The Essential Hair Tie Review For Men

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Finally It’s Cool To Talk About Hair Ties

Materials, design, quality, durability and staying power. You might be more familiar with these terms in construction or other manly industries, but you probably haven’t used them in a discussion about hair ties. Until now.

The fact is, you need to get your hair out of your face, and hair ties are indispensable. Few other accessories warrant the triple-check before you leave the house. Keys, wallet, cell phone, sunglasses….hair tie. Because we all know what it’s like showing up to work, dinner or the gym without one: a pain in the ass.

While it may give you an excuse to start a conversation with an attractive woman, you’re better off not going anywhere without one.

So which do you choose, and how do you decide? Start right here, with the essential hair tie review for men.


The Basic Rounders

The basic entry-level hair tie, used by 85% – 90% of men with long hair. They’re inexpensive, they come in bulk, they don’t make you look like a girl. Pretty much the go-to hair tie for rookie and veteran longhairs alike.



  • Basic
  • Come in packs of 10-1,000
  • Don’t look feminine


  • Snap easily
  • Sharp edges when stretched and twisted
  • Kink your hair
  • Thousands vanish annually with no plausible explanation

Despite their setbacks, these are the go-to choice for men until the market dictates otherwise.


The Rubber Rounders

Similar to the basic rounders, these have a rubbery texture, marketed as “no-slip grip®” and “STRONG hold.” Interesting design with some noteworthy advantages.



  • Don’t slip out as easily
  • Don’t look feminine
  • Don’t form a sharp edge


  • Instead they yank the hair out of your skull
  • Kink your hair
  • May cut off the circulation to your wrist resulting in amputation

A good option when you need a firm hold for a long period of time. Not the best if you’re going to be taking it out and re-tying throughout the day, and long-term durability is yet to be determined.


The Coil Rounders

The Coil Rounders

Virtually identical to basic rounders but constructed with a metallic coil weaved into the material. If this extra coil serves any purpose other than acting like a miniature razor blade slicing open your hair cuticles we couldn’t identify it.



  • Don’t break easily


  • Slices your hair cuticles open
  • Damages hair
  • Kinks hair
  • Twinkly

Not recommended under normal circumstances. Unless you’re under severe duress, it’s simply not worth the damage to your hair.


The Weavers

The Coil Rounders

Interesting design ingenuity essentially weaves three basic rounders together into a braided single hair tie. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but the braided design mitigates the disadvantages of the single basic rounder.



  • Slips on easily
  • Very flexible
  • Little pressure on the hair
  • No yanking
  • Good hold
  • Newer design


  • Hair can get caught in the weave and get pulled out
  • Still some sharp edges when stretched and twisted
The Coil Rounders

Pretty cool. Twisting still causes a sharper edge, but this is mitigated by the weave. They also look pretty badass, making these a solid option.


The Rounded Flats

The Rounded Flats

An engineering modification to the basic rounders has resulted in a flatter design while maintaining key attributes. Considered cutting edge in their heyday, these sturdy ties have reduced crimping and improved staying power over the rounders.



  • Strong hold
  • Solid construction
  • Flat design doesn’t kink your hair as much


  • Sharp edges when stretched and twisted
  • Can feel bulky in your hair
  • As with any tie that is attached, they will break eventually

High marks overall. In general a flatter design will increase the surface area in contact with your hair, thereby distributing pressure more evenly and reducing kinkage. As different brands use different materials, you want to find these as soft as possible, limiting the sharp edge resulting from stretching and twisting.


The Spiked Flats

The Rounded Flats

Interesting new feature on the rounded flats. Tiny inward-facing rubber spikes increase hold and prevent slippage. At first we were worried they’d be really rough on the hair, yet we found them surprisingly gentle.



  • Excellent hold
  • Surprisingly gentle
  • Benefits of the the rounded flats


  • Extra friction points cause additional stress on your hair
  • Still form sharp edges when stretched and twisted
  • As with any tie that is attached, they will break eventually

Another solid option. Definitely good for athletic use, although sweat may increase friction with the rubber spikes, meaning you don’t want to pull them out right after a heavy sweat.


The Nylon Rollers

The Rounded Flats

Designed for superior fit and comfort, the rollers are manufactured with a polysynthetic nylon blend that is soft to the touch and easy on the hair. Essentially flat to begin with, the thin, seamless material curves or “rolls” in on itself forming a double-walled construction which returns to shape every time.



  • Very soft, little stress on the hair
  • Flatter design doesn’t kink your hair as much
  • Removal is easy, no yanking
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Stretching and twisting doesn’t create a sharp edge


  • Get stretched out eventually
  • Basically useless when wet
  • Not best for strenuous activities

Perfect for a night out with your lady or a swanky cocktail party. Where they lack is in the athletic department. Not a great tie for being active, falls out easily and does not perform well when wet.


The Scrunchis

The Rounded Flats

Popularized for decades by little girls, the classic scrunchi can be found prevalently at elementary schools across the United States.



  • They hold your hair


  • Require very long hair
  • Looser hold
  • Pink with polka dots
  • Pretty damn frilly
  • Called a scrunchi
  • Highly likely to get you confused for a teenage girl

Tough to recommend these for manly men.


The Spirals

The Rounded Flats

A cool new option introduced to us by James the Hair Cutter. They’re plastic and vinyl coated rather than a traditional elastic. The idea is they’ll hold the hair securely without the additional compression needed with most other designs, i.e. twisting it three or four times.



  • Not overly tight on your hair
  • Virtually no kinkage
  • Little stress on your hair
  • They’re a little different


  • Can’t pull them very tight
  • Not as good of hold
  • Can get tangled in your hair under certain conditions

Might not be your go-to option, but worth trying out. They’ll give you a different look and feel, and a little something new to add to your quiver.


The Ribbon Flats

The Ribbon Flats

Entering on the scene in the last few years, this style has become a staple in the women’s long hair community. Basically a flat piece of elastic with a knot it in, often printed with flowers, Disney characters and pastel colors.



  • Good hold
  • No sharp edges
  • Gentle on the hair
  • Won’t snap
  • Printed with designs


  • Elastic wears out over time
  • Designs are mostly girly
  • Smaller loops can be tight around the wrist

A good option. High ratings on design, durability and functionality.
The biggest drawback is these are typically printed with feminine patterns, and the ribbon-like material has a sheen that’s a bit on the frilly side. Also being knotted, the tail of the knot is left longer which contributed to the frilly nature. If you can find these in plain, neutral colors you’ll do pretty well to keep a supply of these in your hairdrobe.


The Garter

The Ribbon Flats

Yes, that garter. Less functional, more aesthetic. If you manage to catch it you pretty much have to put this in your hair, as few visual demonstrations will better illustrate your commitment to partying hard at this wedding.



  • Makes a statement
  • Demonstrates commitment
  • Ensures other party-goers will know who’s boss


  • Limited availability
  • Strong box-out move and the possibility of combat to acquire
  • Likely to be removed after a short time for hair whipping
  • Literally a female undergarment on your head
  • Not suitable outside of the wedding environment

Pretty clear cut here. If you catch it, use it.


The Comparative Review

What do all these hair ties have in common?

They’re all designed and marketed for women. They were all purchased in the women’s hair care aisle. Well, except the garter, which was purchased in a different women’s aisle. Which, hey, we love long hair on women too.

But where are the hair ties for guys?

Glad you asked.

The Basic Flats

The Basic Flats

Finally we arrive at the crossroads of simplicity, comfort and functionality. This simple loop of elastic is truly a men’s hair tie. The ½ inch wide, flat surface area distributes pressure points, reduces kinkage and slides off easily. It’s loop is wider than most hair ties, better suited to a man’s wrist. It’s knotted rather than stitched which virtually ensures it will never break. And it doesn’t have flowers on it.



  • Wide, flat design
  • No sharp edges
  • Manly


  • Elastic wears out over time
  • Not available in stores.

What do you really think?

Would you like to see hair ties more suitable for men? Have you found yourself wondering why the lack of hair tie options? Are you tired of searching for products in the women’s hair care aisle?

If so we’d love to hear from you. We’re doing a study of sorts on hair ties and your opinion will help a great deal. Sign up below to be included.


We listened. And if you didn’t know by now, we offer the finest men’s hair ties in the world, including the “basic flats” and a dozen other sick collections for men: Hair Ties For Guys™.



  1. I’d like to get one of them. Which one looks manly the most, recently?

  2. What’s up El Rubio!? Thanks for the article. I’ve also been watching your video on how to tie your hair. I get frustrated because I have to completely wet my hair with a slight mixture of conditioner/water concentrate in a spray bottle, comb it all back, pull it tight and wrap it up! It’s a lot of hard work! But I love my long hair and I know I would regret cutting it the moment I snip it! So I’ve been searching for ways to better keep my hair out of my face and to stay cooler and more functional while at work. I work in a custom metal fabrication shop and when I have it down with my hat on and I start to sweat it feels disgusting touching the back of my neck! I’m in month 16 of my long hair journey! Thanks bro. P.s. my hair is SUPER THICK. I’ve had a few women almost quit their job cutting it!

    1. Author

      Yo yo dawg! Haha, hopefully no hair professionals were harmed in the writing of this comment. A couple thoughts:

      1) Not meant as a shameless plug, but the headwraps are seriously perfect for the problem you’ve described. I didn’t think of this when we first launched them, but I now wear my headwrap under my ski helmet, bicycle helmet, under my trucker hat when I was on the river, while working out, and while I’m writing this response right now. Do the tie-up you’ve described then put the headwrap over it to keep everything tight and tidy. Highly functional.

      2) We have a guest contributor writing a post about long hair in blue collar and/or construction-type jobs requiring PPE. Keep an eye out for that!

      Thanks for writing amigo, keep lettin it ride and soon you’ll be able to tie the whole thing up easy. C’YA!

  3. Where can I find the black “Weaver” hair tie? I been looking everywhere!

  4. I have tried every kind of tie imaginable. They all suck, I got a pile of hair on the floor that got ripped out of my head. I don’t get how women use these. I don’t want to get it. I had 1 flat and yes it was the answer but I lost the damn thing.
    Press on! We need this product.

  5. Im a month or so away from being able to tie my hair back so im stoked on the hair ties for guys launch! Keep up the good work gents.

    1. Author

      Yo Justin thank you man! You keep it growing and we’ll keep it coming, you can count on it. Hair ties coming soon hombre!

  6. Interested in masculine hair ties, especially the basic flats one. As for myself, I’m on my 7th month of my journey to long hair.

  7. Go to a fabric store, buy length of flat elastic of your choice, cut to comfortable wrist size, tie it. You have cheap high quality hair ties. This is what I do now, before i used the typical double thick hair tie.

  8. It would be cool to buy some flats on here. Excellent product review overall, very detailed.

  9. Good post and excellent product review. You should do an article on Halloween ideas for Longhairs.

    1. Thanks Alex. Love the Halloween idea, we’ll see what we can come up with.

  10. Awesome article, got a basic rounder in my hair right now and some rounded flats in the drawer. Signed up for the basic flats info as well.
    I was just at the store the other day looking at the hair ties and what not and thinking, man where is the male market here?!
    Will say there is some head band options you missed I think, there is some plain black ones or more neutral color ones out there.

  11. I use the basic rounders. My hair is naturally straight so to get the kink out ill just go to a sink and wet a comb or my hands and run it though a few times and the kink is gone for me.

  12. Oh and I changed my profile from Anthony Robledo V to Anthony, and I signed up for the study using my new profile, thanks y’all!

  13. El Rubio! I am down to write for the Long Hairs, ask and you shall receive!

  14. Author

    Yo guys! Thanks to everyone who asked where you can get the basic flats. Recognizing the lack of good options, we have been designing and testing different materials and styles, which led us to this product review and developing the basic flats ourselves.

    We are working to make a superior version of these dope ass hair ties available to you. If you would like to stay updated and give us your feedback, sign up to be included in our ongoing study (in the form directly above the comments).

    Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting. As always…keep lettin’ it ride.

  15. So is someone from “The Longhairs” going to reply to where can the flats be purchased? Just about everyone asked.

  16. i use often a bun with a chopstick homemade from an asiatic eating chopstick
    in formal occasions, do i use a ponytail holder with hooks; that’s what use the great hairdressers

  17. I would like to know where to purchase the Basic Flats tie. Please send info on where to purchase them. Thanks.

      1. I read the post once again and still did not find out where you can purchase the flat ties on line. You indicate that it is not available in stores. Thinking that is the largest online retailer, I checked with them to no avail. googled flat hair ties without any valuable information. Perhaps it is my advanced age (67) showing up but never-the-less, I am clueless as to where to actually purchase the flat hair tie. I am currently using round hair ties and hate removing the tie because I generally loose 7 – 10 strands every time I remove the hair tie. If, in fact, the flat tie is gentler on ones hair I am all in for it but can not for the life of me figure out where to purchase this item.

        If you have any insight about this item I would love to receive it. Thank you for taking the time to assist me!

  18. Awesome post. I used the flats.

    P.S. To do something different when the tie is not in your hair, try wearing it at the base of your fingers instead of around your wrist!

    1. You can get the Basic Flats/Ribbon Ties at the Dollar Tree! That is where I found them. A 5 Pack of all black flat ties. You can also find them at Walmart, but the Dollar Tree flat ties are the exact same and they do a good job.

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