The Highly Anticipated Launch of the Hair Ties For Guys Commercial Spot

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Before The Longhairs: The Hair Ties For Guys Commercial

If you’re reading this, and you are, you probably knew about The Longhairs before we launched this video. Since you’re here, we thought we’d share the story behind this gem.

From the beginning we ran a marketing agency, making websites, email systems, sales funnels and digital marketing stuff. But we always believed we would find our idea.

One fateful day as we drove back from a client meeting, it suddenly became clear to us: it’s hair ties…for guys! It sounded funny, punchy, ridiculous…but we were on to something.

At least we thought so, and within 10 working days and a whole lot of help from our boy Garv, we had a full-production hair ties for guys commercial ready to launch. Except, it occurred to us, we didn’t have any hair ties. Or a website. Or a brand. Or anything, except an idea and a funny video.

More Than Just Hair Ties

We had to take a few steps back. That’s when we realized, it’s not about a loop of elastic. It’s about why guys with long hair need hair ties for guys—and why this community is needed.

So The Longhairs was established, to advocate, educate and celebrate men with long hair. The next two and a half years were spent building the brand, developing the product, and growing the community, paving the way with original, quality content.

Over that period we’ve been waiting for the perfect time to launch this hair ties for guys commercial.

Finally, that time is now. It’s time because you’re reading this, and because you’re down for The Longhairs, for which we are very grateful. We have a solid brand, a great product and an awesome community. At long last, this video launch brings it full circle.

Asking For Your Help

Before watching, we’re asking for your help. There are millions of guys with long hair who are still using the same hair tie as their little sister. Our hope is to reach them with this video. Here’s what you can do:

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ONLY if you love it, of course. Which we think you will.

So enough already. Watch it. And thanks.