Awkward Stage Hair

An Awkward Interview With An Awkward Guy In The Awkward Stage

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Gustavo Luna is his name and his awkwardness is undeniable and that's exactly why we love him. You may recognize him from our post How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and since then he has been powering through awkward stage hair.

As the lead designer of Hair Ties For Guys we had to learn more about how he has pushed through this far. Listen in as we rap about his journey through the awkward stage and what's to come in the near future for Hair Ties For Guys.

Awkward Stage HairAwkward Stage Hair
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  1. Hey Guys loving what you do you do!
    I’m in the awkward stafe myself at the moment and anmSO looking forward to having real long hair! Just bought the “The Go To” hat and some Hair Ties For Guys.
    Gonna advocate the Longhairs community over seas.

    Greetings from Germany.
    Another Rubio,

    1. Yo Benji! Thanks for buying some dope swag and for writing in! Power through man, we’ll be right here for ya.

      Hold it down for us in Alemania amigo!

  2. I think it’s really cool what you guys are doing. Long hair is something I’ve always wanted to do, but my parents had always cut my dreams short (literally). Now that I’m living alone, I have the opportunity to explore what it feels like to, essentially, look bad-ass and rock the long locks. But it really has been difficult for me. A lot of people have been trying to get me to cut my hair, but I have been holding my ground. I will not lie, there have been times where I wanted to cut it. Currently, I’m 4 months in since my last haircut, but it was not exactly ‘short’. I can sorta do a top knot with the front and top part of my hair, and I’ve recently discovered (and it has been a true miracle) a way to get my hair out of my eyes throughout the day, and that is to slick it back when it’s still slightly moist from the shower. I must say, however, that this page has given me that extra push to keep going and not cut my hair no matter what people say. Thank you, LongHairs!

  3. I’m currently in the awkward stage as well. I’m almost through though so that’s an upside. Still deal with people telling me to cut it regularly, but I’m powering through. You guys definitely helped me make my hair healthier and make the journey easier.
    Thanks for all the awesome content and tips, keep it up for all aspiring Longhairs.

  4. Loved listening to this podcast, and more than a little jealous that my hair isn’t quite to the late awkward stage. I am still in the baby 7 months, and see no end in site for my journey! Thank you for making this site and making it easier to encourage myself! First night I found it I spent 2 hours trying to read all the content I could possibly get my tablet on.

    When my hair is finally out of the Pebbles stage for working out I hope you have some gym themed hair ties I can rock.

    Thanks as always!

    1. Yo Brian! Thanks for writing in man, it’s great to read this kind of feedback. Especially hearing you spent 2 hours first time on the site! There’s a long road ahead, but you’re on the path. Also great idea on the hair ties gym theme.

      Keep pushing through, you will make it!

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