Get Your Hair Out of Your Face

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Cause there ain’t no time to f**k with flyaways.

You know what I’m talking about. Those pesky, annoying, face tickling, eye poking, never stay in a hair tie little shits. They’re always flying around, getting loose and causing unanticipated frustration. It’s time we put these little assholes in their place and show ’em who’s boss.

How you might ask?


This is a variation on a style we’ve demonstrated previously, the standard Highball, which I’ve grown particularly fond of. I rock it at least 3 times a week. It’s quick, effective and looks good with any attire. But lately I’ve just been getting overwhelmed by the amount of flyaways, from the breakage in my hair, and something had to be done. That’s when I created the Double Highball. It gets your hair out of your face and conquers flyaways for good.

Let me preface this by saying this episode is geared towards a flowing mane kinda guy. You officially long and mid length bros can definitely try it out, it just might be a little bit tougher to pull off as this technique requires a lot of hair.

Check the video and give it a shot. Let me know how it works out for you in the comments.


  1. I tried something halfway through the video that worked SOOOO well. I took my hair and did the high mens tail with the ‘underbrush’ hanging down under and I took that and twisted it around and hairtied it so it took 3 hairties in total.

  2. Do we have any hair stylist in the San Diego/Chula Vista area that are good with mens long hair that you suggest. I am currently at the small of my back with my hair and I know I need a good healthy trim, but do not want to pay the exorbitant hair stylist prices like my wife does…any help…and than you for this video on the double highball, I normally just let my wife take care of it all for me…

    1. Author

      Hey there Heath!

      Yes. We would suggest Style Lounge Salon on 6th street downtown SD (ask for Randi) or Hyde Edwards in Little Italy (ask for Ben) they are total pros. Tell them The Longhairs sent ya. The wife knows best.

  3. This is a fantastic idea. Ive been growing my hair out for almost 2 years now, starting from a shaved head so I have a bunch of layers and the bottom/underneath layer is a few inches past my collar bone . but my top layer or bangs is a little tough to keep from falling out especially when I’m being active . I was actually thinking of a concept the other day that would be a triple highball kinda in an upside down triangle you could say. Anyway good job on the video and keep up the good work and let those manes ride.

  4. My hair grows like weeds but it’s at the point where the flyaways are annoying, I rock the sunglass’s trick all the time to keep my hair out of my eyes but what it does when I remove the glasses it looks terrible, almost to the point of rocking the mullets again. Anyhows I appreciate the video and thanks again for the trick. Sincerely long hair from the 70’s. Dave

    1. Author

      The ol’ sunglasses trick. Thanks for sharing Dave! Happy this helped you out.

  5. I’m about 8 inches from the nip. So a few years before I get to play with the double highball. :/

    1. Author

      You got this bro! Give it a whirl, I’m interested to know if it can be pulled of with shorter hair.

    2. Hey dude if you look after your hair with the quick tips and use oils and all that good stuff to make it grow faster (look up inversion method, have tried it but it seems legit?) Then it will be closer to one year!

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