Quick Beard Tips with El Sicario

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Tips Between Barber Trips

In my last video I gave you full, in-the-chair access at the barber shop for some long beard and long hair grooming and care. Since most of us don’t have time to enjoy a luxurious trip to a professional barber every week, here I’ve got a few quick beard tips for in-between barber trips.

Common Beard Issues

As guys with buckets of hair covering our head and face, keeping it all under control takes work. Our beards are under constant attack by the elements, food and drink, and a beard’s arch-nemesis, the face mask. These factors can leave our beards in disarray and amplify our grooming needs.

That doesn’t mean grooming has to be a full-time job, however. Taking small steps to keep our maximum flow in check makes flow life much easier.

Quick Beard Tips For In-Between Barber Trips

The 70/30 Beard Rule

In the barber shop video I mentioned 70 percent of beard care can be handled by your barber, where the finer details make a big difference.

Here I cover the other 30 percent you can tackle at home, from washing and grooming, to heat management, mask problems and useful products.

My Quick Beard Tips

Fortunately you’ve found a place for beards and long hair. Enjoy these quick beard tips for in-between barber trips.
Quick Beard Tips with El Sicario

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