Using the Wet Brush – For Men

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We’ve heard a lot of hype about the wet brush. But (predictably), nothing about the wet brush for men. Sounded like a clear-cut mission for The Longhairs.

Here’s the deal: how to brush your hair for men has been well-documented. While the cardinal rule is to never brush with wet hair, the fact is we don’t always have time to follow the proper protocol by drying our hair before brushing with proper technique.

Especially if you have a strict morning regimen—workout, feed, shower, dress, bail—it’s hard to find an extra 10-15 minutes for drying and brushing, not to mention if you’re gonna twist up a sick braid or high ball.

Based on that need and everything we’ve heard about it, we felt compelled to provide a proper review and standard operating procedure on using the wet brush for men.

Not gonna spoil it here…but guys. Spell it with us: G-A-M-E C-H-A-N-G-E-R.

If you don’t want to be damaging your hair by brushing wet, and you don’t have time for a full drying and brushing routine, this is gold.

So watch this video on the wet brush for men. Or you can watch a bunch of product reviews and tutorials for women.

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  1. Mike D- for curly hair only brush/comb when wet. We use conditioner when wet to get out tangles with a wide toothed comb in the shower and the use wet brush after you have towel dried. Then finger comb and scrunch

    The wet brush is the only way to
    Brush curly hair!

  2. Too long folks, I don’t have ten minutes to listen to something that can be explained in one minute

      1. LOL…oh. yeah.
        Anyway, back on topic; the wet brush.
        I rousted the time to watch that god-awful long video (rub, rub). Was glad I did.
        Went out and bought one.
        It IS the ticket. And I too, have made it my main Numero Uno go to Brush for ALL occasions.
        Thanks for educating!!!!

  3. So, if time permits do you still use the big tooth comb before brushing or has this little bad ass brush rewritten the rules. And I’ve gotta get me one of them! Anything to make life with hair easier.

    1. Author

      If you have the time you want to go the comb route. This brush is super useful for the hurry up and get out the door situations.

  4. Hey, does this work on fairly curly hair? i usually just use my fingers instead of brushing.

    1. Yo Mike D. I’ve heard several men and women with super curly hair say they don’t use a brush at all.

  5. For nearly a year I’ve been using this funky purple brush that is not very comfortable to use but it gets the job done. After watching this video, I realized it’s been a wet hair brush this entire time. I used it properly last night after my shower and couldn’t believe my follicles. Zero snags, just smooth sailing through a sea of golden-brown glory. This morning I woke without any clumps or major tangles: my locks were ready and so was I. I highly recommend one of these bad boys.

  6. Wet Brushes are legit. I’ve been using one on my hair and my beard for over a year now. It’s great, I’ll never use anything else.

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