The Definitive Long Hair Problems for Men

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Unique Problems For Guys With Long Hair – An Illustrated Edition

Some painful, some humiliating, we’re proud to present this graphically illustrated edition of long hair problems for men.

UPDATE: over 170 comments documenting long hair problems from around the globe. Share your #longhairproblems in the comments!

Elefante with his hair tangled in a button

Worse Than Your Last Pair Of Underwear

You’ve got a sales meeting in 30 minutes and your navigation calls for a 27-minute drive. This is a “hair tied up” occasion, but out of the 50-pack of boring regular black hair ties you bought last week, there are approximately ZERO left.

Rummaging desperately through your girlfriend’s drawers, you find a single, sickening option available to you: a hot pink scrunchie.

Involuntary Hair Removal

One of the more painful long hair problems, ripping a chunk out of your hairline attempting to remove your sunglasses.

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Not Yoga Chill

Congratulations. You just breathed, stretched, accepted, felt, humbled, expressed gratitude and showed appreciation to your body, mind and spirit. You’ve earned...Svasana.

Except you can’t rest for shit because your hair is tied up and you can’t put your head down squarely on the yoga mat, even though all the women in class seem to be managing just fine. Same problem on a bench press.

Heavy Surf

Things have been going great since the zipper incident. You’ve caught eight waves and you’re paddling back out, but you surfaced with a heavy, soaking-wet face blanket, so you didn't see the sleeper wave that slammed you, knocked you off your board and nearly lost the GoPro.

Cycling With Obscured Vision

One of several very dangerous long hair problems, the slightest glance away at mach speed can be catastrophic, looking back to find yourself riding into oncoming traffic with hair pasted to your face.

The Oil Change

We’re men, we change our own oil. Or at least find ourselves under a vehicle occasionally, which is great until you realize your hair is floating in a stagnant pool of contaminated motor oil.

Preparing and Consuming Meals

Whether it’s actually eating, or cooking, preparing, serving, or otherwise dealing with food, somehow your hair inevitably ends up in the secret sauce.


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Actually Getting Catcalled

Among the more humiliating long hair problems, you finally got a date with that girl from the women’s hair care aisle. You’re laughing it up and things couldn’t be going better, until the punk waiter approaches from behind with a flirtatious greeting,

“Helllloo ladies…oh.”

Category 5 Tropical Hair Storm

You’ve got tickets to the big game, but you have to ride with a guy you kind of just met. It’s cool, until you’re forced to ask him, over the pre-game radio show, “dude, do you mind if we ride with the windows up?”

Dipping Your Hair In Your Beer

Rounding out our illustrated long hair problems, dunking your mane into a perfectly crisp and refreshing beer. Don’t worry, it’ll still getcha drunk.

Just when you thought you'd seen all the long hair problems, there's 100+ more in the comments. Hard to say which is most heinous, but there's some comfort in knowing you're not alone in your suffering.

Share your worst long hair problems below.
El Moreno with a Fish hook in his hair

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Marshall is all too familiar with long hair problems.


  1. I have dealt with the oil change to many times to count even if you pull it up somehow you still manage to get it In there.

  2. Inhaling forelocks instead of air while attempting to execute an impressive dribble against an opponent. Could secure it but damn it looks so primo sweaty, wavy, and flowing.

  3. My hair tangles into knots immediately after washing. it detangles fully while washing if i use a detangling brush and spray, but doesn’t last even 5 minutes after getting out.
    What do i do to make it stop tangling up?
    my head has hair, not headphones straight outta someones pocket

  4. Using professional back pack blower.went back there once. Not even sure what it would do.but for now on it gets pulled over to the front

  5. BABIES! Just this morning my 2 month old grabbed a lock of my hair as I was getting her dressed, and she had a Death-Grip on my hair.

  6. How about getting your hair wrapped up in the creeper wheel while under the car. I did that and had to roll off the creeper and get me and it out from under the car carefully so I could unwind myself. Lesson learned. Always put hair up when going under the car or truck. I also always pull my hair back when driving to keep it out of my face.
    My wife and I were in a restaurant and the waiter approached from behind, “What can I get for you ladies today,” he asked. He was embarrassed, I just smiled, and my wife laughed her ass off.
    After retiring from the military and law enforcement I was way tired of haircuts every two week so my barber lost a customer. Now I just get the ends evened up once or teice a year. Much better.

  7. I haven’t experienced it yet, but I worry about the following scenario. After a night of hard partying, you know, responsibly, of course, I would be too lazy to tie my hair and wake up with a splitting headache.

    When my stomach starts to get nauseous, I run to the head, put my face into the bowl, puke, and have it strewn over my hair.

  8. Feeling a hair in your eye and just about self-performing Lasic surgery on yourself.

  9. Replacing a transmission and your hair gets out of the cap and gets under the creeper wheel with the trany on your chest.

  10. Sleeping in General is a pain in the ass I dont get how to do it comfortably, tried a hair wrap, shit just falls out. Cant fall asleep without face on pillow, have to usually sleep with it tied up high to avoid the pillow.

  11. Showering before bed….sleeping with wet hair, and a towel on your pillow or a soaking wet pillow….irritating mate, very irritating!
    Suggestions please??????!!!!!!

    1. Author

      Yo Alan! There is a better way! Watch this How To Dry Your Hair – For Men, then this, How to Blow Dry Your Hair For Men, or if you have curly hair watch this: How to Dry Your Long Curly Hair w/ El Sergioso.

      Referencing back to the first one, I STILL use that same t-shirt, but I will sometimes keep it wrapped around my head when I go to sleep. It’s honestly pretty nice, there’s no hair in your face, your pillow doesn’t get wet, you’re kind of in a neutral zone. When you wake up it’s mostly dry but you can finish you’re drying routine from there.

      Hope that helps amigo! Let us know how it’s goin and KEEP LETTIN IT RIDE!

  12. Motorcycles. Just in general, but getting your hair caught in the chain while doing basic maintenance, trying to detangle it after a ride (STILL can’t braid it properly), “Who’s this chick that is screwing up the…….IT’S DANIEL!!! ARRRRGH!!!” Comment from the track day instructor, getting it caught in the tire while changing it at a friends garage, just a gamut of fun.

  13. Trying to sleep with it.
    It gets trapped under my shoulders, so I turn over and then it gets wrapped around my back. So I scrunch it all up under my neck and it sweats like hell. So then I tie it into a ponytail, but it irritates the back of my head when I lie on it. So I tie it up right on top of my head but can’t get at all the strands, so the loose ones get in my face and mouth.
    And then I look at the clock and it’s 7am and I have to get up!

  14. The hair always follows the lit cigarette, whichever way I turn. Specifically when I’m not paying attention

  15. when youre trying to light a cigarette or a joint and your hair gets in the way and you accidentally light a bit of it

  16. In bed with a beautiful lady and as positions change someone always has a piece of hair in their mouth. It could be yours, it could be hers, worse yet, it could be both. You would put it up, but she likes to play with it in bed.

  17. Dead long hair gets everywhere. Especially after a shower. You get a little itch down there and find out you have a hair or two between the ‘ol grand canyon and wrapped around the leaning tower of Pisa.

  18. After morning hair wash, you have wet hairs and you go in office with damp hairs. After reaching office you realises you have fogtton to bring hairtie and you need to tie your hairs. You have to ask your female collegues for hair tie….

  19. Honestly just wearing a helmet due to riding a motorcycle. My hair is curly and thick, if I put it in a lowball the helmet rests uncomfortably on it and if I leave it down it will create a texture where it’s flat and smooth where the helmet was and then poofy and awkward where it wasn’t.

    1. Author

      Yes man all too familiar with this (sans the curly hair). What I have found to work great is using a headwrap, which holds all the hair down under my helmet, then doing a side braid with the long stuff. If your hair isn’t long enough to braid yet, you can still try a menstail. I’ll do a video this winter next time I’m on the slopes! Hope this helps amigo.

  20. When you’re working on a car and you have your hair up and it starts to fall out and go everywhere but you can’t do anything about it because your hands are filthy from working on the car. Awful.

    On a side note. I can’t believe I just discovered you guys a few months ago. I started growing my hair out in 2012, cut and donated it in 2016, and have since grown it back out. Thanks for doing what you do!

      1. Once signed my hair while starting a fire lost my hair tie so that was back when it was almost to my waist. I’m back to shoulder length from practically bald in little under a year though.

  21. How about those one or two hairs that just refuse to stay in your ponytail or highball, this is especially known by those, like me, that like to keep the sides and neck shorter then the top!

  22. I knew my hair was past the awkward stage when I was in line with my wife and kids at a famous Massachusetts ice cream joint and this guy said excuse me miss when trying to grab napkins. Going on year four right now and loving it. My wife cut her hair into a pixie with shaved sides when I started growing my hair. She braids my hair every night before bed. I wake up with zero knots to untangle. Great tip if you have someone willing to braid it every night.

  23. Ever since Avengers Endgame came out, tons of people have been comparing me to “Fat Thor”, so I guess I’ll have to lose the gut now…

  24. When your with a chick in bed and there’s double the hair to deal with

  25. Those one or two hairs that you know damn well are caught in the corner of your mouth, you scrape and brush your hand at them, but they hang in there, menacing you until you finally start blowing and slapping your cheek like you’ve walked into a spider web or something! (Not an attractive look under any circumstance)

    1. Author

      SZABO, I know this one! Thanks for the comment amigo, SZAPOW!

      1. As a man with very curly hair, I just always have my hair tied back or in a high ball so aside from the bench press, I don’t have have most of these issues. If only someone would make some tips on dealing with the curls.

  26. Win and dust pisses me off the most because the wind blows your hair into your face so you put in it in a man bun only for the wind to blow dust in your eyes.

    1. Kyal— it’s called a High Ball, like a fine whiskey drink…

      Samurai would’ve cut your head off for calling it a man bun.

      Ain’t that right El Rubio?

  27. when things are starting to heat up in the bedroom and your hair gets trapped between the pillow and your partner’s arm rendering you immobile

    1. When u take the fu koolest hair ties for guys out.and u get some hair with. But who cares. Cause those toe rock

  28. Getting the triple take and sometimes awkward question of “are you someone famous”? Just because I am older with long hair. It gets annoying when you live in a city where there are so many famous faces – Las Vegas

      1. Everything you said, I’ve lived through…
        I sleep with my hair loose and free flowing, so trying to roll over in bed and your hair getting caught under your …back, shoulder, arm, and trying to figure it out while 7/8 asleep

  29. Walking down the street when I feel a strand wrapped around my toe. Happens often, not sure how.

  30. I can relate to so many of these—the yoga, windows down, and restroom double-takes especially. That said, however, for every longhair downer I experience, I get TEN compliments about my hair! Women love it, and even men (including a few bald men) give me compliments. I’ll gladly accept fumbling with the tie in yoga and have learned to enjoy the double-takes, because having long, gorgeous hair is just so freaking awesome!

  31. You’re finally out of the awkward stage, but only just barely. You want to go for a ride so you put on your half-helmet and hop on your motorcycle thinking the helmet will help keep most of your flow in place and that the “wind in your hair” will conveniently take care of the rest. Except when you finally get to where you’re going, you go and run your fingers thru your hair only to find that your flow has now become a tangled rat’s nest that will probably take you at least an hour and a whole bottle of detangler to undo.

    1. Author

      THIS IS ALL TOO REAL. Life lesson amigo, may you never have to detangle the rat’s nest again.

  32. When your hair is super long and you’re lying down and try to sit up but it gets caught under the glutes and you lie back down because you’re stuck…


    When you’re doing bicep curls and your hair is stuck under your armpits so you can’t do proper curls.


    When you’re running on a treadmill and your hair flails around and hits everyone on the treadmills next to you. (for super longhairs)

      1. I think a sidekick might solve all three problems at once.

        1. Even though there might be preferable solutions for the gym from a strictly utilitarian standpoint, Alefist, I believe that those who are classic and beyond should flaunt their voluminous epicness and let it ride with pride.

  33. To go along with Kirk’s story, I’ve been called countless times a girl because of how my hair looks. I can’t help but laugh whenever I hear that, especially when a little girl goes by me says to her mother, “Why does he have long hair?”

      1. Haters gonna hate. My Dad is like that, and he is the biggest obstacle to me wanting to start my journey.

  34. When you’re taking a swim without your hair tied up and you raise your head from the water to breathe but instead all your hair ends up coverering your entire face like a mask.

    Actually, to go along with El Rubio’s story, I’ve been mistaken for a girl many times with how my hair looks. I can’t help but laugh out loud whenever I hear someone say that, especially when a little girl goes by me and asks their mother, “Why does he have long hair?”

    Ah, I like having long hair.

  35. Getting it caught under your strings during the gig.

    Yeah, it’s just awesome to be rocking out, whip your head to the right and realize the left side of your head’s stuck to the neck.

      1. I know that hair is not so head bangable when tied back, but sometimes it is for the best.

  36. Then there are motorcycles!! No amount of tying seems to keep it from tangling. The best solution I have found is a skull cap, like the song says, “stuff my hair up under my hat”. It doesnt all fit but it keeps the tangles to a minimum and keeps it out of the spokes (ouch). I have been fighting this battle for 50 years,if anyone has a better solution, I’d like to know what it is

    1. Author

      Great one Ron. We’ll go to work on this problem. Best solution in the meantime is to braid it, which will help considerably.

      Thanks for commenting man, ride safe!

  37. I have this custom of every time in in a body of water to push the time i stay under water for survival practice. First time I did that when I had long hair i didn’t account for the wet towel torture scene that was about to happen. I almost drowned.

    Also inhaling hair deep into your cerebral cavity because you are soaking in the delicious smell of steak.

    1. Author

      Haha. Yes need to account for the wet towel torture scene. Thanks for adding man. I used to time my underwater breath holding also, but it’s been a while.

      Thanks for adding amigo!

  38. I get the window one, too. When you’re a passenger in someone’s car and the shorthairs want the windows wide open knowing that it is going to destroy your extra-long locks. I swear some of them do it on purpose even when there is no need for an open window just to gawk at the discomfort of my long hair getting blown to bits and tangled up in my own long locks.
    Fortunately, some dudes are respectful of long hair and ask first. I don’t really like my hair in ponytails or tied in any way and I don’t look good in a hat. My hair has to flow! 🙂

      1. When u take the fu koolest hair ties for guys out.and u get some hair with. But who cares. Cause those ties rock

  39. Sitting around with a few “friends” on one of those metal grill like chairs on an outside patio at a restaurant. I guess the wind was enough to entwine my long hair through the grill work on the back of the chair and when I went to get up – well, you can guess. My hair was so tangled in the back of the chair and I was soooo embarrassed because I was the only really long hair there. Then one of the guys I was with says,”Dude, I bet you wish that was a barber’s chair!” Really! My face was so red as I stood there untangling the long strands so I could escape.

  40. Here’s my longhair story…a nightmare avoided…barely!:

    It was the summer of 1966. Me and a few of my friends were at a bar called ‘Club 96’ just down the road from Appleton, Wi. Club 96 was a pretty small place. No live bands. Just LOUD music, lots of smoke, drunks and fights.

    None of us were 18 years old. Depending on who was checking ID’s on any particular night, we would either get in, or told to take a hike. The same guy would always let us in. One of my friends’ brother was a good friend of his. Plus, he didn’t really give a crap.

    At the back of the bar was a go-go cage. On this particular night, a black girl from Milwaukee, WI was inside the cage shaking her booty off (When me and a friend of mine gave her a ride back to her hotel room after the bar closed, I walked her up to her room. I could see the ‘track marks’ all over her arms. I decided to just bye and leave. But that’s another story. Back to Club 96).

    We were sitting at the back of the bar getting completely plastered. The go-go cage was right behind us. Sitting a couple of rows in front of us was a girl with the most beautiful long blonde hair I had ever seen. We were all eyeing her. Then it turned into who was going to go ask her for a dance. Even drunk, no one had the courage…except me!

    I was the brave one. I would show them how cool I was. I put my beer down, straightened myself up a bit, then walked to where I stood just behind her and over her right shoulder. In my best Fonzie voice, I said: “Ayyyyyy, Excuse me, would you like to dance?” (ok, I didn’t actually say “Ayyyyyyy.”)

    The girl slowly turned her head toward me. If looks could kill, I would have been dead before I hit the ground. She sat upright and looked like she was going to launch herself at me. It was then that the horror of it all became clear: She was a He! I could heard my friends gasp. I stood there. I had no idea what to do. I remember some guys sitting in front of ‘him’ turn around, smiling and shaking their head.

    To this day, I have no idea why I said this. I have a wild and wacky sense of humor. Always have. I finally managed to say: “Oh. That’s okay. Would you still like to dance with me?” The guys sitting in front of him lost it. They were roaring with laughter. Luckily, ‘he’ had a good sense of humor, because then he started laughing. Pretty soon, more people were laughing. Before I went back to my friends, I told him he had everyone fooled, because he had the most beautiful hair we had ever seen.

    I was so relieved because I actually made it out of Club 96 that night, alive!

    Kirk 🙂

    1. Author

      CLUB 96! In ’66!

      Glad you made it out alive there Kirk, you’re busting guts over here.

      You’re a great writer man, you should do a guest post for The Longhairs!

      Thanks for the great story.

  41. Hehe. you guys are great!
    Thanks for the cool hair tie product.

  42. I Haven’t seen this mentioned yet, but one of the biggest problems I’ve had, being a guy with long hair is….

    Fire, in all it’s forms… from campfires, and hey, most camping equipment(lanterns, stoves etc) involve some kind of flame, right down to your basics like candles and lighters. Living a mountain lifestyle and enjoying the outdoors with a flowing mane, I’ve experienced panic and the unmistakable smell of incinerating hair, on more occasions than I can count. Luckily I’ve never lost much more than a split-end trim might take, but I have seen how fast hair can go up when exposed to flame.
    I once reached over to give my buddy a light while we were coming down the hill from Julian at night and he was driving. It’s amazing that he didn’t go off the mountain while I was pounding him on the head to put out the flames.

    While rocking the locks, a guy has to be extra careful with fire.

    1. Author

      HAHA! Davee this is excellent material and you are right-on. I have noticed this problem many times since this post was published. Gotta love that mountain lifestyle, but fire is indeed a hazard! I hope your buddy appreciates you pounding him on the head and saving him from incineration.

      You know, if you ever wanted to expand on this and write a full blog post it’s be a great fit here. Hit us on email if so, we can talk further about it.

      There’s also this:

      1. It’s too bad the page doesn’t exist anymore. Would the best solution be to tie the hair back?

  43. Dude, that yoga one is all too real to me! In my class, I put my hair up, then the teacher says to lay on your back and, as seen earlier, you cannot lay comfortably on the lowball! So I take it down. Then she says to stand up and do some wack bent over pose where my hair graciously falls in my face and in my mouth. So I put it up. Then the cycle starts all over again:/

    1. It’s never ending struggle at yoga. You got to go with the headband.

  44. When you’re doing some push ups without any hair ties and all freaking hair comes foward like hell yeah they are into that too.

  45. REcently (the last 4 years or so) I have had to tie my hair back to be 100% sure it doen’t get caught on my guitar strings when im playing. I wear my guitar pretty high up similar to Tom morello (RATM), becasue I just cant play it if i wear it low like billy joe (greenday) or Slash.

    When my hair was sholder length (between 1990’s up until 5 years ago this waas not an issue) but since I decided to only wash my hair with conditioner and throw away the shampoo (my hair gets really dry from shampoo and gets split ends) my terminal length has increased several inches and my hair is currently touching bottom of my rib cage/elbows when i straighten it. Most of the time its not an issue, but this extra length has ment that there are a couple of extra considerations if I am playing that challenging solo or riff.

    1. Author

      Dude Marc, great comment man! We’ve been hearing more about the co-wash you’re talking about (conditioner only), I’m guess you have curly or wavy hair.

      Thanks for writing in, another original problem we haven’t heard yet!

      1. I bv want to hear more about the conditioner only wash. The longer half of mine gets absolutely wirey

        1. Author

          Roger that NEAL! Actually, you can condition the tips without washing the rest of your hair. You can even do it without even getting the rest of your hair wet. Give that a try amigo!

  46. My almost 7-year-old-son has hair well below his butt cheeks. We have learned quite a few lessons on do’s and don’ts with long hair, which for some strange reason don’t apply to women with long hair….
    Let’s see,
    He has had his hair tangled in personal fans at least a handful of times. He has had his hair stuck to buttons on MY shirts. He has been stuck with his head pulled back in his carseat because he sat on his hair and couldn’t unbuckle himself. He has gotten gum/food stuck in his hair, i am almost positive he has actually eaten his hair during many of these times. The one that has remained consistent since about the age of two, is whenever we are out playing at a park or anywhere that a child can get filfthy, he always leaves the place with literal black streaks all across his cheeks from constantly wiping his hair out of his face with his little grubby hands.

    Oh and on a side note:
    You don’t begin to understand what hair problems are, until you are trying to keep hair out of a butt-crack(which is notorious for gravitating there) while your child is going #2. And yes, we have learned the hard way….

      1. MOS, I am with you and I am in your corner, you and your son. Please keep everyone posted on your son’s progress. Keep fighting, keep rocking, and keep allowing your peaceful warrior son to let it ride, now and for years and years to come. With mad respect, I salute you!

  47. I have a cattle getting your stuck in the barb wire fence,can be a big problem,when the bulls are on the run.

  48. My father-in-law is a longhair, he has been since I meet him, I have always had mullets, about 2 years ago I started to grow the rest out, he never bothered me before, but once it started getting long on the front and sides he started having a cow, bugging me daily to cut it, but I didn’t, I have about 6 months until the front is where I want it to be, anyway I never thought Id be harassed by a longhair.

  49. Pediatrics nurse. Doctor went around asking all the guys if they were me, while I was sitting facing the computer. I turn around and say “I’m Matt,” and receive an “oh, I saw the hair and just assumed…” Same day a patient asks me why I have “girl hair.”

    1. It happened to the best of us. Was the patient a child by chance? I’ve got that question a lot for the little girls in my family.

  50. When you’re just chilling in your favorite recliner with your hair down and head back then someone either texts you or calls you and your instant reaction is to jerk your head down towards the phone and the hair that’s behind your back almost gets torn off.

      1. I have noticed a few problems involving sitting, and I might have a solution, especially for those waist- length and beyond, and donning either the Natural, the Brave, the Rope, or the Snake. Please let me know, El Rubio, if I nailed it. You move the hair away from the back and let it majestically drape over the front of the torso with the terminus inside instead of outside the legs. This way, you won’t sit on the hair, it won’t get stuck between you and the back of the chair, it won’t fall into the backside, it is a safe distance from the parts of the chair where the hair can get caught, and it is reachable.

        1. Author

          Yes man! Nailed it, still takes a little practice though as I’m sure you are familiar with.

  51. Caught under the guitar strap. Fortunately, that’s an easy recovery.

    1. Some straps are worse than others. THe leather ones see to be worse for that than fabric in my experiance

  52. The Windows Up one totally got me ahahaha I remember the struggle when I was getting the driving licence and I was basically driving blind because I was afraid of leaving the steering wheel to use the windows button and rise ’em up ahahaha

  53. Just got my first set of Hair Ties for Guys in the mail, so I can now avoid most of these problems. FUCK YEAH THEY’RE SO AWESOME.
    I’ve got nothing but love for you guys.

  54. First, I’m kinda at that in between awkward and long hair stage. It’ll hang fairly nicely, but it’s mere inches too short to tie all of it up. :\ (Any advice for that BTW?)

    That out of the way, shaving can get a bit… tricky. More than once I’ve ended up with shave soap in my hair, while fighting to keep it out of my face.

  55. Note to other Longhaired men. Your long voluminous locks may arouse alarm in the TSA check points in the airport. As I found out flying to and from DC. I still haven’t figured out if they wanted me to lift it just to check for contraband or to just see it whipped. I would like to think it was the former.

    1. Author

      No doubt it was to witness the whip!

      You heard ’em boys, watch those TSA checks.

      1. I have to wear a tie occasionally for event at work. I tied my hair in the tie.

  56. When you’re a transgender man and people use your luscious* man-mane as evidence that you’re not a ‘real man’. Good thing I can’t be bothered to give a f*** anymore.

    *It will be luscious one day. it’s currently at that weird in-between length. Long enough that I can sort of put it into a ponytail.

    1. Danny, congrats on forging through the in-between length stage! I have made it past that point just months ago for the first time in 20 years of attempts. Totally worth it. And btw, glad to hear other people’s faulty “evidence” on who you otherwise know you are doesn’t keep you from growing out your hair!

  57. That time you’re caught at a restaurant without any hair ties and you have to repeatedly pull your out of your mouth, and it slides out like wet floss because of that wonderful mixture of saliva, spices and sauce. That amazing face you make as you try to gracefully remove the hair from being wrapped around your tonsils, but your hands are covered in sauce. Priceless. OR what about the times you try to get up from laying down to be stopped abruptly and have your head snapped back because you’ve posted your elbow on your hair.

    1. Dude!! Hilarious!! For sure feel ya on the food one, happens all the time. Slight gag as you pull it from your throat.

    1. Author

      Yeah….record-breaking wind here in SD today, REALLY f’ing my hair up.

  58. Putting on a backpack and realizing your head is immobile due to the straps sitting snugly over your locks. 6 months my hair has been long enough for this to happen and I’ve yet to learn.

  59. I am glad to know that I’m not the only one experiencing those. As for another problem: Lighting your hair on fire while working on a grill or lighting a cigarette etc. Its a nightmare situation… The panic, the heartattack… Did that once and thankfully, just burned the ends a bit. I do not recommend.

    I got used to keeping my hair tied due to all these though. Its comfortable indeed but messes the hair up unfortunately. I should leave it to the wind more often, especially now, knowing that these are common problems to be endured.

    1. Author

      Yo Ark. We know that one too, check it out in Quick Tips. Long hair and fire don’t mix!

  60. Thanks for the awesome post (and all the other cool posts) guys!

    I’d just like to add two more: zipping your hair in when you want to get your jacket/sweatshirt zipped all the way up to your neck and ripping your hair when it gets squeezed to the ground while doing a backward/forward toll in gymnastics or martial arts training.

    Keep up the good work!

      1. Thanks El Moreno! Our global fight against the arch-villain zipper continues!

    1. Zippers – ahhhhh! lol
      I won’t mention a certain stubborn pair of skinnies that would not zip up – leaning over – yanking –
      zipper suddenly decides to work before i swing back the mop -ahhhhhhhhhhh.Caught in my pants – literally. (Hmmm did I mention it afterall – lol) Very embarrassing – but at least I was alone.

      1. have never had that happen Dude, but as much of a pain in the Ass getting your hair caught in your zipper is. not as bad as getting your junk zipped in it. Damm that hurts like FK

  61. Not being able to stay shirtless because your hair tickles the living hell out of you!
    Also when it gets under the T-shirt is a personal favorite

  62. getting my hair in the sink as i try to rinse my mouth with water! generally after brushing my teeth. even worse than a tie. my hair are tied like 95% of the time to avoid all those anyway.

  63. Getting my hair rolled up in the seatbelt getting out of a vehicle has always been my favorite!

        1. Author

          Let’s keep working at it. We’ll find the answers we seek.

          1. The best that I can come up with is, for the less than waist length, to tie the hair back, and for waist length and beyond, to hold the hair in one hand and to unfasten the belt with the other.

  64. or when you sit down in a public area and realize a single strand has somehow managed to get into your boxers during the wash cycle and has now firmly wrapped itself around your man bits….that’s the one that I absolutely hate.

    1. HAHAHA!! I have honestly had that happen several times. I find it more common from the shower. Loose hair slides down the body and gets wrapped up down there. It’s not tell six hours later you realize you’ve got a strand firmly wrapped around your junk.

      1. Yeah! that’s a total pain in the *** when that happens. I have trained myself over the years to check my underware (and the rest of my person) before i put it on just to make sure i dont have any wayward strands waiting to strangle anything delicate. Ditto shower.

    1. Yup, that’s a good one. Does it typically go into your mouth or directly onto the brush?

    2. Toothpaste and shaving cream while shaving. I just rinse it now and then put on argan oil to the tips (which are generally the bits that get in the way).

  65. Hey El Rubio! So even if you’re growing out your hair it’s a good idea to get a trim every 4 to 6 months like James said in the YouTube video about cutting hair?? Did you do that when you let your hair grow out? Or did you just let it grow without getting a trim? I’m freaking out about split ends, but i don’t even know if I have them. I want to let my hair grow out without any problems. I just want to do what’s best for my hair.

    And as for the baby hairs that you don’t like, the ones on the side, you could possibly try out O’Douds pomade. They’re all natural products. I highly recommend their products.

    I hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Author

      Yo Byron! I didn’t get mine trimmed until about 1.5 years in, and you probably don’t need to worry about the maintenance trims until you’ve hit the shoulders. Until then you’re trying to reach a certain length, plus your hair isn’t that “old” yet, so you don’t need the maintenance as much. Since that 1.5 year mark I’ve gotten it trimmed four times over the past two years, so roughly every six months. Even then, I’ve only gotten a 1/2″ or so taken off each time.

      Dude I will also check out O’Douds, I’m serious man those baby hairs are a pain in the ass.

      Thanks for following Byron, lots more action coming.

  66. Good meeting you at Fresno Greek Fest. Thanks for letting me know about your site.

        1. Author

          You know it man. Fortunately we don’t have to wait a year to drink beer.

  67. I once was washing my hands in a public restroom when an old man walked in with a startle, he turned around and left only to find himself returning a few seconds later… turns out he thought he had walked into the womens restroom. #longhairtrolling

    1. Author

      At least he didn’t try to start chatting you up! Haha thanks for sharing man.

    2. HA! Legendary! I was once at a urinal which had a mirror above it and saw a bloke come in and do the best double-take I’ve ever seen. When he told me he thought he’d gone into the ladies, I gave him my standard reply: “Mate, if you think I look like a woman, you seriously need to get your eyes checked.” The hair might be long but the bodyshape is very, very wrong. Plus, urinal…

      11 years since short, almost down to the small of my back now, but I suspect I’ve hit terminal length :'(

      1. Author

        Haha! Dude, a few weeks ago I was in the men’s locker room blowdrying and brushing my hair. I saw a guy take one jab step into the room then immediately turn and bolt. A minute later he walked back in; I suspected what he thought, but I had to ask him. Sure enough, he thought he had walked into the women’s.

        Just gotta deal w/ it boys!

        Interested in your thoughts on terminal length, Damo. A few times I thought I was there, but sure enough it keeps growing.

  68. Getting it caught up in the rollers of your creeper while working under your vehicle. Having people think you’re a girl when wearing a helmet while dirt biking or snowmobiling. Having your cat think it’s a cat toy attached to your head.

      1. Maybe a super front ball would solve the problem. Plus a beanie for extra protection.

  69. …waking up in the middle of the night because it feels like a roach is walking across your face only to realize it is hair that you forgot to tie back before going to sleep.

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