Your Favorite Hair Ties For Guys and When To Use Them

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Get To Know Your Favorite Hair Ties

You’re familiar with our collections, but have you really taken the time to get to know each member of the family? Get to know your favorite hair ties, one-on-one—and the ideal situations for using them.


The Old Glorys


The Uncle Sam

The banner of the pure spirit of the USA and the #1 choice for bald eagles with long hair nationwide. Perfect for US national holidays and summertime BBQs.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Springsteen

Nothing sings ‘born in the USA’ more than this patriot. Goes great with a six-pack of cans, and will have you reminiscing on the glory days.

Hair Ties For Guys

The All-American

Captain of the high school football team, he once scored four touchdowns in one game, now owns six rifles and lives on a ranch. Ideal for viewing the rocket’s red glare.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Veteran

This combat-tested warrior just hangs in there. When others have been lost in battle, this cagy old-timer is always the last man available, ready whenever you need him.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Kokomos


The Surf Spotter

Living life misunderstood, this California classic features a tricked-out VW bus commonly mistaken for a hot dog. Despite the confusion it’s perfect for checking the AM surf report.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Hawaiian Punch

As Hawaiian as the banzai pipeline, this iconic islander is suitable for consistently radical shredding at a high degree of difficulty with speed, power and flow. Yeeew!

Hair Ties For Guys

The Shaka

Forever the middle child, this independent spirit breaks free at last with a bold, triumphant style of its own. Shaped for waist to chest-high days.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Montego

Few people realize this righteous tribal warlord is distant cousin to a really short pair of swim trunks worn in 1987. Ideal for cannonballs and trekking through dense tropical rain forest.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Shockers


The HTFT (For Thor)

Expect nothing less for the thunderous, hammer-wielding deity and forefather of longhairs, this shocker was forged for the sole purpose of calling bolts of lightning from the sky.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Electric Eel

In case you’ve never been electrocuted underwater, this tie is designed to emulate the experience. Not recommended for use with a pacemaker, may cause static buildup.

Hair Ties For Guys

The High Tension Wire

Capable of transmitting high voltage electrical currents up to 765 kilovolts, breached high tension wires should not be approached under any circumstances. Use extreme caution.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Shred The Gnar

This rare specimen is often seen throwing rooster plumes of light fluffy gnar into the crisply frozen morning air. Aerodynamically engineered for corked aerial maneuvers.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Up All Nighters


The Mandatory Office Event

You’re required to stay until 9:00, but at least there’s free booze. Great for a casual chat about the company’s new fully integrated customizable digital marketing platform solution.

Hair Ties For Guys

Hair Of The Dog

For when it’s so bad your only hope is the hair of the dog that bitchya. Pairs well with menudo, saltine crackers, lots of water and a mid-morning nap at 3:00 PM.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Got Hops?

This full-bodied, robust blend of locally-sourced hops has often been confused for a bale of sea turtles. Handcrafted for the discerning brew connoisseur in each of us.

Hair Ties For Guys

The 16 oz-er

More than a pint, less than a 40. Typically reserved for a finer craft brew, perfect for a casual beer with friends that somehow escalates into last call. Please tie responsibly.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Outdoorsmans


The Duck Hunter

When heading to your blind at 4am with a 12 gauge in your hand and backup shells in your hair there is nothing that’ll stop you from getting the kill.

Hair Ties For Guys


Clay pigeons aint hard to hit, they’re just easily missed. Guaranteed perfect aim from the back of your head to the end of your barrel.

Hair Ties For Guys

Safety Third

Always more of a safety third type of guy, this walking case of reckless endangerment has ironically saved thousands from accidental shooting. Made for huntin.

Hair Ties For Guys

John Rambo

John is an expert in guerrilla tactics, weapons, hand-to-hand combat and surviving in hostile environments against a large number of enemies.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Yah Mons


The Hot Steppa

Perennially wanted by law enforcement authorities while simultaneously commanding massive levels of street cred. Precision crafted for blending into diverse urban environments.

Hair Ties For Guys

The 7 Pointer

Referred to in California as “Prop 64,” this little number has managed to discreetly fly under the radar virtually undetected for over one year. Subtly patterned, ideal for short breaks.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Gnarly Marley

It’s namesake from one of the great longhair forefathers, this original knows how to stir it up. To be worn with conviction and perfectly suited for jamming with you.

Hair Ties For Guys

The Little Bredda

The oft-overlooked younger brethren of the Hot Steppa, nonetheless a proud member of the Yah Mons. Precision crafted for a single loop around a thick bundle of dreads.

Hair Ties For Guys

There ya have it boys, all your favorites up close and personal.

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