushing: Brushing distributes natural oils, massages the scalp, exfoliates, and stimulates blood flow.
    • Start with a Wide-Tooth Comb: Begin detangling with a wide-tooth comb before using a brush.
    • Brushing Technique: Use long, smooth strokes with light to moderate pressure, focusing on the scalp.
    • Avoid Wet Hair: Do not brush hair when it's wet to prevent breakage.
    • Daily Routine: Brush once a day for healthy, shiny hair.

    IMPORTANT: Hair Type

    First off, realize that I have straight hair. If your hair is wavy or slightly curly, this should still work fine. Anything super curly to kinked is going to require different techniques (and different tools), and in some cases you might not even brush your hair at all.

    In this situation I haven’t washed my hair for a couple of days and my hair is pretty tangled. In any case you don’t want to brush with wet hair—unless you have a wet brush.

    Don’t Pick Up The Brush Yet

    To get started, you’re not actually going to use a brush. You want to start with a wide-tooth comb (I’ve shown a couple in the video). The purpose here IS to remove tangles and clear the path for brushing. If you’re not tangled, you can skip the combing.

    When combing, start with the outermost tips and work your way toward the roots as you remove tangles. Gently, guys, don’t rip your hair out. I comb from the inside, starting in the front and moving toward the back, where my hair gets the most tangled. After I’ve gone from tips to roots on the inside, I’ll finish with a few strokes on the outside.

    El Rubio demonstrates combing technique in ‘How to Brush Your Hair for Men’

    Now Grab Your Brush

    Once you’ve combed out the tangles, you’re ready to switch to missiles. We’ll go more into brush types another time, but to start with I recommend a basic paddle brush with plastic bristles and rounded balls at the end. There are some awesome brushes out there and you can try different things, but a simple plastic-bristle will get your started.

    Since you’ve already removed tangles, brushing is simple. The technique is long, smooth strokes with light to moderate pressure. If your brush gives way beneath the bristles you can use a little more pressure, less if the bristles come straight out of a harder material like wood or plastic.

    Proper brushing isn’t focused on the tips, or even the hair so much as the scalp. In fact you don’t even have to brush all the way out through the tips, though I usually do. What you want is to make sure you are massaging your scalp all the way around with nice, even pressure. Especially make sure you brush all the way around the back of your head, which can be an easy place to miss.


    Now That’s A Nice Routine

    As you get into your brushing routine, and after some time having long hair, you can actually feel the epidermal layers of your scalp being exfoliated, the oil breaking up and being distributed throughout your hair. If I haven’t had a chance to comb first, I’ve even found that tangles come out easier when the oil starts getting distributed.

    When you’re done, your hair and scalp will look and feel great. It’ll be smooth and shiny with a healthy sheen and a little extra bounce. You’ll have also removed some of the hair that’s reached the end of it’s growth cycle and ready to come out.

    When It’s Time

    Brushing also gives you a good indicator if it’s time to shampoo & condition. If you’ve given it a nice thorough brush, run your fingers through it. If it feels greasy to the touch, it’s time for a wash.

    But NOW it’s time to watch this timeless classic on how to brush your hair for men.

    Quick Recap: How to Brush Your Hair for Men

    • Brush once a day.
    • Massage your scalp with long, smooth strokes.
    • Enjoy it.
    • Don’t brush when it’s wet.
    • Don’t overbrush.
    • Don’t brush angry.

    Anything to add?

    Tips, techniques or observations you want to share? Do so in the comments.

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    Why should I start with a wide-tooth comb before brushing?
    To remove tangles and prepare the hair for brushing, reducing breakage.

    What type of brush should I use?
    A basic paddle brush with plastic bristles and rounded tips.

    How often should I brush my hair?
    Once a day is sufficient to maintain hair health and appearance.

    Can I brush my hair when it's wet?
    No, wet hair is more prone to breakage; use a wide-tooth comb if needed.