Get To Know The New Hair Ties

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Open, Honest Conversations

Hair ties designs used to be one of those taboo topics guys didn’t talk about. It remained unspoken, but every guy with long hair has had questions—along with opinions, preferences, and even downright convictions.

For most guys those cards were kept close to the chest, until The Longhairs and Hair Ties For Guys. We planted our flag and unequivocally declared to men around the world that it’s ok to talk about hair ties.

Thenceforth we have harbored a safe place where we can have mature conversations about hair ties. We cracked the ice with a groundbreaking piece, The Essential Hair Tie Review For Men, then really started getting to know our hair ties in Your Favorite Hair Ties For Guys.

We dug even deeper with What Makes Hair Ties For Guys Different? And finally, we began having open and honest group discussions about new hair ties in Hair Ties For Guys V3.1.

It’s safe to say there has never been a better time for men to talk about hair ties.

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Getting Acquainted With The Cryptos, The Shreddy Bettys and More New Hair Ties Designs

And so, here in 2022 as we launch the brandest, spankinest, newest packs in the world, we would fail to perform our duty if we didn’t hold a serious and candid discourse about these five new collections of Hair Ties For Guys.

Besides, you might end up liking them, and you should get acquainted before you jump into anything serious.

As the discussion unfolds, it’s important to remember they’re not just hair ties. Each has its own unique identity, a personality and endearing characteristics. No doubt you’ll appreciate them as such whilst the boys reveal and reflect on the new hair ties.