How Gus Made it Through the Awkward Stage

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An Awkward Video, With an Awkward Guy, (formerly) in the Awkward Stage

You remember Gus from such dynamic appearances as An Awkward Stage Interview, Portraits of The Longhairs Part II, and our personal favorite, How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster.

Life with awkward stage hair was tough for ‘ole Gus. There was doubt, uncertainty, and an army of naysayers. His path to the flow was beset with challenges, but he powered through with courage and commitment.

Awkward Stage Hair Tips

Today, Gus is a bona fide longhair. In this exclusive video he shares a few of his awkward stage hair tips, and his go-to tactics now that he’s in the club.

Brace yourself. This is pretty awkward.



  1. Love this video, keep it up guys! (Ps I was wondering how to protect my hair in the winter, my job requires me to be outside at times and it is getting cold) love you guys and your hair!

    1. Yo Kain!

      Thanks for writing in man! Thanks a million for subscribing to all our channels and following along.

      GREAT question about cold temperatures, you definitely don’t want your hair freezing!

      Are you allowed to wear a beanie at work? That would be my best suggestion. If you can’t, something to keep it tied up and close to your head. The more it’s out and exposed to the cold, the more it’s susceptible to freezing. Which, it might not be that bad, but if that’s happening every day it’s going to be damaging.

  2. until your ear is covered, you can let them covered; it’s now admitted
    wearing a cap should be seen as incorrect in an European office; , but you can usea mini hair clip to fix your bangs above your head, and then to make a half bun
    for this purpose, you ought create a little flat barette discreet enough to be worn by a man in formal events
    you can also use glasses as a tiara to stay your hair back; and, then, when your hair is long enough, a ponytail with hairties
    que seguía siendo usted un niño grande, senor El Moreno !!! lol

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