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Customer Disservice Specialist

Have you ever waited for days for a response to your customer service inquiry, even for something as simple as, "where is my order?"

Consider what it takes to make it right for someone who is smoldering, because after all the marketing hype in the world, they still haven’t been able to try on that fancy pair of jeans that’s been in transit for days and no one seems to care.

Long hair bro looking for help from The Longhairs Bro Support
Whatever customer service horror stories you've experienced, let El Mitcherino take you for a ridealong with The Longhairs Bro Support.

Your Call Is Important To Us, Please Enjoy This 20-Minute Read

Hailing from the Philippines, where call centers are considered one of the major businesses in the country, I’ve been an outsourced customer service specialist for over ten grueling years, working in “what others would think as the most horrifyingly boring job:” a corporate customer service world where longhairs are not enthusiastically welcomed.

Taking calls 40 hours per week, sometimes more, without even a moment to tie up your hair—which doesn't matter because you can't grow it long in the first place!

I would’ve quit a long time ago because of the incredible stress in this line of work. At times the horrible outages and nightmarish call volumes with customers cursing at you make you think you are not doing anything right. But why did I care enough to stick with it?

Was it that low but consistent salary? Colleagues? That feeling of accomplishment when taking a hard case in the face and actually doing something that matters?

Through the height of my career in the customer service industry, there were plenty of practical reasons to keep going, but with few real benefits. That was until I met El Moreno and began my new job as The Longhairs Bro Support, and I found out how awesome this brand is.

From Mitch to El Mitcherino

El Mitcherino from The Longhairs Bro Support, before and after long hair

It took me a while to get acquainted with what the brand is all about and what matters most, and I’m honestly still learning. A lot of people might think “it’s a cool business,” “the hair game really clicks,” and “these guys are living the dream.”

Those might be true, but it’s really more about the community than anything else. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting our community stoked and committed to their hair growth journey. We always do our best for our customers, but when things go south, that’s where The Longhairs Bro Support comes in to make it right.

I’ve had thousands of exchanges with bros and gals alike. Some have ended in not-so-satisfying moments, but the vast majority of fellow longhairs appreciate what we do and how we take care of their issues.

Whether it’s a simple question about hair care, to more complex tips on hairstyles at work, or the dreaded wait time on deliveries that have been lost in transit, El Mitcherino is up to the task.

What makes this different from any other customer service job? We all have one thing in common, and that is having an awesome hair journey through thick and thin. It’s tough being a customer service specialist, but it’s a lot tougher at a boring company that doesn’t relate to who you are and where you don’t fit in at all.

The Longhairs is just the answer. With a bunch of bros working together, to a full community where you can talk and write to someone without those boring automated scripts, and just feeling human while making it right for our customers. I know I’ve made the right call being here.

Happy customer after dealing with The Longhairs Bro Support

The Longhairs Bro Support

Are we a service-oriented company? Do we see customer service as a company culture?

Absolutely. Like our founders always say, doing right by our customers is the most important thing we can do, and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you are stoked.

No matter how rough your hair journey gets, or whether you have issues with your order, need to update your shipping address, or have any questions at all, get in touch with El Mitcherino, because The Longhairs Bro Support has got your back.

El Mitcherino Profile Shot

El Mitcherino, “Longhair Dad and Music Enthusiast”

Mitch Fernandez is a Filipino customer service expert and amatuer lead vocalist for a local rock band. He’s led brands on the front lines of customer service for over ten years, certified in coaching for excellence and Six Sigma.


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  1. El Mitcherino has gotten back to my queries within minutes. Man is on point. About time he gets his due. March to the sound of the guns.

  2. out of the present subject: an American TV add using a bobbed longhair: usually, their role are, at Hollywood,more gangstas or other bastards….
    it seems that American society evolve !!!
    advantage of the promoted coffee maker : you don’t need buying caps at 10 times the normal price ( and send to the waste the aluminum)

  3. El Mitcherino
    I long your long hair. Welcome to the company. I love the products that you guys have. I have been growing my hair for over two years now and love the hair ties. The shampoo and conditioner is great too. It looks they picked the right man for your job.

  4. Mitch, way to go man so proud to have you on the team! Bruh support!
    Guys go back and read the section “Through the height of my career in the customer service industry, there were plenty of practical reasons to keep going, but with few real benefits. That was until I met El Moreno and began my new job as The Longhairs Bro Support, and I found out how awesome this brand is.”
    Play “Eye of The Tiger” while reading the rest from here.

  5. Mitch you have been such a core guy since day one. We are honored to have you on the team and your ability to absolutely crush the Bro Support has had HUGE impact on the company, customer and entire team!

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