How to Tie a “Manbun” Without Calling it That

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Introducing the Highball: A Gentleman’s Manbun

There’s a lot of hype about the “manbun,” or even the unfortunate name, “mun.” There are Mondays dedicated to it and thousands of pictures posted each second of dudes showing off their #manbun. But here at The Longhairs Global Headquarters, we find the name “manbun” uncomfortable and awkward, especially saying it to your bros.

“Hang on a minute guys, I need to put up my manbun.”

Really…that just doesn’t fly with the homies. It’s even more grievous considering how badass this hairstyle actually is, so much more than ‘a man’ + ‘a bun.’ It’s refined, it’s rich, it possesses class. It reminds us of the days when wearing a three piece suit and drinking scotch at work every day was standard issue.

“Hang on a minute guys, I need to put up my manbun.”

The Highball

Finding ourselves with this regrettably named yet exquisitely masculine long hairstyle, we submit to you a more aptly conceived moniker: the “highball,” in reference to both the physical description of a “high ball,” as well as the classic beverage traditionally consisting of whisky, scotch, gin or other high proof alcoholic spirit. Because anything with whisky in it is cooler than something called manbun.

As a hairstyle, the highball is slightly more advanced than a standard menstail or foldover. It probably won’t be the first way you’ll ever tie it up, but as you grow with your long hair it will become a go-to style, especially at weddings and swanky wine mixers.

Thus more appropriately named to accurately reflect the dignified nature of this tasteful top piece, let The Longhairs disseminate how to execute The Highball.

Help longhairs who are uncomfortably calling their highball a manbun by sharing this message.

“Stop calling it a #manbun it’s a #highball”


  1. Longhairs unite. Can you recommend good hair oils? Definitively going to do a highball.

    1. Yes man! Argan oil and coconut oil are both great. There are lots of other nut oils and essential oils, but those two are great to start with.

      Highball it up man!

  2. Hi, Longhairs – love the site :o) I almost accidentally grew into growing my hair out by going so long without a haircut that I thought about growing it… and then specifically made the decision to actively grow it out when it occurred to me I could wear my hair in a man bun… I mean, a highball! I *think* I’m coming out of the awkward stage in that it’s obvious I’m growing it, but I still need to grow my fringe out completely, and my temples, so I can get it all ‘highballed’ at once. Not far off though! BTW, can you confirm if you’ll be restocking Old Glory hair ties? Keep up the good work!

    1. Ha! The Scotsman!

      Thanks for the comment. A superior version of the Old Glorys are appx 30 days from arriving, along with some new fresh designs as well.

      Thanks again EE!

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  4. Agree wholeheartedly that “Highball” is the more apropos moniker (what, you said it was classy and sophisticated, hence the vocabulary!). Newly discovered The Longhairs website. Your articles and videos have given me the resolve to bravely march forward through the Awkward Phase Hair I’m most definitely sporting. Coming up on eighteen months, can’t quite put it all up in any style or direction (curses, so close!), but I started with a full buzz cut, and have had a trim every three months to keep the ever-evolving look tidy(-ish, as much as possible with APH) for work.

    While we’re at it, can we do something about “menstail”?! It makes me cringe and shy away in the same way “manbun” does. Perhaps “The Stallion”? Anyone?

    1. Author

      CJS! What up dog!? Thanks for the thoughts man, interesting point on the Menstail you’re the first to put it that way. I see where you’re coming from on that, but it really has become a well established name here in the community for that type if tie. The Stallion is a freaking awesome name! Love it! Any ideas for an alternative way to tie it that would be fitting for that name?

  5. I have a variety of colors, sizes and textures of typical hair elastics, as well as bobby pins; but I find that a mini jaw clip is the perfect thing on a daily basis – especially for sloppy buns and half-up/half-down styles. Clips don’t tear your hair taking them out and they look very cool (I have black, clear and tortoise.) It is difficult finding barrettes though that aren’t too girly. That really needs to be the next step: a nice line of barrettes for guys. It would be a money maker.

  6. Aspirational! I can’t tie it up yet without having the shorter sides. 11 months (with a few cuts) so probably another 2-3 years time

  7. I have never been a fan of the term “Man Bun,” and also never known how to take a man bun compliment. However, I just tied back a High Ball, and I love it. I’ll be sporting this tomorrow for sure, while riding on a Victory Highball. (awesome coincidence).

    Heard about your site about a month ago (oddly from a friend with no hair), and I gotta say, I dig it. Keep up the good work!

    1. Author

      Yea SAM! Great to see you here. The High Ball is a go to…especially with the bike to match. Those Victories are badass!

  8. HIGHBALL! Having survived a minimum stint as a bartender during university, I agree that this is a great way to refer to this. I have called it a “spin-up”, resisting a lady-friend’s suggestion of “TWIRL-up”!
    Anyway… Thanks for coming up with something other than manbun (which ranks right up there with FANNYPACK)! Yikes…
    El Picador

  9. G’day there longhairs, I purchased quite a few hair ties the other day but I seem to have the wrong tracking number for Australia.
    Hope you guys can sort out
    Many thanks
    Robert Leszczynski

    5 Forater road. Katoomba NSW 2780 Australia

    1. Author

      What up dog!

      Just looked up your order and looks like you got it on the 31st. Can you confirm that you have recieved? CLICK HERE to see the order we were tacking.

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