The Apéritif: A French Braid For Men

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We Call It “The Apéritif”

Since we started teaching guys how to braid their hair, men have been demanding a tutorial on how to French braid. Well here we are…welcome to advanced class.

If you’re new to braiding you might start with some beginner braids that are easier to pull off. We’ve demonstrated The Rope, The Brave, The Angler, The Willie Nelson and The Split Tail—but learning how to French braid is a little more tricky.

It’s a more difficult braid because you must continually transfer three sections of hair between two hands, at times holding all three sections in one hand. It takes some dexterity with the fingers, tremendous arm strength and lots of practice, but worth the effort.

How To French Braid Your Hair (For Guys)

The French braid is ideal for weddings, outdoor cocktail parties and swanky holiday mixers, and since everything French is a little bourgie, we call this one…The Apéritif.

For safety I recommend adjusting your air conditioning settings to polar freeze, because you’re likely to start sweating and possibly reach total arm failure. Everyone thinks they’re tough until you’re holding your arms up for seven minutes.

Grab a hair tie, a glass of chablis and a croissant, if you’re anything like me you’ll find learning how to French braid, how do you say…c’est si bon!

How To French Braid For Bros


How To Braid Your Hair For Men

Before mastering all the dope braid styles, you’ll need to learn the fundamentals on how to braid your hair for men.
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  1. Did I just watch the best french braid tutorial on the internet?

    I think so!

    Killer job El Rubio!

  2. mr Hutchinson
    55 years ago, France was absolutely scandalized when appeared on tv a boy with shoulder length hair ( just tolerated in this time for girls…, longer hair was perceived as a sign of sexual depravity on women also):
    35 years ago ( after Disco send all longhairboys to the barber), long hair on men was accepted in artistic circles in any length if tied in a low ponytail only
    wearing a braid was very audacious; but we were no more suspected of gender confusing
    15 years ago, wearing a bun as a man surprised… now, it is absolutely common with any bun
    a bob was longtime considered as a female hairdressing; now, i see in French streets much and more young men growing out from a curtain hairstyle to be quickly bobbed, and much longhair men are lobbed
    you ought admit that a tendency is coming with less gender separating but with absolutely classic sex custom; most fathers are now longhair and much low gendered….
    society evolves , mainly in the less Bible conservative states, Cal. first, and, even if i call myself of ” vieux con”, i applause to this freedom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    avoid seeing on Yt the channel of Silvousplaits: her men tutorials could scare you………

  3. thanks for the dedication, young bro !!!
    i must admit that i’m absolutely unable doing any braid or plait, and i must ask a woman everytime i want wearing one…..
    point of french art de vivre: the Chablis wine ( a white dry one produced near Burgundy) is always served accompanying a fish meal: for drinking without eating, french people prefer Bordeaux or Beaujolais
    le croissant ( originally created in Vienna to celebrate the liberation from Turkish army by Jan Sobiersky year 1683) is eated at breakfast only; frenchies use to temper one end in the coffee, then wring it out with the spoon, eat then start again
    and take care, bros, your girlfriend don’t confuse your mane with a training wig…: lol

    1. bizarre, for i’ve used this updo for going to Garnier’s Opera Paris; fencies ought be now more mind opened as some american people….;lol

        1. To El Moreno obvs (I’ve had my mom french braid my hair lol it isn’t girly, I’ve gotten complements from guys on my hair)

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