What’s The Deal With Dry Shampoo?

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Wet Or Dry?

Shampoo? Dry? What? At first glance this stuff appears to be an oxymoron. Fear not, we have done the research and testing, and we’re happy to report that dry shampoo is the real deal.
he top of El Garvisnki's head with powdered dry shampoo visible on the top of his head at the roots of his hair.

What Is Dry Shampoo?

The name is a little misleading. It’s not actually shampoo at all, but offers similar benefits. Essentially dry shampoo is a starch-based hair product that soaks up oil, grease and sweat.

Usually in a powder or aerosol spray, it’s applied directly to the hair and scalp without water and without rinsing, hence the name.

Many products like this offer volumizing benefits, while some include deodorizing ingredients to absorb damp, greasy hair odor.

El Rubio rushing out the door with his hands full of things. The top of his head looking greasier then an oil slick.

Why Would I Use This Stuff?

When you haven’t shampooed for a few days and your hair starts to build up oil and grease, dry shampoo can refresh your mane for an extra day or two until your next shampoo.

Any hair type or texture can benefit from this product, but oily scalp types will find dry shampoo especially useful. Thin, fine or super straight hair can avail from the boost of volume.

It’s ideal for people who go to the gym every day or sweat often, and great for traveling, camping, or any time you don’t have access to a shower.

El Garvisnkis works the dry shampoo briskly into his roots and scalp.

How Often Should I Use Dry Shampoo?

It’s important to note this product is not a substitute for cleansing, or a quality shampoo & conditioner routine in general. While it does absorb the oils and grease, all that stuff still stays in your hair, and you’ll need to wash it out eventually.

Overuse could lead to an itchy scalp or clogged pores, and a lot of shit building up in your hair over time.

That said, how often you use this product depends on your regular shampoo & conditioner routine.

I try to keep it to one use in between washes. My scalp is naturally on the oily-er side, so I need to wash it every 2-3 days anyway. One use of this product in between my shampoo and conditioning cycle is perfect for me, stretching it to 3-4 days, while extending the supply of my shampoo & conditioner an extra 3-4 weeks!

In summary; it’s safe to use it once or twice before your next shampoo. Three times you’re stretching it. If you reach for it a fourth time…wash your filthy locks.

An aluminum bottle of INSTANT FRESHIES Dry Shampoo sitting in a medicine cabinet next to other products from The Longhairs.

What’s The Best Dry Shampoo?

With inherent bias acknowledged, it’s definitely INSTANT FRESHIES Dry Shampoo from The Longhairs. You can read more over here, but the tell-tale sign of a quality dry shampoo is that it’s starch-based as opposed to alcohol-based.

INSTANT FRESHIES is alcohol-free, with kaolin clay and corn starch to absorb oils, grease and sweat. Arrowroot powder and baking soda deodorize and refresh the scalp and roots, while thoughtful finishing ingredients offer conditioning, volumizing and light hold.

On top of that it’s offered in a non-aerosol, aluminum bottle that can be recycled forever. Basically it’s the definitive dry shampoo for men or women.

How To Use Dry Shampoo

Now you know what it is and when you should use it. Here’s how to use dry shampoo, with Elefante at The Longhairs.
Any tips, tactics or questions? Let me know in the comments!


Freshness without delay, only from The Longhairs.
A bottle of INSTANT FRESHIES laying at the top of an open toiletries bag.


You don’t need to be a hair expert, but there are a few things every guy with long hair needs to know. Get the fundamentals from the guys with flow.

Trying Dry Shampoo

El Moreno’s wife shows him how to use dry shampoo for the first time in 2016, when The Longhairs was still in the awkward stage.


  1. Thanks for a great blog and video, Elefante! I’m trying out dry shampoo ASAP.

  2. What’s up El Monty!
    Glad to hear you’ve moved away from aerosol with us! Yes, the open top can take a bit of getting used to and a delicate touch when using it the first couple times. If you want to try a different approach, try putting some in the palms of your hands and working it into your hair while you’re bent over with your hair down. El Rubio demonstrates this perfectly in the tutorial above. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you!


  3. Just got some of the Freshie freshness yesterday and used it for the 1st time today. Smells great and is really light. Before this, I’ve only used aerosol based dry shampoo, so I’m interested to see how they compare over time, but I understand why y’all stayed away from that method of dispensing.
    Only thing I’m not really a fan of so far is the single hole for dispensing; I would have preferred multiple small openings like a salt shaker, so I could apply it directly to my hair without making as much of a mess as I did this morning (didn’t think applying by hand would have much of a learning curve, but apparently it does).

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