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Only The Brave

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Originally Published September 3, 2015

A Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle For Courageous Warriors And Other Longhairs

One of our first long hair tutorials, this half up, half down braid is still among our favorites: easy, useful and just plain badass. And while there are all kinds of half up, half down braid hairstyles, this one is the easiest to start with.

Advantages Of Half Up, Half Down Hair

One of the best things about long hair is “letting your freak flag fly,” as the late David Crosby famously sang in Almost Cut My Hair. Full flow in other words, hanging loose, The Waterfall, letting it ride, i.e. wearing it down.

The thing is (especially for guys who are new to long hair), wearing it down comes with long hair problems as abundant as they are annoying. Specifically, hair in your face while you’re eating, drinking, sleeping, sexing, working, walking, recreating or even speaking.

A half up, half down hairstyle, on the other hand, offers the benefits of both worlds: wear your hair down like a boss, while simultaneously keeping your hair out of your face.

Why Do You Call It That?

Reporting from the field in Scotland circa early 21st century, registered longhair “Ross Littlejohn” aptly named this half up half down hairstyle—which he witnessed at a Scottish wedding no less—The Brave.

Well said, Littlejohn. Considering it takes some courage for a man to even grow long hair, the name seems fitting for this instant classic. So try it, and wear it…bravely.

The Brave

A courageous half up, half down braid.

The Brave is but the tip of the spear for half up, half down braids. Visit our entire collection of braids for men.

How To Braid Your Hair For Men

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Do you have any favorite half up, half down hairstyles? Share in the comments, amigo.