How to Dry and Style Your Hair

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In his first tutorial since hacking off his mane at The Great Cut, El Rubio is back in action demonstrating fast & effective techniques for drying your hair, along with a step-by-step tutorial for two of his go-to long hairstyles.


  1. Yo new products sound SICK! Especially the sea salt spray. However, we need some new hair ties designs too. I’m thinking some south of the border inspired designs if you catch what I’m saying. Tacos, fajitas, drinks, some ornamental Mexican folk art. You get the idea. I have lots of ideas for new designs, hmu other than this one. Hmu

  2. It would be awesome if you made Longhairs brand BRUSHES… both round and paddle (perhaps even a collab with WetBrush?)! Of course, if you’re going to make brushes, I’m pretty sure you HAVE to make a wooden, wide-toothed comb (with a pyrographic “bound shears” logo on one side, and “The Longhairs” on the other of course)!

    Speaking of brushes, could you guys make a guide to the different types of brushes… what each shape is best used for; which bristle options are best and which ones to avoid; do the ones with microfiber fingers work as advertised or is it simply a gimmick; etc.?

    1. i suppose you speak about this hair brush:
      for me, it is a gimmick based on a wetbrush ( avoid to detangle for when it encounter a knot, it cases breakage)
      the boar bristle brushes are made for the adepts of water only washing or those of no washing to collect the sebum ( but forbiden by the religion of the longhair vegans)…
      for detangling longhair, you need a Tangle Deezer brush or a bamboo brush; you can also begin by a afro fork comb, and for surfacing only a nylon or boar bristle brush

  3. I’ve never heard of sea salt spray before, but you have me intrigued. The other comments have me hesitant to try it, but if you guys develop one I trust that you will have done proper testing to make sure it doesn’t w r e c k my luscious locks haha.

    The brush is a MASSIVE YES from me. I would LOVE to see that.

  4. So this is great info, but because I have small-r rubio hair color and shoulder length hair, I have a question:

    What’s the point of drying your hair and going through the routine you describe if you are just going to put your hair in a ponytail?

    I could see the routine being of value when wearing it down. My hair does default to the soccer mom look, too. But if it’s going to be a ponytail or highball/lowball day, does going through this routine make the hair healthier, and/or give it more volume after the Hair Ties For Guys are removed at the end of the day?

    I usually don’t dry it at all, even in the cold Wisconsin winter (not trying to be a badass Northerner, just efficient with time. Okay, I’m a little lazy, too.) I could probably tame a few flyaways, but beyond that I want to understand why this is needed for ponytail day.

    1. Author


      Great question man. If you’re going to tie it up, especially if you’re going to leave it up all day, it can be ok to tie it when it’s still damp. Only downside is your hair will tend to crease where the hair tie is.

      If I’m going to wear it up and down, I prefer to blow dry first, or at least partially. It does offer volume over air drying, and I can do it pretty fast with my hair at this length.

      Good to have you here amigo!

  5. Please beware of the sea salt spray. I have very straight hair and tried it to add some volume but the salt dried out my hair and damaged it so severely I had to get 3” cut off to get to the healthy hair.

    1. I use my wife’s all natural sea salt spray from lush and it holds hair great so no reason to buy my own. The custom longhairs hair brush is something I’d definitely buy in a heart beat! Btw, we need some horror themed hair ties! I’m a professional sculptor/artist for over 15 years and have some great ideas for design possibilities.

  6. for hair detangling without breakage, you ought use a Tangle Deezer brush; for the blow drier, the lowest temperature is preferable ( or cold)
    for styling, you can use a sugar spray: water 100ml, sugar 1 teaspoon, preservative ( geogard 221) or a linen seeds gel ( much recipes known as flaxseed gel available on Youtube)
    to hydrate, aloe vera gel
    avoid sea salt spray; you could get the hair of ” the Brice Man” ( en français Brice de Nice):

  7. Can wait for the new products, I would definitely buy the spray, the balm, and the brush

    1. Author

      Yo Oscar! Glad to hear it man, appreciate the comment. We’ll be working on all three!

      Thanks again amigo!

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