Long Hair at high speed

Long Hair at High Speed

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If You Needed Another Reason Why Long Hair is Awesome

Obviously, long hair is awesome, and for countless reasons. One reason you might not realize is that long hair at high speed is outstanding. Literally—it stands out from your head because of inertia and centrifugal force acting upon it.

Short hair at high speed, on the other hand…is just short hair. It looks the same at every speed, which is pretty boring to begin with. 

Long hair at high speed is electrifying. Don’t think so? Check out this high speed action.

Roller Coaster

A roller coaster is just a roller coaster until you ride one with long hair, when you realize the very real danger that your hair could whip you and others nearby in the face and poke an eye out. Turns out long hair at high speed isn’t just electrifying, but also, in certain situations, lethal.


That feeling when you’re mashing a 1984 10-Speed Bianchi Teal Terror and you realize you ride like a gangster, just making that hair dance.

Rounding the Bases

That moment’s hesitation before you blow through the stop sign from your third base coach doesn’t matter when there’s black velvet cascading from your fishnet ball cap.

Longer hair, shorter shorts: may they meet halfway.

The Car

In. Your. Shorthaired. Dreams. There are entirely differently speed limits when you’re driving backwards.

Electrifying. And that’s worth celebrating.

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