How to Tie a “Man Bun” (without calling it that)

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Revisiting the High Ball: A Gentleman’s Man Bun

There are a lot of videos out there on "how to tie a man bun," though it’s been well-documented we’ve renounced that unfortunate name.

That’s not to say we dislike the regrettably named men’s long hairstyle. We not only condone, but ardently promote the manipulation of one’s own hair to his personal liking.

I just don’t want to say bun. Especially in front of someone.

But I do want to tie my hair up like that. So can I see how to do that and call it something else?

The answer is yes.


In this important video we dive deeper into the seemingly complex world of the man bun, in search of true self and meaningful identity, straddling a hair-thin line between the confident, flag-flying eccentric and the distinguished, refined gentleman.

Today, we humbly submit to you: it can be both.

And with that said...


Here’s how to tie a “man bun.” Without calling it that.

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Shot on location at The Lion’s Share, a refined San Diego establishment offering meticulously prepared food and spirits with undivided attention, who so graciously hosted our sporting fraternity affair.

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