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Maintaining Maximum Flow

We make a lot of content for guys with long hair, but we’ve never covered how to maintain a long beard with long hair. A fraternity within a fraternity, having long hair and a long beard poses unique challenges, opportunities and maintenance requirements that every man with twofold flow should be prepared for.

Few men possess a more sensational long beard with long hair combo than our very own El Sicario, who aptly refers to his follicle fusion as “maximum flow.” With long, cascading locks and a beard that would make Longhairs of the Old West proud, he’s well-positioned to offer tips and insights for guys who double down.

El Sicario with tips on having a long beard with long hair.

What’s The Difference?

Maintaining a long beard shares many parallels with the tenets of hair care. Unlike the hair on your scalp though, your beard is constantly bombarded with food, drink, sneezes and myriad questionable particulates.

Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t realize their long beard demands special attention, including regular cleansing, conditioning and maintenance. Or even worse, they use the same 7-in-1 head detergent on their facial hair, yikes.

While much of your hair and beard maintenance can be done at home, the occasional visit to a competent and qualified barber will maximize your dual-mane magic.

A long beard with long hair calls for special maintenance.

Special Care For A Long Beard With Long Hair

That’s how the stage is set for El Sicario’s trip to his favorite barbershop, Lion’s Mane Grooming Co., where Shelbee puts on a masterclass in long hair and beard care.

Watch and achieve maximum flow with El Sicario.

El Sicario has a long beard with long hair

El Sicario

A former Reconnaissance Marine native to San Diego, El Sicario is The Longhairs’ Warehouse Manager. In touch with his Chamorro heritage, he’s an avid supporter of hair equality and saving bros from the treacherous grasp of inferior hair ties.
The Lion's Mane Barbershop

The Lion’s Mane Grooming Co. Barbershop

Quality grooming, handcrafted haircuts, beard shaping and old fashioned, hot-lather straight razor shaves in an elevated & refined environment. Make an appointment at Lion’s Mane Grooming Co. in Little Italy, and tell them El Sicario sent you (actually don’t…that could cause confusion).

And while you’re there…

Trav White

James Coffee Co.

Enjoy an exquisite cup of freshly-roasted coffee on premises at James Coffee Co. Longtime friends and proud sponsors of The Great Cut, founder and mega-rock-star-longhair David Kennedy was our inaugural guest on Episode 1 of Let It Ride.

We enthusiastically recommend a visit or a coffee subscription with James Coffee Co.

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  1. one rule: every time you take an appointment to be trimmed, be accompanied with another longhair wearing at least a sword for the barber doesn’t drive you to a short bob………;;;
    at this address, an untypical barber’s at Lille fr; they call themselve ” the bastard team”…lol : https://www.facebook.com/barbershopartisthair/

  2. I had a question what shampoo and conditioner should I be using for both my hair and beard to promote healthy growth and reduce split ends?

    1. Hey Daulton. great question! Keeping your hair hydrated is essential to having healthy hair and reducing split ends. Our hydrating Epic Cleanse Shampoo and Ideal Conditions Conditioner will keep your hair absolutely DIALED. We are working to get our shampoo and conditioner back in stock as soon as possible. For now you can read our shampoo and conditioner review and also learn about healthy hair habits. I hope this helps!

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