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A Raucous Longhaired Camping Trip Photo Shoot

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Firearms & Photo Shoots

There’s something special about pitching a tent, starting a fire and cracking a cold one in the great outdoors—and we cracked plenty on The Longhairs’ summer camping trip photo shoot.

Some people think camping is just a bunch of guys sitting around a fire drinking beer, but real campers know there’s a lot more to it. If you don’t have survival knives, dirt bikes, firearms and a shitload of hair ties…I guess you could be doing it right, but for us, those things are required.

El Rubio cutting on the camping trip photo shoot
El Garvinski holding up the I Can't See You's in a field
The Hardwoods in El Spencerinos hair at the camping trip photo shoot
Starting a fire with a focus on The Outdoorsmans at the camping trip photo shoot
Hair Ties For Guys close-up in El Rubio's hair (nice menstail btw)

Nothing Like The Great Outdoors

It wasn’t all fun and outdoor games, we were there on a serious mission to capture some iconic photos of our world-famous Hair Ties For Guys. Much like the La Jolla and Ocean Beach photo shoots, this outing was loaded with bros and heavy fraternization.

Pack your tent and your sleeping bag, and hit the ole dusty trail with The Longhairs on our 2021 summer camping trip photo shoot.

The Longhairs’ Camping Trip Photo Shoot

El Sicario in the woods reloading his 9mm during the camping trip photo shoot
El Sicario in the woods at the camping trip photo shoot
El Garvinski on the camping trip photo shoot
Close up of Hair Ties For Guys on the wrist
The I Can't See You's being held by a knife in tree at the camping trip photo shoot
The Hardwoods leaning up against a branch with a knife right next to them
El Garvinski with Hair Ties For Guys in his hair


  1. Solid bonding experience for The Longhairs! There could be no sweeter Monday than this.

  2. in France, when you camp under the pines, you use their the needles and apples to light the barbecue (by means of a petrol or butane lighter)… lol
    but, take care of the hunters and their lost bullits, and more, in California, of fire before the automn rain….
    for the aperitif, I recommend you the kir: 4 parts of aligoté white burgundy wine with a share of blackcurrant cream (this cocktail named from a french priest and politician: Canon Kir):

  3. Author

    Can’t wait to extend this ritual to other locations!
    Only time will tell for the adventures that wait upon us.

  4. California is the place to be… Longhair waves and woodlands … That’s the life for me! Easy going and throwing high fives… keep your crew cut, just gimme that long hair and don’t shave the sides!!!

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