How to Wear a Beanie With Long Hair – For Men

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Keep Your Locks From Freezing With These Beanie Styles for Long Hair

It’s winter in the northern hemisphere. For many of us that means inclement weather and freezing temperatures. If you’re into snowsports, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Whether you’re ripping powder lines or making snow angels, cold weather means
potential damage to your locks. You should be especially careful to protect your flow from freezing, which can cause drying, breakage and other heinous damage.

The beanie is a cold weather fixture, tried and true for protecting your mane from the elements.

So what are the best beanie styles for long hair? Sounds simple enough, but there are several options for wearing a beanie with long hair—some offering more protection for your mane than others.

Do your hair right this winter with our best tips for how to wear a beanie for guys with long hair.

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  1. Beanie 2 is my favorite, I would also rock the one with the ball. And for the real outdoorsman how about a sick camo and even a bright orange one, I know some long haired hunters who would love that.

  2. When can we expect to see these beanies for sale? Digging #2

    1. They already were on sale and sold out. Probably be fall or winter when we’ll do a re-release.

  3. It’s all about #1, but gotta be long enough so there’s some bagginess hanging off the top. Beanie #2 and #3 are too 2010, and pom poms are only acceptable for chicks or if you’re on the slopes (and even that’s a push). Also, keep it black, keep it classic, keep it cool. Bonus points for black on black.

  4. I think a bigger logo and a bunch of colors like red, blue and yellow would be cool!!!

  5. If you guys make beanies, could you make different colors like red, blue, yellow? With a giant logo on it?

  6. Hey guys. My hair keeps falling in my face now. Keep on debating if I should start wearing in a poney tail. It’s in the awkward stage I think. My bangs hang to just below my chin now. My back is probley 3″ past shirt collars. Don’t ever plan on getting a hair cut again. Do you guys think it’s time to Start wearing the poney tail or do you think that’s to short yet?

    1. Author

      Yo Mace! If you can start tying it up into a ponytail, do it! 3″ past the collar sounds good, but it’s more about if your bangs will reach back and stay in your tie. So if you can tie all your hair back and it stays, you’ve made it through the awkward stage. Welcome to the team, amigo.

  7. Great Video Man!! I’ve been wearing mine with two twists one either side, it’s great for when your trying to look like a Viking snoop Dogg!!
    Keep up good work!!

    1. Author

      Hell yeah man! Send a picture of that when you get a chance. Thanks for writing in.

  8. Those Bernie’s were ?, Just didn’t care too much for the one with the ball.

  9. Great video (shout-out to Phoebe Young); the tips are spot-on. Although I’ve had long hair my whole life I’ve never thought through the wearing of the beanie. Thanks guys!

  10. And if you’re in the awkward stage (like I am) I part my hair down the middle and it right over my ears and put the beanie on. It looks sick and keeps the hair out of your face. This works with longer hair too but not quite as practical.

  11. Wow beanies, great idea! I would love to rock the long hair pride with one of these bad boys. Just a thought though, I notice there are no non-slouch fit beanies to vote on. I for one like the original beanie fit! That being said, I’m in love with the pom pom version!

  12. He’s excited to see what you guys have coming in the future! He has the advantage of mom being a knitter so he has several, but on can never have too many slouch beanies!

    1. Author

      Thanks for writing in Jessica! Give your son a high-five from The Longhairs.

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