10 Ways to Wear Your Hair With a Hat

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If you’re not already rocking hats with your mane, I would urge you to start.

A hat is multi-functional and offers longhairs a quick solution to common problems. For starters it keeps those annoying loose strands out of your face. It will also protect your scalp and forehead from the blazing summer sun. If you’re driving, and you want to have your window down, a hat is perfect blockage to the absolute nightmare wind can cause. Most importantly, it looks super badass.

There are a multitude of looks and styles you can rock to pump up your hat and hair swag. These ten will inspire you to get creative and have some fun with your hair and hats.


The Lefty

The Horsetail

The Willie

The Prairie Dog

The Tuck

The Standard Menstail

The Rally Cap

The Undercover

The Drape

The Silent bob

Did You Know?

We have a Part II to this with even more styles!



  1. Thank you!!! When do you wear the rally cap? And what’s your take on what older people say? Like the stereotypes that all long hairs are dirty. I can’t stand them.

    1. The rally cap you pull one half of your hair back into a low ball, the rest you comb over to the other side. Fold the back of your cap in, then place upon the head.

      The horsetail is a little tricky. You have to pull all the hair in the back through the hole made by your snapback. It might be easier to snap your lid after putting it on, underneath the hair.

  2. Absolutely love the loo of the undercover style! What’s the best way of getting your hair to look like that?

    I’ve just come back from lunch and found that comment on the site by “me”.
    I did not type it and the person who did has had a slap.

    Please remove it, thank you.

    1. Author

      LOL you got it man. It’s gone, was going to say…this post had nothing to do with fashion or hipsters. Didn’t even make sense.

  4. Is there a way to buy some of those “PROTetc” hats? I can’t find them on the net but they are DOPE!

  5. Wow, now I need to buy a hat, never considered it as a short haired dude. Thought it looked silly. But now I can’t wait for my flow to reach longhair status so I can pull off an epic Silent Bob! Truly inspiring post, keep them coming 🙂

  6. I am enjoying the hair thru the hole in the back of the hat look. Keeps the hair out of my face without putting it in a ponytail. So it is kind of like wearing it down without it blowing all over the place.

  7. The prairie dog is my favorite for sure. I seriously love your posts, although I am not a man with long hair. ha ha There’s something sexy and mysterious about a man with luscious locks so keep inspiring more men to make the transition.

  8. Also, could I suggest a post about headbands? Particularly best kinds or how to wear one for various different activities?

  9. Looking forward to trying these in due time! Great post, keep ’em coming!

  10. I’ve got a big head so some hats make it even worse. So I usually rock a visor with a lowball, but will try a lefty or prairie dog.

    Thanks for this and all of the other posts/videos/tips!

    1. Author

      I to have quite the fat head. I don’t wear visors often but they are super killer. And you bet Dave! We’ll keep’em coming.

  11. I’ve been rocking the half mane half silent bob but with the backwards hat tilted 45* to the left. Very comfortable and the ladies love it!

    Love the undercover! How do you do it??

    Keep doing what you do, guys!

    1. Author

      Yo Nathan! The undercover is a little tricky, but basically what you are doing it jamming all you hair up into the hat. What you do is grab all your hair from the back, fold it up over the crown of your head, put the hat on (which will hold it in place) and then just use your fingers to push the rest of it up into the hat. You can create some pretty cool looks by letting some hair kinda flow out and dangle on the side. Its pretty unique and you’ll get some attention from it for sure. Give it a shot and have some fun!

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