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How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

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And A More Realistic Solution to Your Awkward Stage Hair

“How do you make your hair grow faster?”

Paired with different variations of “how do I get through the awkward stage,” these are the most common questions we get by far.

It’s understandable. The awkward stage is a pain.

It’s the biggest reason there are relatively few men with long hair. The awkward stage weeds out the experimental and noncommittal members.

Compare it to business, physical fitness, long-term travel, and frankly anything in life that’s worth a damn. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, or fast. If you could grow long hair overnight, every guy would do it, even if just for the weekend.

But you can’t. There’s no such thing as a longhair weekend warrior—although quite a few guys had their night of glory this past Halloween.

The hard truth is: there is only so much you can do to make your hair grow faster.

Overall good health, avoiding damage, and taking in the right nutrients can help, the details of which you can read in Quick Tips. Beyond that, it’s up to genetics. Patience and commitment are the name of the game…the long game.

Once you accept that fact, there’s a certain sense of pride that comes with it. As men in the awkward stage, we must embrace the struggle. Instead of being concerned with just getting through it, we should wear it proudly. Like a poor-looking badge of courage, ragged in appearance yet standing tall.

This cold realization begs the next question: ok, if you can’t make your hair grow faster, what can you do to mitigate the awkward stage? Well….

  • What if you had a consistent reminder of what you’re after?
  • What if you had a little firepower to make it through the awkward stage, while making a statement to the naysayers?
  • What if you could place something on your skull that would let everyone know, “I’m not cutting this head of lettuce until it blooms into its righteous glory.”
  • What if, instead of people asking you, “when are you going to cut your hair,” they asked, “what is that…tied up scissors? What does that mean?”

Well….there’s no more “what ifs.” We are stoked up to offer you a more concrete, practical solution to your situation.

Proudly introducing our fresh new line of Lids For Your Locks.

These babies are the real deal.

Specifically selected with a high profile and adjustable snap-back closure to accommodate your ever-growing locks, these ain’t no floppy, short hair skull caps. These are hats made for men with hair.

Constructed with quality materials, designed and embroidered in the USA, they look sick and make a statement, fending off naysayers, shears and cutting implements. Think of these lids as a sheath for your manly locks.

Find them at the intersection of fashion and function, and with four unique styles you can get one to complement your style every day of the week.

Whether you’re a guy in the awkward stage, a longhair veteran, an advocate or supporter, now you can rock it. Proudly.

The awkward stage weeds out the experimental and noncommittal members.

Once you accept that fact, there’s a certain sense of pride that comes with it.

These are hats made for men with hair.

The Admiral

Navy, wool blend, structured crown, high-profile, classic snap-back, flat brim suited for subtle shaping.

Get The Admiral

The Spy

Concrete gray, wool blend, structured crown, high-profile, classic snap-back, flat brim suited for subtle shaping.

Get The Spy
“I used to wear low profile hats. That shit doesn’t fly with long hair. Gotta go w/ that high-pro snapback. Son.”El Rubio
“The best thing since long hair.”El Moreno
“I used to get haircuts, eh. Now I rock The Admiral and shit.”Gus, Awkward Stage Guy
“Some of the worst mistakes of my life were haircuts.”Jim Morrison

You might not be able to make your hair grow faster. But you can damn well rep that awkward stage hair with your head held high, knowing the Longhairs got your back, at the HQ in San Diego, and, literally, across the United States and the world.

So get your hands on these dope lids for your locks, and get them on your head, knowing they’ll carry you through the tough times to the promised land.

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  1. As I have already written, it’s six inches per year. Wait a couple of years and it will be majestically riding your shoulders, my Bros!

  2. never heard of “high profile” hats… guess its something i should invest in. work out a lot so is it practicle for cardeo ? If so, will invest in something like that…

    hair been grown for 8 yes now and is waste long… and gets caught in everything… ponytail it threw the hole in back and bun up is what I do… the high profile hats give me more room on top so dont feel so cramped?! bet it goes with your killer hairties as well huh… well godspeed on your brand… turning 39 soon, and people ask why still long hair? I say enjoying it while it lasts.. seems so far its here to stay…!

    1. Author

      Yo Jay!! Yes the hats are solid for all uses. 8 years in the game, sick man! Keep Lettin’ It Ride!

  3. Sup guys, wish i had these when i was going through the awkward stage but never mind ay. I would love to rock these with my long hair and represent!! for the longhairs in England but unfortunately you don’t ship to the uk, is there any chance you will do in the future? as i can’t wait for the official longhair hair ties too. Keep Letting It Ride!

    1. Yo Aaron! Man thanks for the comment. The reason we’re not shipping overseas just yet it’s hard to accurately determine the shipping costs, and it adds another level of complexity. But we need to get these lids on your locks. Tell you what though, email us with your address greathair [at] and we’ll see what the shipping cost would be and try to work it out for you. Thanks for reading and repping it hombre!

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