Should You Cut Your Long Hair?

Is It Time To Cut Your Long Hair?

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Answer: Hell No

Have you ever wondered if you should cut your long hair? The obvious answer is no, you should not cut your long hair “off.” But if you’ve been growing for a number of years you might be thinking about getting a trim, which there are mixed opinions about.

A few questions we’ve asked ourselves as longhairs:

  • Should I trim it or not?
  • Will trimming make my hair grow faster?
  • What can I do about these annoying short hairs around my ears and neckline?

As it turns out, we have a professional hair cutter and certified longhair right here on our block.
James is from London where he was trained as a hair pro, but is here on holiday teaching hair classes at the Hyde Edwards salon in Little Italy.

We caught up with James and invited him to the Longhairs headquarters to answer our questions, and maybe even give us a trim.

After hanging with James, we found answers to our questions:

Should I trim it or not?

Yes, it’s a good idea to trim it occasionally (maybe every 4–6 months). You especially want a trim if you have split ends, which stops the hair from splitting further all the way to the root. This will keep your hair healthy and looking good.

Will trimming make my hair grow faster?

No, this is a myth. But healthier hair means less damage and less breakage, so you’ll keep more of the long hair you’ve already grown—which can make it seem like it’s growing faster.

What can I do about those annoying short hairs around my ears and neckline?

This comes down to personal preference. If you want a little tighter appearance or if you tie your hair up often, you can shave or “clean up” around the ears and neckline. However, you’ll have to maintain it if you go this route.

If you prefer a more natural look, you might just want to let it ride.

What questions do you have about long hair? Leave them in the comments and we’ll get them answered for you.


  1. Hey, so I have hair that is down my butt and I’m thinking of asking my mother about cutting it. Any sudgestions? I’m thinking like 3 inches off? Maybe? Tell me what you think,

  2. I’ve been growing my hair out for 2 1/2 maybe 3 years now. I’ve had tiny trims occasionally. I’m guessing it’s about time I tightened it up and trim it about half an inch.

  3. I’ve had my almost waist length hair for the better part of about 10 years and, due to my career, I have to constantly keep it tied back, leading to (seemingly) irreparable damage and hair loss. I’m going to be cutting my mane by the end of the week, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a great family! You helped me relove my hair after a few years of just having because I always have. I might be back, I’m just looking for something different and something fresh!

    1. Thanks for sharing Bryce and nothing wrong with a little reset. Gain some new perspective, try something new. All good stuff, we’ll be here and I have a good feeling you’ll be back.

  4. Would you say getting hair trimmed is a neccessity? Started growing my hair out in 2013 and have just been letting it do its thing

  5. Hi, I have hair that’s past shoulder length. I used to get my temples and neckline shaved to avoid the wirey hairs to stick out when at a certain length. My last trim was about six months ago, I have left the hair to grow out a bit and now it’s at that stage of annoyance where if I where a bun the sides are curling out. Do you think its worth persevering to let it grow, will that area even grow longer or is it best to get it clippered again? Thanks 🙂

    1. Author

      Yo Jimmy!

      This really comes down to personal preference. I do shave my neckline and trim around the ears for the reasons you’ve mentioned, some guys prefer to let those areas grow. It depends on your specific hair, but in my experience I haven’t seen those areas even grow long enough to really make it worth it.

      Here are a few more posts that might help:

      Hope these help man! Let us know what you come up with.

  6. How should I tell my barber to trim my long hair. I’ve been growing them out for about 8 months since my last haircut.i haven’t had a haircut since 8 months …A little advice would just work well.

  7. Hey guys!
    I have been growing my hair out for 11 months without cutting it at all, and have been told up until now to just let it ride until I can tie it up. Should I just keep going, or would you advise a trim? Thanks for the awesome website!


    1. Author

      Keep lettin’ it ride man. Unless your hair is just super-damaged, you realistically don’t need to think about a trim until at least 18 months, possibly 24.

  8. Where do you recommend we go to get my hair trimmed? Currently the length is down to the small of my back, but I know it needs a healthy trim…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW, thank you to the gentleman that I met yesterday that gave me the business card, I met him at the Art Institute of San Diego (in Mission Valley) at the portfolio show.

    1. Author

      Good to meet you Mr. Heath and Diane! If you want to meet the fellow who cut my hair in this video, he does training at Hyde Edwards on Kettner Boulevard in Little Italy. Other recommendations would be Style Lounge in Gaslamp (540 6th Ave) or The Dover Club on 8th Ave & G Street (just opened). Good luck to you sir, great to see a longhair veteran like yourself!

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