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How To Tie A Fishtail Braid For Men

Yo Longhairs!

Stepping up your twisted up game! We’ve got another dope braid for you here, this time it’s a fishtail braid. But since this is for men, and because we can do whatever we want, we’re gonna call this one, “The Angler.”

The cool thing about The Angler, is it looks badass, but also this is now getting into some more advanced braiding technique. Most women I’ve met don’t even know how to do this, and people are gonna be pretty damn impressed.

The braid itself is actually easy, however it does take longer to execute, and it definitely takes practice.

So whether you tie your own flies, use powerbait, or own a deep sea fishing rig named “Beeracuda,” you can still be, The Angler.

Watch it. Learn it. Do it.


How To Braid Your Hair For Men

Before mastering all the dope braid styles, you’ll need to learn the fundamentals on how to braid your hair for men.


  1. I am going to do this NOW! I am going to wear tomorrow to the office. I had no idea how easy this was; I always admired it from afar and now I am going to sport one. THANKS!!

  2. This is great! I didn’t know how to do it until this video. My 10 yr old daughter’s having a sleepover tonight with her friend and this is SO fun hair-braid activity we’re going to do! I know we’re not dudes, but hey, we have hair. It’s long. And it braids.

  3. What a pleasant surprise, definitely going to try this one out. Thanks El Rubio!

  4. the first tutorial that i have seen where we can see how to take the hair with the finger ( none of the female youtubers did it, cause they use a fix camera)

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