A Fond Farewell to The Longhairs Global Headquarters

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And The Journey Continues

Yo Longhairs!

The time has come for The Longhairs to leave our home in Little Italy to continue the unwavering pursuit of a global community for men with long hair.

The decision to leave a place we love was not made lightly, but this move represents the next step on the path from a start-up side project to a full time operation.

On our way out, we’re dropping the fabled Hair Ties For Guys V2 like a bomb.

Watch the epic reflection on where The Longhairs started, what our community has meant to us, and what it’s gonna take to go all in.



    1. Author

      Yo Ivan! We don’t have a brick & mortar store, everything is online. You can buy hats and t-shirts online right here.

      Thanks for writing in man!

  1. that 1/4 inch, That’s what im talking about. Glad you listened. Can’t wait to get my v2’s. Keep it up!!!

  2. [Oh shit, goddamn it Martha! Fuck!]
    ” Oh wow, ermm, I think it’s only right I too, go ‘all-in’.”
    “Certainly won’t be doing tonight…”
    [What did you say??!!]
    “Erm nothing I’m just ordering some hair ties, [for me of course]. And they’re doing a discount hunn… Yeah bitches love a discount, ay?”
    “Salutes on your new voyage, El Barto, El Rubio, El Duderino here, signing out. But as always..

  3. I got the word out that these V2’s will make me a proud longhair for Christmas. Wifey or Santa best deliver the goods.

  4. Keep it up lads! You lads are my lifeline all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand. May you find plenty of mojo in your new found dojo….let it ride all the way on the mane train.

    1. Author

      Mojo in the dojo! Thank you JC, appreciate it man.

      Also, have been to Christchurch, back in 2012. Fine city and glad to have you reppin out there!

  5. this video got me so fuckin stoked. you guys rock. keep up the awesome products and content. buying some V2s right now.

  6. YEAH GUYS! Sad you’re leaving HQ but you are movin’ on UP to bigger and better. Things And I just bought four more packs of your ties to help you get there. Much love!

  7. as a friend of the alter mondialist leader José Bové, i present you my condolences for you’ ve let in Little Italy your usual pizza’s and grappa bar
    you are now sentenced to drink Budweiser ad eat at Mc Do’s as everybody !!!
    i’m confident you find a pub where establish the longhairs non profit organization !!!

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