How to Tie a “Man Bun” (without calling it that)

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Revisiting the High Ball: A Gentleman’s Man Bun

There are a lot of videos out there on "how to tie a man bun," though it’s been well-documented we’ve renounced that unfortunate name.

That’s not to say we dislike the regrettably named men’s long hairstyle. We not only condone, but ardently promote the manipulation of one’s own hair to his personal liking.

I just don’t want to say bun. Especially in front of someone.

But I do want to tie my hair up like that. So can I see how to do that and call it something else?

The answer is yes.


In this important video we dive deeper into the seemingly complex world of the man bun, in search of true self and meaningful identity, straddling a hair-thin line between the confident, flag-flying eccentric and the distinguished, refined gentleman.

Today, we humbly submit to you: it can be both.

And with that said...


Here’s how to tie a “man bun.” Without calling it that.

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You don't have to be a hair expert, but there are a few things every guy growing his hair needs to know.
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  1. Another way of tying in a *man bun* (oops, I said it) is by making an ordinary pony tail first, but the last time you loop it through the hair tie, just create a VERY small loop, then stop pulling the hair through. Now use that loop to wind all remaining hair around (of course you have to twist all that reamaining hair first), then use the second hair tie as shown in the video and you’re done! Much easier to have a “base” to wrap all that hair around than to start with… nothing at all.

  2. I have a few questions regarding (what else, but…) my hair.

    I’m 17 and I’ve been growing it for a few years now, and it’s now so long that it just about reaches my nipples (so sorry for putting it that way). The problem is this: I keep getting mixed messages regarding the length of my hair. While I don’t mind the length, some people say it’s starting to look a bit ‘ratty’, and I can see where they’re coming from, given I’ve not had a haircut in more than a year (my hair is surprisingly healthy though, and I like that it’s slightly different lengths all arounds, which make it look a bit more masculine).

    Now, I have an appointment at the hairdressers in about a month, and want some advice regarding what I should tell them. I can either just have a few centimetres (2 or 3) cut off (which would essentially leave it this length) or I can cut a couple of inches, so that my hair would reach the collar of a regular t-shirt (making it ~8 cm shorter than it was).

    I’m really not sure what to do, especially since I’m quite ‘proud’ of my hair and don’t want it to look terrible if I do go for the latter of the two options above. I also get told that my long hair makes me (a 185 cm tall guy) look even taller and lankier, which is not necessarily a good thing.

    Anyway, pardon the long message, I really love your content and products (been a customer for about a year now), and thought I may as well ask the ‘Pros’, if I can call you that.


    1. Author

      Yo Joshchka! Super pumped to read your question man, thanks for writing in.

      I’m going to start you off here, with There are two parts to that post.

      Also, Dealing With Tangled and Damaged Hair.

      Have a look at these ones and let us know if that helps. Will be glad to dive deeper.

      Great to hear from you amigo, keep lettin it ride!

    2. as you go to the stylist for a little trim, don’t go alone
      let your girlfriend ( if she is a longhair lover only) or a longhair admirer accompany you to make sure that the hairdresser cut only what is necessary to avoid rat tail…
      for making unusual buns, you can also see isaetno channel on youtube

    3. Joschka, how long have you been growing it and how is the texture of your hair? I’m guessing it’s around my lenght because mine is about 10 cm under my nipples even with the wave/curl. I’m a short guy (1.68m) and you said you’re a fairly tall guy.

      Anyway, if you want my personal opinion I think that a blunt cut on wavy, curly hair doesn’t look that good. The magic is in the natural layering in my opinion. (it you put all you hair back and cut it in one even line you can easily realize that the hair gets longer the closer it gets to your forehead).

      What you would want to do is to really do an intensive search and destroy treatment if you have the time to spare. Either take 2 or 3 hours and get it done with, or the best choice in my view is to always carry some sharp scissors with you and trim whatever split end you see. You will note a difference in touch over time and you will still get some length. Remember that a trim in one session is also getting rid of hair that is already healthy so I avoid it since I want to get butt length wavy hair.

      1. caution, Rui !!!

        as you let your hair free and as your length is past nipple length , layer cut on wavy hair is gorgeous ( and more on women…)
        but as you begin in the journey, it makes a much longer awkward stage before tying your mane ( the same for those who start from a buzzcut), and a straight cut is preferable for formal can be used with a tuxedo for the club house owner: the lion of Waterloo is not Napoleon Bonaparte, but Wellington…lol.

    4. You should be cutting a couple of centimeters off every few months anyways. The ends of your hair get damaged, and cutting off those damaged ends will actually make your hair healthier and fuller

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