Long Hair at high speed

Long Hair at High Speed

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If You Needed Another Reason Why Long Hair is Awesome

Obviously, long hair is awesome, and for countless reasons. One reason you might not realize is that long hair at high speed is outstanding. Literally—it stands out from your head because of inertia and centrifugal force acting upon it.

Short hair at high speed, on the other hand…is just short hair. It looks the same at every speed, which is pretty boring to begin with. 

Long hair at high speed is electrifying. Don’t think so? Check out this high speed action.

Roller Coaster

A roller coaster is just a roller coaster until you ride one with long hair, when you realize the very real danger that your hair could whip you and others nearby in the face and poke an eye out. Turns out long hair at high speed isn’t just electrifying, but also, in certain situations, lethal.


That feeling when you’re mashing a 1984 10-Speed Bianchi Teal Terror and you realize you ride like a gangster, just making that hair dance.

Rounding the Bases

That moment’s hesitation before you blow through the stop sign from your third base coach doesn’t matter when there’s black velvet cascading from your fishnet ball cap.

Longer hair, shorter shorts: may they meet halfway.

The Car

In. Your. Shorthaired. Dreams. There are entirely differently speed limits when you’re driving backwards.

Electrifying. And that’s worth celebrating.

Got any long hair at high speed shots of your own? Tell us a story in the comments.


  1. I’ve been a Longhair for 35 years. I’m 50 and have a nice head of hair. It’s been trimmed, cut way too short for my taste (Marine cut, courtesy of Uncle Sam), been shaved off completely due to a head lice scare when I first grew it long. And now it’s what my daughter calls a “Ted Nugent” mane. In truth, rock music, motorcycles (You know, the biker lifestyle. A lot of bikers have/had long hair at some time or another.) was what made me want to grow my hair long. A lot of girls I knew loved my long hair. My wife Amy loves my long hair. I don’t wear a helmet when I ride and for the most part all I do is put it in hair ties because it has a tendency to whip my face if I don’t. It usually takes 8 hair ties to tie it down. My wife braids it for me and the way I wear it now is I keep the sides short (No, not a mullet.) because of my job and I keep it pulled back. If I wanted, I could put it up in a Mohawk that would be pretty tall. Thanks, but no.
    My employer just recently found out I have long hair. He said he has no problem with it as long as I keep it tied back on the job. Cool. Starting to turn a wee tiny bit grey, but it’s not noticeable. (YET).
    Will never cut my hair short again. I don’t care what people think when they find out I have long hair, and when someone says something or asks why I grew it out I tell them it’s a heritage thing. I’m half Native American after all…..

    1. Author

      Love your story Scott! You’re a longhair lifer. Thanks for sharing and we’re glad to have you here!

  2. Long hair is awesome. It makes you into an instant rock star and is the cheapest way to achieve an anti-establishment stance.

  3. i do adress you the translation of the testimony of a french long haired man found a that adress: http://mellyadetout.blogspot.fr/2015/01/porter-les-cheveux-longs-meme-tres.html?showComment=1434653251194#c2105805553669928005

    I’m a 52 years old man and a long hair, even a very longhair; now, at the beginning of year 2015, the measurement of it is 5 feet
    as i were a teenager, did i want to let my hair grow out; my hair was thick and a little freezy; i were quickly desesperate when, as i were incorporated in the army,the buzzing at 1 mm was radical; I dit cry while my magnificent hair falled ont the floor
    thad day, did i decide, as i become newly a civil life to grow up very long my hair
    no explanation needed from a man to grow up his hair, that’s a right, and first a choice; what kind of law shoul prohibite am man to become a longhairman?
    God createdthe man with hair, he didn’t create scissors. a man can have the same lenght of hairs as a woman
    the mankind decided after that to create laws, codes, rites and traditions
    during the sixties, became in the states the hippie movement. a contestant movement with his values of peace, no violency,and never more war ( make love, not war) in the situation of war in Vietnam much members of that movement did be longhairs
    the goodthinking created a cliché: yoour hair is long, you’re a hippie» with all of the stereotypes
    much musicians and singer did become longhairs, as a sign of values as freedom, tolerancy,right to be different, and no violency
    if i do wear my hair long, that’s not a political affirmation, while i’m not member of any party, but i’m so pacifist as the hippies
    i do wear my hair long for that’s my choice, my affirmative choice, and that’s my right to be a long, and even a very longhairman
    the actual society stay be marrid with some old fashion norms; should the mankind stay so conservative? with a alone manner of thinking?
    much peoples refuse seeing; none idea stay ine a jail ! and if some peoples do believe it’s possible, the ideas wil finish to emerge and become public ideas
    even if i do offense some bald men while they are alopecics, or for a choice i do agree, my hair continue growing up one inch per month
    and i will let it grow for a long time

    it’s my choice, it’s my right

    1. Author

      Chamane, thank you for the translation! Excellent longhair story, very glad to read it in English.

      Send our best longhair regards to this fellow please!

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