Growing Out Your Curly Mane

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You Shall Not Frizz!

We all know growing out your hair is a struggle. It’s a long, tedious process that requires attention and thought. But growing out curly hair takes the awkward stage to DEFCON 7.

The Longhairs have covered a lot of ground about the awkward stage, but there is something especially difficult about growing out curly hair. Whether you need a few practical tips or just a confidence boost to get you through that atrocious curly growth phase, here I’ve shared some of the best secrets I learned while growing out my curly hair.


Accepting It

There are no shortcuts to your end goal, so you just have to accept that you are gonna look like Bozo The Clown for a few weeks, but don’t worry, there are ways to make this process less painful.

My Fro Struggles

I have always wanted long hair, ever since I was a kid, but I repeatedly cycled between two hair styles: the buzz cut and the afro. Growing my hair was something I could not achieve until I had control of my own hair.

I finally started growing it out junior year of high school, right after prom. I had a little “poof” on the top of my head and let that grow while I kept shaving the sides—basically an undercut. I eventually looked like a mushroom, until I could pull it back into a small highball.

I rocked this hairstyle for about a year before I decided I wanted more. Around the same time I discovered The Longhairs and their amazing products, which leads me to our next section.


Oh, The Awkwardness

Growing out your sides from an undercut is probably worse than losing an arm. I had the poof going all the way around the sides and the highball up top until I discovered The Longhairs headwraps, man these saved my life! They allowed me to lock down my side poof while still rockin the curly mane up top.

While the headwraps are great, you come to a point where the poof just beats you down. At this point you pull out your trusty Longhairs Lid (trust me buy a few more). I wore hats almost every day for another year until my hair finally all wanted to go up with the rest.

And don’t forget to experiment, try any and everything to make that fluff stay down, never think that a certain style won’t look good on you.

Growing Out Curly Hair

Still Not Finished

One thing I found that helped me with growing out curly hair was having goals. I had at least five goals while growing my hair out, and still have some that I have yet to accomplish. A few of my goals were:

  1. Be able to tie my hair up;
  2. Be able to tie up all the hair from my undercut;
  3. Be able to wear my hair up while still having flow in the back.

One goal I just accomplished was having my hair touch my shoulders while still curly, and my next one I’m working on is to have my hair come down to my lower chest. Goals keep you going, they help you see the ends to your means.


Ways to Manage

Some of the best ways to manage your growing poof are the simplest ones. You want to not look like you just woke up out of bed and you also want to look somewhat presentable.

I already mentioned a hat, a good lid that can tuck up all that frizz and fluff, so no one knows you are hiding a wooly mammoth up there.


However, sometimes the most effective way is not an option. Let’s say you have to go to church, or a wedding or even just to school, the hat doesn’t work so you have to get a little more creative. In these cases, condition your hair to dampen the frizz as best as you can, then throw on a headband, headwrap or just buck up and rock the afro.

My absolute favorite discovery, however, was braids. As long as you have about three inches of hair, you can find a salon and get your hair braided. These keep the poof in check while offering a neat and presentable style.

Curly Hair Braids

Dude, What Now?

Just stick to it, don’t falter, do what you want to do. If someone tells you to tame that beast, just say your goal is to embrace it.

Whatever you do, don’t give in to the pressure. It’s gonna be tough, you’re gonna wanna chop it all off, but then you will always wonder about what could have been.


Do you have long curly hair?

Share your experiences, or ask me a question about growing out your curly hair.


Yo longhairs! My name is Josef Stark (a.k.a El Rizado). I am currently a sophomore at UNC Wilmington, majoring in Recreation Management. I have been growing my hair since 2016 and have been following The Longhairs since 2017. When I’m not on poof control I’m crushing it on Campus Longboarding, I also enjoy all forms of waterskiing.

Connect with me on IG: @jmstark12


  1. You’re awesome Josef! Thanks for sharing your secrets:). Great article!

  2. I have a question Josef.This is Aunt June and my question for you is in you’re opinion what would be the Best Shampoo And Conditioning Prouducts to purchase for my Curly Hair

  3. Good article! I have curly hair that I’m very lucky to be able to control with a hair dryer and it’s instantly gone. It basically turns wavy and then I can straighten it or have my wife do it really straight. Glad to see you won the battle.

  4. Great advice, Josef and longhairs team. Where were you guys when I needed you most; back in ’93?
    In that year I was going through the “clown” and “mushroom” looks you describe.

    The hats and bandanna thing I’ve known about for a while, but I didn’t know about braiding (great idea for formal situations). If I ever decide to chop off my 18 incher and donate it to charity, I have a strategy for getting it all back, and hopefully looking respectable in the long process.

    If I ever discover time travel I will be sure to send this info back to my 13 yr old self.

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