1. I’d really like to see tie-dye hair ties in the future if possible. That’d be so gnarly.

    1. Author

      You are in luck Wyatt. Samples are being made as I type. Stay tuned.

  2. Would like to see some earthen colored hair ties for guys! Your current packs don’t match my style.

  3. Lovely hair ties and hats dude!
    Too bad I can’t find these cool shit here in Indonesia.

  4. I’m excited to buy my first pack of superior hair ties (I’m still undecided on which design pack I want), but something I’d like to see are formal/business designs. Something to wear with a suit and tie, or something for a badass longhair who likes to rock the classy style. Regardless I really appreciate all that you guys do for the community of long-haired bros. I’m looking forward to what the future brings here.

    1. Author

      Yo Z-Murdah!

      Thanks for the comments and suggestions. We’re working on some neutral designs for our next release of new collections.

      In the meantime I suggest The Outdoorsmans. You’ll get one solid color safety orange, along with some darker camo colors that will blend in with your hair and help you evade the IT guy.

  5. Been using these ties for about a month now and they slay. Finally something I’m not embarrassed to wear on my wrist. They fit my wrist fine as I’m pretty skinny. Material feels great and not hard on my hair at all. Muchas gracias!

    1. Thank you Jimpanzee! Appreciate the feedback and we’re happy to be able to supply you with a superior hair tie.

  6. Hi guys, just ordered two packs of hair ties. I love the colours and patterns, looking good.
    keep up the good work, I check your page every day and look forward to new input.
    I love your logo on you shirts, but do you have any other colours than white. A black or dark blue with a white logo would be rad, for all use back yard mechanics working on our rides.
    Love your web site , let it ride brothers

    1. Author

      Yo Hobo! Thanks for the comment and feedback. Stoked you like the hair ties and thank you for being our customer. We are working on new t-shirts too, just have not been able to pull the trigger yet. You’ll see them soon though. And it’s great to hear you love the website man, great to hear that kind of feedback. More longhairs freshness is coming your way.

  7. Love the material, holds amazing. The only things I wish was different was they were a little bigger, they are tight on my wrist. Also, for some of us plain colors would be gnarly, any colors but just plain with no design. I’d love a pack of a black, red, blue, green, I mean whatever. Thanks though guys, cool work y’all do!

    1. Author

      Yo Jared, thanks for the comment and glad you’re digging the ties! We’ve had several others ask about solid color designs and we’re working them into our next round of new collections. You will see them soon! Thanks again man, let it ride.

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