Only The Brave

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A Hairstyle For Courageous Warriors And Other Longhairs

Gotta give it to our boy on this one. Registered longhair “Ross Littlejohn,” reporting from the field in Scotland, aptly named this sick as you-know-what hybrid longhair style, which he witnessed at a Scottish wedding no less, “The Brave.”

Well said, Littlejohn...if that is your real name.

So we had to dial this one up you. Not only does this get your hair out your face, but features a combination of wearing it down and twisting it up. Instant classic.

Try it. Wear it. Bravely.


  1. Not just fabulous, but “bravelous”. Hehe! Definitely I’ll try it when I reach this length!

  2. Legolas from Lord of The Rings uses the same idea (but I think with a fishtail braid?). He also has some plaits going down the side, looks sick.

    1. Author

      You know what else Legolas does? Slays orcs by the dozen.

      Probably not a coincidence.

  3. As awesome as viking badass
    I’d like to try but mine seems not that long enough 🙁

    1. Chamane that is killer! You just need a ax and a shield and you’re ready to go.

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