A Dutch Braid Tutorial from a Man

How to Dutch Braid Like a Commando

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The first thing we learned when we started researching Dutch braids was that they aren’t named after Major “Dutch” Schaefer in Predator. Beyond that disappointment, turns out Dutch braids are pretty SICK, and you can do them yourself with a little practice and a superhuman combination of pulverizing strength and endurance.
Our action-packed Dutch braid tutorial is below, but first we’ll tackle a few common questions about Dutch braids. Some might sound silly, but this is what they’re asking.

What Is A Dutch Braid?

A Dutch braid is a type of French braid, where additional hair is added gradually as it’s being braided. That’s in contrast to a more traditional braid, where braided sections contain the same hair from beginning to end, without adding new hair.

What’s The Difference Between Dutch Braids and a French Braid?

The difference with a Dutch braid is the sections of hair overlap underneath each other instead of over the top of each other. You could say they underlap, offering a unique, stylish, 3D appearance that really pops.

You might also hear it called an “inside-out braid,” or a “reverse braid.”

A Dutch Braid Tutorial from a Man

How Do You Do A Dutch Braid?

Clearly demonstrated in the tutorial video below.

Dutch Braid Inspiration

The inspiration comes from within, but we’ve often looked back at these 2015 photos with desire to recreate this double Dutch braid, executed by hair professional Meghen Lord. We call it The Reverse Double Barrel French Revolution, but we’re still working up to that tutorial.
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Can Men Dutch Braid Their Hair?

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Dutch Braid Variations

There’s your basic Dutch braid, then your double Dutch braids, half Dutch braids, side Dutch braids, upside-down Dutch braids, Dutch braids with potatoes, and everything Dutch under the sun. Let’s just start with the basics.

How To Dutch Braid

It’s El Rubio at his finest. If you can find a better tutorial of a man teaching how to Dutch braid we urge you to link it up in the comments.

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