Lindsay Barto - Messy Man Bun

The Sloppy Joe: A Messy Man Bun For Regular Guys

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UPDATE: 2021

A Men’s Hairstyle That Never Fades

This hair tutorial on how to tie a messy man bun was published in 2017, and we are still rocking it. First written during the holidays, we’ve kept the original references and language below from 2017 for posterity.

A lot of things have changed at The Longhairs since then, but we still have the most complete library of hair tips & tutorials and long hairstyles for guys with long hair on the internet.

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If you’re a guy with long hair, you’re in the right place.

A Quick, Easy Family Favorite

As we get ready to spend quality time with family and friends this holiday season, we’ve got another men’s long hairstyle to add to your quiver.

Just like sloppy joes for dinner, this messy man bun is fast, easy, and the whole family will love it. Here at The Longhairs we like to call it The Sloppy Joe. If you’re not sure why, start with How to Tie a “Man Bun” (without calling it that).

How to tie a messy man bun with El Moreno

A lot of big things have happened here at The Longhairs these last 12 months. Milestones were hit, goals were achieved and this amazing community has continued to grow. Looking back, there is so much to be thankful for, but most importantly is you. Without you, none of this would be possible, and we thank you from the depths of our hair.

So grab yourself a tall glass of eggnog (with or without cheer), give this holiday high ball a whirl, and keep lettin’ it ride. With our warmest and most sincere holiday hair whips and high fives, here’s how to tie a messy man bun.