Pesky Sideburns at 10 Months of Hair Growth

January 24, 2020
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They’re Like Wings

These out of control sideburns have been my biggest nemesis over the last month. I was aware of this potential threat in my 9 month hair update, but now at just 10 months of hair growth it seems like they've tripled in size.

I’ve tried tucking them behind the ear, applying balm to secure them down and shoving them up under my hat. Somehow they always seem to work themselves loose.

The most awkward part is they find a way to sneak themselves out at the most inopportune times, like during a breakfast meeting with a respected colleague.

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You’re certain the pesky sideburns are locked in place. As the conversation progresses you begin to notice the person is no longer making eye contact, but rather focusing on the side of your head.

You reach up for an exploratory feel. As your fingers graze the hairs that have come free you realize you’ve got a problem. Those sideburns have perfectly positioned themselves over the ears, forming a beacon of awkwardness.

You try and tuck them back in hoping they hold their position, but those wings are deployed and you’re just looking goofy.

It’s annoying beyond belief.

Ready For Take Off at 10 Months' Hair Growth

The good news is this is an easy problem to solve. With a little tune up you’ll be right back to looking sharp.

In my hair update at 10 months of hair growth I show you what I’m working with as far as total length, then I head over to Brightside Barber to get these sideburns dealt with.

El Moreno With Long Hair
El Moreno With Short Hair

Grow It Out With El Moreno

Co-Founder and Chief Follicle Office (CFO) at The Longhairs, El Moreno first grew his hair long in 2012, letting it ride for seven years before shaving his head at The Great Cut and donating 24 inches of hair. He’s growing it back out and he wants you to grow it out with him.

Whether you’re growing it out to donate or just to let it ride, join El Moreno’s hair update list for videos, progress checks and real-time tips and tactics through the awkward stage and beyond.


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Brightside Barber


Founded by Chris Hjerling, former neighbor and longtime supporter of The Longhairs, Brightside Barber is a full-service shop in North Park, San Diego. Visit Brightside Barber for an accurate beard trim, razor line-up or a complete signature shave and neck hair clean up.

El Rubio With Chris Hjerling at Brightside Barber

Tell them The Longhairs sent you for 33% off on services of $30 or more, good for any combination of services including signature shave, beard trim, facial, ball shave or haircut.

Located in The Hub Shopping Center 1050 University Ave #E101 San Diego, CA 92103