Best Thing About Long Hair?

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The Best Things About Having Long Hair

It seems obvious, but people often ask, “why have long hair,” while others insist you should cut your hair. A quick internet search for the “best thing about long hair” will reveal plenty of good reasons, but the truth is…it’s different for everyone.

So we asked our faithful readers to answer the question for us: what is your favorite thing about having long hair?

Instead of launching into a verbal dissertation with curious inquirers, now I just point to this blog post: a community compilation of the best things about long hair—straight from the longhairs themselves.

Editor’s note: in the words of Tupac, these submissions are posted ruff, rugged & raw.

"Ease of wear is my first thought. When my hair was short. I had to comb it several times a day to make sure it looked good. For me with my long I simple wet it a little put it up and I am good all day. Also it gives me many more option for how I can wear my hair. Some days I wear it down, in a “Man Tail” or braided. So it also end up being versatile as far as looks I can have."
- Joaquim
Man with long hair and headband
"Not worrying about haircuts, and not overpaying for bad haircuts."
- JL
"Lions don’t cut their manes!"
- Brian
"My favorite thing about having long hair is that it is practical and economical. I have saved a lot of time and money by not going to the barbershop."
- El Flaco
"I’m not sure why, but I just think I look cooler with long hair. It’s a huge trade off for me though, I literally love the way it looks, but hate taking care of it. Also I’ve caught it on fire twice from scented candles lol!"
- Sntripod
"I had short hair when Covid started, and the place that cut my hair closed. After a few months my wife said “ Hey I like the way your hair is looking let grow out.” I liked it too so I haven’t cut since. What I like about my long hair the most is my wife's smile when she looks at me. Your products keep my hair looking its best."
- Chris
"Before - the only decision was hat or no hat...NOW - up, down, half up, back, hat, headwrap, bandana, so many more possibilities...MORE FUN!"
- El Jamonito
"3 years into professional school, I'm the only man with long hair rockin' it. Standing out while excelling and breaking norms rocks!"
- Emir "El Costeño"
"My hair means the world to me. My hair is a visual reminder of who I am and who I need to be. It is the reason I started taking better care of me. I became a better person by taking care of something fragile that others wish to erase."
- Dylan
"Being able to do something different every day instead of the same old short hair. Flow, braids, highball, or whatever, it’s awesome to rock it all!"
- Max
"I love not having to coordinate schedules in my family so that I can make it to a hair cut at least once a month. Also I love that I’m not stuck with one hairstyle until my next cut. I can radically alter my style on a daily basis if I want."
- Paul
"The fact that I can grow it long! I just wish that I had more hair that I could grow long."
- El Baldy
"It seems like such a small thing, but I love the feeling of my hair brushing against my back!"
- Mikey
"Individualism, Non-conformity, and Freedom. And, it pay homage to my Irish/Scottish Neolithic, stone-building ancestors."
- William the Longhair
"I feel unique"
- El Karlito
"My favorite thing about having long hair is that I feel freedom. Freedom to be who I am and to be myself around people. I love the connection to The Longhairs community and the information, news and products they have provided for me. I have told family and friends with long hair about them and now we all share a connection."
- El Gallo
"The variety of styles and looks that I can wear with it. Whether it be rocking it down in a beanie, tying it back in a tail or a bun with a Longhairs signature hair tie, or just letting it flow, there really are a lot of great options and versatility with longer hair. Plus, doing hair whips is an absolute blast!"
- Rob
"I feel livelier!! More a live, more in sink with Mother Nature."
- El Frances
"Honestly, my favorite thing is probably going to have to be, letting girls mess with my hair it actually helps me get girls and, I also like being able to tie it up and braid it. I personally think I look way better with long hair than I do short."
- El Aleje
"Having long hair sets me apart from others and is the first thing someone notices. It is also a major confidence booster for me."
- El Rizado
"Hearing women say, "I love your hair!""
- J Dub
"Using my hair as impromptu napkins! haha, i kid. it’s the process of growing it out & seeing how far i can grow it. IT’S LIBERATING! also the hair compliments aren’t too shabby either."
- don
"My mom made me wear a Pixie cut when I was little. I can finally do whatever I want."
- Linda
"Half of my friends are bald so it makes me their leader. I also really enjoy headbanging to heavy metal and having long hair makes it way cooler. Especially when you do the windmill trick. So cool"
- Austin
- Colin R
"i feel "beautiful", edgy, and more free"
- El Professor
"It looks amazing when wearing hats and beanies!"
- Aaron V.
"I love the time and patience that it takes to grow it and that I can wear it up or down."
- AdamO
"That everybody else thinks I should cut it, just because "men shouldn't have long hair." I spent the first fifty years of my life caring what everybody else thought. I just don't care anymore. I grew my hair out for me, and I'm keeping it for me. Everyone else be damned."
- Pianoman
"Chicks love it."
- El DoctorNando
"I get to wash it, tie it up, and forget it. so much easier than having to style it and get a hair cut every 30 days. Long hair, for me, is about low maintenance."
- Michael
"Number 1. My wife and kid’s love it. Number 2. Being the only man with long hair in my (very) blue collar job in a small,(very) southern town, I’m often referred to as “the guy with the ponytail” when being described to someone and I actually take a lot of pride in that. It makes me stand out quite a bit and I enjoy that."
- El Campeón
"It might sound weird, but the main thing for me is that it makes me feel like me. I’m in my 40s and didn’t grow my hair out for the first time until about 10 years ago or so. Once I did, it felt right. I felt more like myself with long hair than I did without - like that’s how it should have always been. There is also a level of self confidence that grows out with your hair."
- Lockedown
"The best thing about having long hair is the looks I get when I'm out. Long hair makes me stand out, and has definitely sealed the deal a few times."
- Logan
"Hair whips, hair whips while playing guitar, being able to use great products for it"
- Dave T
"people's reaction"
- DanGHo
"Having the freedom to style it however I want! When I had short hair I had one look. With long hair I can keep it down, put it up, braid it and all in infinite different ways!"
- El Perro Grande
"The compliments I get from my wife she calls me sexy all the time."
- Michael
"I loved the journey to get long hair. Now that I am 2-1/2 years in it still feels like a journey. There are so many ways it can be styled. It takes people a long time to get use to it and that's really satisfying."
- Allen
"Getting to use your hair oil. Fresh greens love the smell!"
- El Shelbo
"Not looking like the average joe, short hair clean cut type $@£*of hair. Looking better then the most with the long hair, blowing in the wind and being able to style my long hair up or down. The way women look at it and sometimes being jealous of my long hair. Looking good with a beanie or hat any day of the week."
- Abner
"Staying true to my religion (Sikhism)"
- Shamsher
"the look"
- Keiichi Greenwood
"Definitely the confidence and the freedom to rock whatever styles you want. Long hair is so versatile you can style it however, whether you wanna be a hippie, a rockstar or something in-between you can fulfill that dream."
- Vinny P
"The feeling you get when it touches your shoulders"
- Griffin

"There is not much guys in my area that have long hair. I get many looks because I take very good care of my hair and along with the stylish hair ties I buy from you guys! I'm also asian, so it is very rare to see an Asian with long hair where I live.

I love how my hair feels on my neck and letting it flow in the wind. It makes me feel like an entirely different person!"

- Tom
"I love having long curls. Trucker hat, hair behind the ears for a quick mullet, or I’ll throw it up in a messy for a max set. Having long hair gives me options"
- El Shreddo
"My favorite thing about having long hair is having so many different ways to style it, and the sense of freedom that comes with it."
- Trent
"I get compliments for my long hair all the time. Never realized it would be admired by so many."
- El Sparrow
"I am the mom of a 13 year old boy with long hair…my favorite thing is being able to easily find him on the lacrosse field or the hockey rink! (He is getting ready for his second donation of hair!)"
- Anthony Cutler
"Keeping my ears warm in winter"
- El Hammer
"In highschool, the trend was long hair//emo swooshes. Adolescent life didn't allow for me to have it. As an adult, long hair is a testament to the commitment I have in maintaining it. That gives me some pride, and a flashy achievement. Ultimately, it's just awesome to have; it's cool. So is headbanging."
- Jesse
"Comfortability. And ability to do diverse hair styles"
- Queen
"I love letting my hair grow so that I can donate it to someone who will benefit from it. I'm excited for my 6th hair donation at the Great Cut 2024!"
- El Tipo de Sangre
"Today someone said I looked so much younger with long hair! Closing in on 70 years that is a real plus! I had long hair like this when I was 20 and have only recently gotten back to the same length. I was never able to get past the annoying awkward stage, but during the pandemic it was so tricky to get an appointment with my barber of 20 years that I always got past the "cut it all off" moments for two years now."
- Joseph
"As a 70 year old Grandmother, I was a 'Flower Child' of the 60's and have always had long hair. I like the ease of care and variety of styles/hair accessories I can use. Now I 'grow to donate' to CWHL; having donated last Summer and now growing out again for TGC 2024. I hope to grow and donate for many more years to come as life allows."
- Groovy Granny
"My favourite thing about having long hair is how relatively low maintenance it is, no trying to get the perfect quiff, or trying to keep the hair back, just wack on a hat (or a ponytail,) and you’re done, plus it’s nice to run my hand through it, and feel how soft it is."
- Ethan
"whipping it around."
- Mike Kinsella
"A sense of personal freedom"
- Randy
"It's less work than short hair."
- Ram
"The confidence it gives me to be myself."
- Felspeed
"For me it is straying from the typical and the freedom to do me. Just because there is a “normal” doesn’t mean I have to be that. I mean, I work a corporate job in the legal department and still within dress code (of course) I express myself to the max. That includes my hair and clothes. Here is a pic of me today at work actually. Me at my core!"
- El Conejo
"The thrill and activity of moving hair."
- El Miguelito
"100% it’s about the perceived “free spirit” that people get when they talk to me. When I get approached by someone or just meet someone new, they always seem to be relaxed and not as tensed up. 9 times outta 10 there’s a long hair comment within the first 5 minutes. Guys seem to always make a point of saying that my long hair just gives off adventurous vibes, and that they wish they could do it."
- Doc Kitty
"To be honest there are so many things we all love about having long hair... but to pick one for me, it would have to be the wonderful feeling of freedom and passion I'm sure we all get as longhairs. Being able to walk down the street with the mane flowing and people looking on in awe really encapsulates what it means to be a longhair - to be YOU!"
- Jack
"Fits in with my life style but the main reason I have longhair is because I can"
- Twisted Throttle
"Growing my hair out and maintaining it has becoming a daily ritual in fighting my depression. No matter how much I feel when I wake up like doing nothing, I am always growing and always improving. And sometimes just knowing that you're DOING something makes all the difference."
- Big John
"I work at a conservative company that just recently updated the dress code to allow men to have hair below the collar! While just at my shoulders now (not a true longhair yet) I enjoy the positive comments I get about my hair."
- JB
"It nurtures an abandoning of my too strong (at times) need for control in general."
- That Guy Kevin
"My favorite thing about having long hair is how freest makes me feel. I fell more confident to be myself. It has also helps me practice patience while I grow it longer. It has been a ride these past 2 years. I really enjoy it."
- Jacob
"That one day of the year that my hair just looks perfect like one of those guys on the cover of my grandma’s old romance novels."
- El Matteo
"Rockin out to Metallica and having some epic headbangs"
- El Padrino
"I love having long hair because it holds so much potential. With long hair the possibilities are endless to what you can do with it. After all, life is too short to live the same day twice, so why should we have the same hair style everyday?"
- Jimmy
"I love when people ask how I keep my hair so soft and get to reply “well it’s all attributed to copious amounts of fish blood, scales, and jellyfish”. I’m a commercial fisherman, so seeing their face is normally priceless."
- El Capitan
"I enjoy the look, even though I'm now I'm my 60's, I prefer not looking like an average guy. I've had long hair most of my life; only in the last 15 years or so have the discriminatory comments stopped, so the world is a better place! Thanks to the Longhairs, I now have great hair ties that don't pull out a wad of hair when removed. I'm also trying the hair serum, and seems to work great as I spend a lot of time in the sun and ocean."
- El Viejo

"For 20 years, I had to comply with U.S. Army hair regulations. Now that I’ve retired, I’ve been growing my hair out for about two years now (and still growing)!

My favorite thing about having long hair is that I truly feel free! I can express myself now by styling a different hairstyle according to my mood! LOL Everything from being laid back (Letting It Ride), to looking semi-modest (with a Sloppy Joe), to being formal (wearing the side part low ball). I love being a Longhair!!!"

- El Vincerino
"All the different looks and of course, headbanging 🤘"
- El Guapo
"That you are automatically the guy everyone wants to meet."
- El Pelo Magnifico
"My wife digs it!
- El Mangaani
"Unlimited Hair Styles
Epic/Dramatic Flow
Compliments on the mane by Males/Females
Engaging in Hairkeeping/Styling Tips with Males/Females (Abolishing the taboo of guys being open about self care in general)
Being part of the Longhairs! (A'duhh)"
- El Pogi (Izach)
"Girls saying they are jealous and would kill for hair like mine. Or that it's gorgeous."
- Deesh
"From having both girls and guys compliment for the way it looks and how much time it take to take care of the hair. It pops in odd ways that are surprising and welcoming to having long hair"
- El Vanguard
"My favorite thing is the confusion it causes people. My background is definitely not what people expect when they see me and my long white (some my say gray) hair. I don't fit the mold people on either side of the aisle think a guy with long hair should fit in. It's amusing sometimes."
- Kilo Hotel
"The feeling of freedom that comes along with it. I can do what I want"
- Kilo Hotel
"Knowing that I still have hair at my age!"
- Mr D
"My favorite thing about having long hair is the freedom I feel with it. My hair gives me the strength to not care about what people think of me, and it also helps that it gets TONS of compliments!"
- El hobby
"Trying something new, that also takes a lot of commitment and where many months of 'girly' levels of haircare and time can be undone with a single stroke of the clippers. It's so easy to give up and just shave it off, but there's no 'undo' button to the decision, except to start again.

I find the fragility of the situation fascinating, especially when it's something as 'benign' as hair."
- AndrooUK
"It's the freedom. I have multiple choices for styles daily. Adds a uniqueness to my look and personality. My only regret is not growing it out sooner in life!"
- El Canadian
"I have found three Facebook pages for men with long hair and I don't think I have ever met more respectful and supportive people in my life. You guys are awesome and the most positive people I have ever met. So my favorite thing? The other longhairs I have met!!!!"
- Damon
"I can finally manage my many, many cowlicks"
- El Borto
"I love having long hair for many reasons ladies love it, I get tons of compliments, its perfect for headbanging (rock, or edm). It’s more noteworthy when you meet someone new instead of some basic hair cut people get these days"
- Logan Christian
"The main thing about having long hair is the pure enjoyment of having it. At 75, I have a head of hair almost as thick as it was back on August 15th, 1969 at Woodstock! I celebrated my birthday the dirst day of the concert and before the end of the week, most people there had wished me happy birthday (including Janis Joplin-the next day). I only recently retired and now I can let the mane flow once again! I just DARE anyone to say that I am not allowed to wear it long! Lol"
- El PsychoDoc
"Walking into a room or area and feeling majestic. People literally in awe of my hair. It’s very empowering and worth the journey."
- OddDefier
"I gotta say it keeps my neck warm in the winter months."
- Trenton
"Having clumps in the shower that I put on the wall.. I feel like Picasso!"
- Clump
"It feels more natural to me. It’s an expression of my true self."
- Bruce
"It sets me apart. Bald fat guys love to rag on us longhairs for having “man-buns” and like to think we’re less masculine somehow, yet all their favorite bands are made of longhaired glam metal guys from the 80s. Plus, my wife loves it."
- Brady the Red
"My favourite thing about long hair is being able to do so many different styles and that it kind of keeps you warm."
- El Jimbo
"George 6yrs. I love my long hair because it's longer than everyone else I know."
- The Monster Geo
- Ed
"It’s unique, I like the different styles I can do for the gym, night out, etc."
- Nick

"Compliments on my ponytail are a surprise. One recent was from a gal that said her brother has started growing one out recently and wished more men should be sporting one. And not to worry gentlemen(?), I did give her your info so she could spread the love to her brother and beyond.

A big plus, it will be going to the ""The Great Cut"" unless I decide to cut it before 2024. Then it will be off early to ""Locks of Love""."

- kenny
"Looking and feeling confident. There’s a certain aura you exude with long hair that just isn’t there with short hair"
- El Taco
"I honestly like how good I look. When I had my hair short all the time I felt insecure. I wasn’t allowed to have longer hair as an Army brat growing up either. So, I now feel more free to be myself."
- Dallas
"I have to admit something. I'm a woman with long hair.....and I love your hair ties! At one time my hair came down to the bottom of my butt. At 69, I keep it about halfway down my back. I usually braid it to keep it tidy. I am loving your hair ties. No pulling, hold my hair snug....and oh the patterns!! Thank you for being YOU. Of note, I've also purchased them for my long-haired grandsons. They love them!"
- Wolflady
"I love being able to have a TON of amazing styling options each F'ing Day!"
- Rob
"When women tell me they hate me for having better hair than them."
- Johnny Mobb
"I look fluffy"
- chickenlittle
"Having longhair is outside of the norm. Fitting in is overrated!!"
- Shafe
"My favorite thing about having long hair is not having to go through the hair cutting process. I am very ticklish. I do not enjoy being tickled. Every time I got a haircut as a child, when they get around the back of the neck, it was actual torture. Good thing my parents came around in the end, otherwise things may have become... problematic. Funny how some have meaningful reasons for hair growth, either to donate or show their personality or whatever, and then there's me, some tickly guy."
- El León
"inspiring my friends and family who have been getting a barber fade for the last 20 years to try and grow their sides out...I tell them that everything is going to be alright...let it go and start your flow."
- Carlo P.
"Basically, it's just looks cool!"
- Ron
"It helps me stop a bully in my own way. I've definitely taken my share of ridicule and abuse (as we all most certainly have), but when I say its for donation and it's not really mine, I'm growing it out for a kid who can't, that changes the situation entirely. We've all be bullied one way or another through our collective lives, and if I can help prevent that for a kid who doesn't have any choice in being "different" than I'm all in."
- Daniel
"My whole life I have had my hair length/style dictated by others. As a young Christian deacon, then a police officer/pastor. Now that I'm retired from LE and at nearly 60, finally I am able to grow my hair as long as I want it. My parishioners love me as I am and encourage me to be myself and it's wonderful."
- Anthony T
"It allows me to feel like I’m living my most authentic life and expressing who I truly am. Also it looks so badass."
- Grant
"A few things come to mind. A lot of people in my family dislike the longhair which makes me love it. And being able to hair flip it back when it’s in my face brings me some joy. Finally this community is just awesome!"
- Alex
"My favorite thing about having long hair is that it enhances my individuality. I'm not a cookie-cutter kinda guy, and this is one way of showing it."
- Paul
"When people who don't know me well see me "unleash the beast" after a hard day of work from under a ballcap. haha! They never see those lox coming!"
- El Quinnacle
"It just feels right to have long hair--the weight of it, the movement in the wind, the feel of braiding..."
- Doc
"Honestly, my daughters love braiding it.. so that makes me happy"
- Dumpster Cat
"My wife gets to play with my hair."
- Andy
"Everyone's hair is unique - letting it flow shows your own look and style and you never feel like just another copy & paste corporate clone - even if you are in the corporate world like me!"
- JC
"I look better, and people say, “it’s definitely you.”"
- Joseph
"I served a combined 15.5 years in the Navy/Army before being medically retired, and was told how short my hair had to be. Now I'm self employed and can grow it as long as I want! Sailorjeff"
- Sailorjeff
"Not having to make awkward conversation with a hair stylist more than about twice a year."
- Mitchwich
"Ripping off a hailstorm of hair whips at any moment I feel it's necessary and appropriate."
- El Rubio

Another Great Thing About Long Hair…

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